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PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 12:02 am 

Joined: Thu Jan 24, 2008 10:02 pm
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Location: Dexter Ky
I have heard of a drink called MONA'VIE that has 19 body-beneficial fruits that has help with everthing from arthritis to cancer. I haven't used it yet, its a little exspensive. I'd like to hear from anyone that has.It states it provides antioxidants that are able to penetrate cells. Just looking for something to help me feel alittle better.

Thanks Dannnie

40 yr old nonsmoker married mother of two(11&19)
May 04 surgery to remove pneumonia biopsy nsclc right lower lob removed
July04 chemo
Oct04 finished chemo
Feb06 raddle sounds in both lungs
April06 Tarceva pill everyday
July06 Avastin once every three weeks and Tarceva
Dec.07 headaches and dizziness
Jan08 Tarceva 4 days a week and Avastin every 6 weeks.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 7:30 am 
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Dannie -

A friend of mine gave me all kinds of info on it - seems like her teenage daughter has adolescent rheumatoid arthritis and began to drink this AT THE SAME she was receiving regular medication. She is doing absolutely wonderful now and of course, her parents believe a lot of it had to do with the Monavie.

I did, at the time, go over to onctalk.com and post a thread about it since I do believe there is a lot of "snake oil" out there. Dr. West had nothing great to say about the drink. You can go to that site and look it up in the archives. If you do decide to order it, please check first with your doctor to make sure that there is nothing in it that will have a negative effect with your chemo, i.e. some chemo you can't eat grapefruit or grapefruit juice, etc.

Good luck!!!
Patti B.

My personal war against cancer:
Stage IV at diagnosis 9/29/06- told 12 months tops.......yeah, right!!!
5 rounds of radiation R hip
15 Whole brain radiation txs 7/20 - 8/7/09
8 weeks on oral Tarceva
To date, 80 IV chemo sessions and still counting
Chemos have consisted of:
Avastin alone
weekly Navalbine
weekly Gemzar, now on Gemzar every other week due to blood counts
All my veins have become inaccessible - port installed 12/30/09
Put on Alimta/Avastin as a combo
Currently on Taxotere, on 3 weeks off one

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 22, 2008 8:18 am 
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We have a bottle of it at home. The scary thing for me is
in very small print the bottle states it contains
shell fish. I am very very allergic to all shell fish.

I shudder to think what would have happened if I didn't read the lable very
carefully (thinking of what would interact with Alan's medication)
and taken a drink of this stuff made with shell fish myself :x

I take all these "miracle" potions with a grain of salt.


Husband Alan 58 dx small cell LC
1/10/05 chest x-ray shows 7 x 7 cm mass right hilar region
1/12/05 broncscopy confirms small cell L.c w/ superior vena cava syndrome
1/12/5 1st radiation treatment
1/18/05 meet with medical oncologist
1/20/05 1st chemo treatment cisplatin-CPT 11
1/21/05 brain, bone, adomen scans all clear
1/27/05 2nd chemo treatment CPT-11
1/31/05 Alan admitted to hospital,high fever,
2/5/05 released from hospital
2/13/05 Alan admitted to hospital in a sever
altered state, cause unknown, brain scan clear
2/15/05 Alan returns to reality
2/17-18-19 new chemo given in hospital
Cisplatin VPT 16. this would turn out to be
Alan's last chemo treatment
2/20 released from hospital
2/23 re-admitted due to recurrance of altered
state. dx organic psycosis caused by Decadron
2/26/05 platlette transfusion then released
from hospital
3/1/05 follow up appointment with oncologist,
something not right Alan rushed across the
street re-admitted back into the hospital
11:00am Bilateral pneumonia
3/1/05 7:00pm Alan condition declining. 10
liter oxygen, BP very low, heart rate too high
Alan now taken to ICU I am asked what life
saving measures I want hospital to take
3/2/05 Alan made it through the night.
3/5/05 6:00am hospital calls me at home,
Alan crashing again, need to get there
asap.may have to go on vent.
3/5/05 emergancey broncoscopy to remove
fluid from Alan's lungs, keeps him off vent still not out of the woods
3/11/05 confirmed Alan has a blood infection.
now VRE infectous disease specialist called in
3/12/05 2 pints of blood
3/16/05 blood clot found behing alan's left knee
3/17/05 chest tube put in
3/18/05 Alan misses his daughter's wedding
3/19/05 Alan's birthday, finally out of ICU and
transfered to cancer ward
3/22/05 Chest CT 4 new spots in left lung
3/24/05 broncoscopy to biopsy new spots
3/31/05 Alan finally home on oxygen 24/7
4/18/05 Alan's case brought before tumor board
4/22/05 follow up chest CT no changes in new spots
4/27/05 appointment with oncologist Alan still
too weak to try chemo. discontinued at this time. Tumor is shrinking
5/9/05 Alan starts 35 chest radiation treatments
6/3/05 tumor still shrinking blood work getting better
6/28/05 last radiation treatment oxygen only at night now
6/30/05 appt with med onc, Alan having
headaches brain MRI ordered
7/7/05 Brain MRI completed
7/12/05 confirmed Brain mets. 3.0 x 3.5cm
tumor in the right cerebellar hempisphere
w/sever edema crushing brain stem
7/12/05 start WBR Alan unable to take decadron
7/14/05 Alan in emergancy room dehydrated
from vomiting caused by brain swelling
8/1/05 I decide to take FML and spend time with Alan
8/15/05 Alan makes remarkable recovery and
we leave for 3 week vacation
9/1/05 last radiation treatment to brain tumor
9/28/05 follow up brain MRI no sign of tumor!!!!
11/11/05 Chest CT 1 spot has increased from
1.3cm back to 3.0cm watch and wait
1/10/06 made it 1 year, Brain MRI
show no further cancer
3/10/06 CT Scan Lungs Stable
6/20/06 CT Scan Lungs new 3cm mass
6/22/06 PET Scan negative. watch and wait.
7/18/06 Needle biopsy done, waiting results
7/21/06 get the call NED

1/02/07 confirmed cancer in the right supraclavicular lymph node
1/03/07 Start Radiation treatments
2/27/07 Last Radiation treatment!!
6/4/07 NED once again!!!
12/20/07 cancer back in several lymph nodes. Chemo to start 12/26/07
01/18/08 Blood counts low, check into hospital for transfusion. Chemo delayed until counts come back up
02/08/08 Another blood transfusion
02/15/08 Blood counts back up continue chemo
02/29/08 Overnight stay in hospital for another blood transfusion
03/12/08 Thoracentesis 600cc of fluid drained from right lung.
03/22/08 Admitted to hospital for another blood transfusion
04/18/08 Admitted for 5th blood transfusion since Jan.
06/28/08 4:00pm Alan goes home to God.

PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 1:49 pm 
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Monavie is a waste of money. It is watered down Acai. The Acai Berry is a good, healthy berry, but Monavie waters theirs down horribly. Best to get an extract from a more reputable company rather than a multi-level company that needs to recruit and sell to maintain itself ...

single mother of twin boys
diagnosed at 43 yrs. old
NSCLC dx. July 2000, Stage IIIa
lobectomy; 6 cycles taxol/carboplatin
followup w/traditional chinese medicine
(consisting of chinese herbs and many supplements/vitamins)
Celebrex 200 mg 2x/day
OPC and ORAC (2 top super antioxidants)
No Evidence of Disease since January, 2001
Lost Mother/Grandfather/Aunts and Uncles all to nsclc
Lost Father to prostate ca.that spread to lungs

PostPosted: Tue Aug 24, 2010 3:09 pm 
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Alisa's response was in response to an advertisement and has been deleted by admin!! not the response the advertisement!

April/03 My Wife Deborah, age 46, diagnosed adenocarcinoma NSCLC
1/20/2006 Admitted to hospital Respiratory distress
1/23/2006 Ran to the light and is waiting for us to be rejoined in the Kingdom Of Heaven Her journey is Over but mine lingers on for Now!!!
4/23/07 DEb is joined in Peace by her Puppy Dawg Daisy from Cancer
8/30/07 Got new Pup named Mocha!!

"No matter hnow much it hurts, No matter how alone you feel, Your friends will help you get through anything!!"
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