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PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 5:51 am 

Joined: Wed Feb 14, 2007 5:29 am
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Hi all:) I have an elevating CEA level and am a non-smoker (normal values 0-2.5 and mine have gone from 5 to 11) and now shortness of breath, wheezing, rales and a daily persistent cough.

My Mom died of lung cancer (mets to bone and then brain) and both of my parents smoked. (I'm 45)

Several years ago they found 2 densities at the base of my right lung (no breathing symptoms).

I've had the above symptoms for over 9 weeks.

Recent CT scan showed lobulated nodulated densities not only in the right lower lobe (11 mm), but now also in the right upper lobe and in the other lung (left lower lobe). Repeat CT scan confirmed these new densities.

Here is the ironic part.....lung cancer needs to be discovered early from all accounts, but I'm being told the new densities are too small (2 to 3 or 5mm) to be visualized by PET scan and are too small to biopsy, so we have to wait for a repeat CT scan in 3 months.

Given my mother's death from lung cancer and the fact that I'm symptomatic, I am concerned that this is an early lung CA, but want to know if anyone else has gone down this road & have hints about what I should do next.

Also of note....during these 9 weeks of having breathing problems, I've also had off & on hip pain. When I asked the radiologist about this, he said there was a mild uptake of the PET scan medium, but he feels it's a bursitis. The radiologist said that since there has not been major growth of the first densities that he would consider these benign.

I want to find the middle road of being diligent, but not obsessive.

I'm concerned that these densities (however small) are now in another area of one lung and also in the other lung. Any thoughts, hints, sharing of similar experiences would be so greatly appreciated.

I wish all of you the absolute very best!!!

Karyn :D

Thank you for any help given. God bless all of you going through health challenges.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 7:25 am 
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Welcome to the site. I would get a second opinion from a cancer center like Sloan Kettering or M. D. Anderson in Houston. You will probably want one If something shows up three months from now, so why not do it now, it will give you some peace of mind.

Stay positive, :)


[size=75]Photo: Wife Carol. Myself and my Mooney Ovation

Turned 70 March 2007

7/6/05 Annual physical, was told I was in great shape. Requested an X-Ray.
7/7/05 X-Ray showed fluid in right lung area.
7/8/05 CT scan showed tumor 2.4 cm
7/15/05 Fluid about a cup of fluid drained for biopsy. It was malignant.
7/18/05 PET scan positive showed main tumor plus many nodules. Said it looked like someone took a paint brush and flicked it inside my lung. Was told that it was inoperable. Stage IIIb or IV nsclc with a pleural effusion of the right lung.
8/1/05 Second opinion at Sloan Kettering. Agreed with planned treatment of Carboplatin and Taxol. Only thing they would do different would be to drain the fluid from the chest area. I asked if the fluid would go away by itself and was told “Not a Chanceâ€

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 8:59 am 

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Welcome Karyn,
I agree with Ernie that a second opinion is warranted - especially since you're having symptoms and have a positive family history, and now have m ore densities than you did before. to confirm what you've heard about the PET - my Mom's onc says that the PET does not tend to "light up" lesions less than 10 mm, so that part's correct, and I guess trying to hit a 2-3 mm lesion during aneedle biopsy would probably have a pretty low yield, but I definately think you should geta secone opinion - preferably at a cancer center if there's one available to you.

Mom-83 y/o ex smoker with chronic cough beginning 2/06.
trials of reflux and allergy meds - no improvement in cough. Early chest XR normal - PCP stumped, consulted Pulmonologist who wanted to continue treatment for GERD.
Back to PCP for some answers - CT 10/31: "shadow" in Left upper lobe - Tumor seems to be wrapped around Left mainstem bronchus and L pulmonary artery.
11/07: bronchoscopy - path report shows squamous cell NSCLC
11/13: another appt with pulmonologist - nothing really new - scheduled PET scan
11/23: PET scan
11/25: 1st apointment at Dana Farber (our second opinion). Medical oncologist thinks it's stage IIIa (or B) - no R sided or mediastinal Lymph nodes "lit up" Med onc says since we're probably gonna start with shemo only, it's not worth doing mediastinoscopy since it won't change treatment.
12/1: mom due to start Taxol/Carbo, but didn't tolerate the Taxol - SOB
12/5: Mom meets rad onc who recommends concurrent chemo and radiation (despite her age) because she's getting hoarse.
12/8: chemo resumes with Carbo/etopside (1 day of both, then just etopside for 2 days)
2/4/07 23 of 30 radiation treatments completed!!! and just finished 3rd round of chemo. SOme fatigue, and pain swallowing, but both pretty minor and tolerable.
Finished Radiation scheduled for CT 3/2
3/2 - results look good!!! waiting for official report, but onc very happy with amount of shrinkage.
She's calling Mom her poster child for 80+ year olds with lung cancer
3/17/07 - Met with onc to go over results PET scan - NED!!!!!
4/28/07 Met with thoracic surgeon who thinks we should do a wedge resection. Mom doesn't really want the surgery, but doesn't want any cancer cells left inside to do their mischief
5/20 Mom decides to go ahead with surgery - scheduled for 6/4

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 9:35 am 
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hi Karyn, welcome.

The 11 mm nodule should show uptake if it is malignant. A second opinion is a good idea.

I don't think small nodules would be symptomatic. You could visit Dr. West's site and run it all by him.


Don M

10-31-03 CT. My profile was getting too long so I moved it to my story.

http://www.lungevity.org/l_community/vi ... hp?t=37417


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PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 2:12 pm 
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Karyn...nothing at all lit up on my Pet scan..everything inconclusive even on the day of surgery....bottom line...it was LC...so like all our friends here say....a second opinion asap is warrented....good luck...PamS.

[size=9] dx 8/04 with LC...surgery on Sept 14,2004...removed right upper lobe...stage 1a nsclc..BAC with no other involvments and no furthur treatments...thank God
2/05 developed a bad cough...doc recommeds Pet
2/05 Pet/Scan clear..yay!
3/05 Chest exray ..clear
7/05 Chest exray ....clear..yearly ct/scan on 11/05
11/05...CAT done today....waiting and praying....
11/05 results from CT/Scan...doc say's
ABSOLUTELY OK...thank you Jesus....
11/17/05...oncoligist appointment....NED everything Ok ..going back in one year instead of 6 months..and then another Ct/scan
11/21/05...surgeon appointment...OK..se me in 4 months with a chest exray..
2/06 pins and needles back again...GP orders Pet/Ct scan...very nervous....
2/06 Pet/Ct negative...seeing surgeon in Mar...cancelled chest exray because of clean Pet..yahh!!
3/06 came down with the flu
3/06 doc orders chest exray...shows pneumonia...
7/06 chest exray..NED but still suggests CT/Scan soon
9/06 CT/Scan..results no change..I'll take it

Dec 06...back pain..doc orders exrays and MRI...both were normal..so why does my back hurt..I ain't asking? :-)
2/07 chest exray...NED
8/07 chest exray..NED
8/07..having rib pain..doc orders 2 MRI's and Ct/scan..praying hard
9/07 Ct/scan shows 'possible lymph node enlargement...doc orders another Pet..
9/07..Pet shows ' unremarkable ..no malignancy...Praise God!!!
2/08 6 month chest exray...Normal

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 14, 2007 8:07 pm 
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I totally agree with the consensus of the group. Get a second opinion and definitely do not wait the three months the doctor is suggesting. I made that mistake early on.....I had a ultrsound done on a suspicious lump back in April 06'and my doctor told me I had nothing to worry about....5 months later I was in the fight of my life. A fight for my life. I wish you only the best in whatever comes next for you!


"You gain strength,
Courage, and confidence
by every experience in which you
really stop to look fear in the face.

"You are able to say to yourself,
'I lived through this horror.
I can take the next thing that comes along.'

"You must do the thing you think
you cannot do."

-Eleanor Roosevelt

35 year old female Non-smoker
wonderful husband, 7 yr. old son, 3 yr. old daughter
10/06-Diagnosed NSCLC Stage 3-4
11/06-CT Scan after 2 cycles of chemo-mild reduction in tumor
12/06-CT Scan-more reduction continue chemo
2/07-CT Scan after 5 cycles of chemo-Stable but no new reduction, developed Pnemothorax-waiting for Pnemothorax to dissipate before starting Tarceva.
2/07-Another CT Scan-Pnemothorax gone-cancer stable-Continuing with Avastin alone rather than starting Tarceva.
3/07-CT Scan-questionable progression-continue Avastin.
5/07-CT Scan-definite progression-elected to continue with Avastin
7/07-CT Scan-slight progression with increased pleural effusion. Started Tarceva!
8/07-chest x-ray shows less fluid-Tarceva appears to be working! Wait and see........
9/07-chest x-ray-fluid on right lung appears to be stable. Continue with Tarceva
10/07-CT Scan-Right lung stable, Left lung clear of disease-continue with Tarceva and Avastin.
12/07-Fluid back on right lung. Scrap Tarceva and begin clinical trial. Keeping fingers crossed!

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2007 5:04 am 

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I just want to tell each and everyone of you how very much I appreciate your time, support, advice and best wishes! It's very comforting to have a support group. As you will understand....it's the waiting and what if that's so hard. I'm an RN and usually very active. For me to be off work for 9 weeks is just not normal........nor are the bouts of wheezing (poor pulmonary function tests...Dr. thinks asthma, but I had a methycholine challenge test a few years ago that was totally normal and excluded asthma) and daily coughing & fatigue with normal activities. I see the Pulmonologist today, but am awaiting the appointment with Oncology.

I wish each of you the very best and you are in my thoughts & prayers!

God bless.

Karyn :D

Thank you for any help given. God bless all of you going through health challenges.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2007 9:01 am 
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Welcome, Karyn, and I'm so sorry you had the need to find us. Like the others, I'd recommend a second opinion. Keep us posted as you figure out a treatment plan. Hang in there.


48yr. old, married, 12 yr. old daughter.
8-15-05 - Took myself to the ER. X-Ray shows mass on right lung. Hospitalized 4 days - broncoscopy, pet scan, MRI, CT, port-a-cath. Dx NSCLC Stage IIIB,adeno with squamous characteristics. Quit smoking after 30 yrs.
Radiation x 25.
Chemo - Taxol, Carboplatin x 2; reaction to Taxol 2nd infusion.
Taxotere, Carboplatin x 4 - reaction to Carbo on 6th infusion.
Taxotere weekly.
Mediastinoscopy shows lymph node with cancer, hilar region. Pneumonectomy not possible. Good news is cancer is confined to right side.
Radiation x 10 - right hilar boost.
Taxotere weekly x 3 then every 3 weeks x 2. Last treatment scheduled for Feb. 3.
Pet scan scheduled for Feb. 17.

Mar. 1, 2006 - Hilar lymph node is completely clear! Lung tumor has shrunk more than 50%. Will do 3 rounds (every 3 weeks) of Taxotere to knock the remaining tumor into oblivion. After that, will probably begin Tarceva.

4/25/06 - New PET/CT scans.
4/28/06 - Onc. declares the tumor "virtually dead". Although some residual tumor remains, little to no activity is seen. Began Tarceva 4/29. Not NED but real darn close!

6/27/06 - Onc. visit -- all tumor markers are NORMAL!!!
PET scan July 27 - Stable - Residual disease cannot be excluded. Again, not NED but I'll take it.
Next onc. visit is August 27. Continue on Tarceva. Moving right along...
9/25/06 - Celebrated my 49th (yikes!) birthday. Next PET scan on 10/26.
10/31/06 - PET Scan - Stable! Next onc. visit Jan. '07

Nov. '07 - Tarceva stopped working. Tumor growth detected. Back on chemo -- Gemzar/Navelbine this time.
Feb. '08 - Thoracentesis.
March '08 - Finish chemo. Thoracentesis.
April '08 - Hospitalized 9 days for pleurodesis and broncoscopy. Results show malignant cells in bronchus. Begin 4 weekly brachytherapy treatments. Hospitalized after 1st treatment due to reaction to Dilaudid.
June '08 - 2 more brachytherapy treatments to reach back-end of tumor.
Pet Scan scheduled 7/15/08.
Feeling great, working full-time, hoping for the best for all of us.

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 15, 2007 6:07 pm 

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A PET scan is about 85% accurate. As the size of a nodule gets bigger, I guess it would be more accurate.

If a malignant cancer has a low metabolic rate, it will less likely show up on a PET. For example a typical carcinoid.

The link below says lobulated nodules have a 30% or so chance of malignancy. Those are good odds.

http://www.postgradmed.com/issues/2003/ ... llivan.htm

Take care

Mother Stage I clinically, Stage IIIa pathologically. Large cell neuroendocrine carcinoma. Deceased March 2003
Please seek 2nd opinions and verify everything

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 16, 2007 10:17 pm 
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Welcome Karyn,

I'm glad you found our site, as you can see there are
plenty of knwledgeable people here very happy to help, you will also find great support.
Please keep us informed

Kathy, 56
7/16/2004 Vats lower left lobectomy
dx 1A T1N0M0 NSCLC
7/31 Returned to hospital with plural effusion
and empyema, chest tube.
Four chemo treatments completed Dec 2004
Ned as of Dec 15 2004
Still NED as of mid March 2005
Still NED as of September 15 2005
NED as of mid April 2006

Blessed to say still NED as of
October 2006
Still blessed to have NED on my 3 year anniversary...July, 2007
YEAH.....July, 2008 4 years NED
Thank you God!

Lost my wonderful father to lc 9/27/2000

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 17, 2007 4:31 pm 
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Just want to welcome you Karyn. Sorry for all you are going through. It is the no knowing that plays on your mind.

Keep us posted on what the pulmonary and Onchologist says.

We are always here to answer any questions you may have, if you need support, prayers, to vent.... you are never alone here.

Maryanne :wink:

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take...but by the moments that takes our breath away"
Husband Joel, 58 dx 10/18/04 Smoker since age 15 stopped when diagnosed
Adenocarcinoma- stage 1B
Lobectomy Left upper lobe on 12/15/04
biopsy on lymph nodes - negative NED
1/13/04 Oncologist appt.to see about preventive Chemo.
Cancelled due to chronic fatigue
1/12 fentynal patch for pain
1/14 discontinued Fentynal patch bad reaction
1/15 Blood test showed high T levels
2/1 Endoconrinologist visit diagnosed over-active thyroid
2/8/05 took Radioactive Iodine to kill thyroid
2/16/05 appetite back, fatigue leaving
2/24/05 visit with Pulmonary Doc. Breathing at 96% capacity,
Next visit 3 mos.
3/9/05 Endocrinologist visit -T levels went from 25 down to 5.
3/30 started Synthoid(thyroid med)
3/31 Oncologist. appt. CT results NED...
4/14 starting adjunctive Chemo (carbo/taxol) 4 treatments
3 weeks apart.
6/15/05 Joel finished chemo, chest X-ray clear, Next CT in August
9/01/05 1st CT since Chemo.. NED
11/17/05 CT - small nodule found 4 or 5 mil. in his good lung
1/10/06 CT - nodule Stable
7/2006 CT/ Nodule stable
10/2006 CT Nodule seem to have grown from 4 to 7 mil.
10/2006 Pet- showed some uptake
10/2006- operation- wedge section right upper lobe turned out to be cancerous 2 nodules next to each other. 2 different types of cancer. 1 squamous cell carcinoma (new primary)2- adenocarcinoma-(not sure if new primary or metastasis)
May be restaged to IIIB
11/07/2006 will start 4 rounds of taxotere. 3 weeks apart. Will take Decadron before, day of and day after. Will get a shot of Leunesta the day after. Here we go again.. Joel's attitude.... great as usual
Horrible reaction to the neulasta shots. One night(New Years eve) went to ER. Spent 3 days in hosptal.
Feb 2007 finished chemo.
March 2007 had his CT .. as expected right now all is clear.
June 2007 NED!!!
Sept 07- CT- small nodule 3.5 mm
Going to do another CT in 6 weeks.
October 07- CT done, results STABLE...YEA
Jan. 2008... STABLE!!!
April 2008 little growth but still called stable
July 17 208 nodule doubled in size to 9mm. Needs Pet Scan, tests, hopefully cyberknife...
July 29 met with his surgeon... said Cyberknife is the way to go.
August 1- Cyberknife visit... Joel is a canidate, its a go...Happy B-day Joel...
Sept 22, 2008 finshed up the last of 3 cyberknife procedures
Nov. had CT scan
Nov. 9th results of CT from Cyberknife..... Tumor completely gone... right now NED!!!
Feb. 09- Pet/CT results. . . NEd!!!
May 09 Pet/CT results. . . NED!!!
Sept. 09 Pet/CT results.....NED!!
Jan. 2010--- NED!! Pet now will be every 6 months.
June 8,2010 Pet scan on our Anniversary... hope thats a good sign..
June 17, NED!!!
Dec. 30,2010... NED!!!
June 20,2011... NED!!!
March 2012....NED!!!

pic of Joel and our daughter Nicole at walk NOV. 07



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PostPosted: Mon Feb 19, 2007 9:48 am 
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Location: Mesa, AZ
Hi Karyn!
Our stories are almost indentical, and do I ever understand the worry that goes along with watching these new li'l suckers develop. As you'll see from my profile, my "count" has gone from 3 in three lobes, to 7 in all lobes... :roll: Some are lobulated (the largest, for one), some are spiculated...most are tiny, and under 5mm. So we watch....every three months...and wait....

I, like you, struggle with finding a middle ground - I've almost become OCD-like :shock: in my quest for information :wink: but knowledge IS power, as long as we don't let the knowledge freak us out too much, huh?

Feel free to PM if ya ever need more info - I have PLENTY :roll:

Hang in there, and keep us posted!!

Yours in HOPE! (& watch :wink: )

In Loving Memory of my Dad, "Eddie" Jan. 26, 1940 - June 8, 1996. Gone fishin' and holding my pole 'til I get there...
Adenocarcinoma of the lung.

Father in Law dx'd Sept. 04 Stage IIIb Squamous Cell LC...May 31, 2006 - On to Heaven, and the BEST cup of coffee...Love you, Pappy!

I'm a 41 year old married mom of five beautiful kids. Lost my Dad, Grandma, Great-Uncle, FIL, and many others to LC. Quit smoking in 2002 when a 5mm nodule in R lung was seen on Xray.
1/2005: Follow-up xray shows NO nodules, but...
2/2005: CT scan shows new/changed lobulated, non-calcified nodule in L lung (only 7mm x 10mm), three tiny (3-5mm), non-calcified nodules in R lung and nodular pleural thickening in both lungs...still too small for biopsy. We wait & watch w/ CT scans every 3 mos...next one in Aug.
May 05 - Dx'd w/moderate to severe asthma.
CT Scan Aug. 05 - "Essentially stable". L lung nodule grew to 11mm. R lung nodules are unchanged. No new nodules. Scan again in Feb.
8/05: Consult with Mayo Clinic Scottsdale. Mayo wants to rescan in Nov. 05.
11/05: CT shows "some" new noncalcified nodules in the R lower lobe, (now they are in all three lobes of the R lung...what a bummer) all tiny (<5mm) and some mild pericardial thickening (??). Otherwise, all other nodules are unchanged. No new ones in the L lung. Hmmm...now what...?? Still too small for biopsy - Next scans in Feb. 06.
Feb. 06 - CT shows a new subpleural nodule in L upper lobe, <5mm. Dominant nodule is relatively unchanged. The count appears to be 4 in the R, 2 in the L - now "it" is in all lobes.
May 06 - On to Mayo Clinic. New scans, labs, PFT's scheduled for June 2nd. The current nodule count is 7.
June 06 - Insurance denies Mayo claim, "not one of their providers" and "their" pulmonologist refuses to see me anymore because I went to Mayo!!! Sends me a certified letter to that effect.
Aug. 06 - 43 years old!! New doc orders CT. Nodules stable (yeah!!!)
Sept. 06: Pulmonologist wants another PET scan since I've had slight progression over the past year.
October 06 - PET/CT scheduled ~ results show new teeny spiculated nodule in RLL, as well as enlarged axillary nodes, but NO significant uptake except in the throat area (I talk too much...heehee) Scan again 1st week of January '07.
Jan. 07 - Nodules, mediastinal & axillary nodes stable!! Rescan in March.
Mar. 07 - EEEK!! Another new nodule!!! 4mm in LUL... 3 months fever of unknown orgin, and very high CRP levels...all else is stable.
4/07 - US and CT show enlarged liver & biliary duct dilatation. 2 lymph nodes in neck - one in armpit.
6/07 - Oncologist ordering a bone marrow biopsy, another PET/CT, and more liver/abdominal imaging. Maybe lymphoma...???
8/07 - 44 years old!! WOOHOO!!! Bone marrow biopsy shows no metastatic lymphoma, but shows iron depletion, and abnormal red calls... PET/CT shows another new nodule in LUL. Neck/axillary nodes increase. Neck dissection scheduled. Still thinking lymphoma...
10/07 - 3 enlarged nodes removed from neck. Prelim. shows no lymphoma present. Re-scan lungs this month to check on new nodule.
CT shows numerous blebs in left apex, but NO NEW nodules!!
12/07: Breast MRI for armpit/axillary node - negative
2/08: 3 years since this began. Mayo for follow-up CT. Doc is only concerned with 4 of the nodules and has finally graduated me to CT annually with xray at 6 months, barring any new symptoms/complications!!! YAY!! Started on pulmo. rehab. for COPD

A CANDLE FOR A CURE!!! 25% of proceeds will be donated to LUNGevity!!! Visit: http://www.candle4acure.com/

Pictured: Cassidy & Mommy ~ My youngest of five! May, 2008

PostPosted: Sat Feb 24, 2007 5:06 am 

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Good morning :D

What a fantastic group of people you are! Thank you for taking the time to write me and for the kindness & support that you all have offered. I felt bad even being on the forum since I don't have a CA diagnosis and you are all going through "it". I keep you in my prayers each day and hope that your path will be easy as 'possible'.

I see the Oncologist on Monday (if our ice storm stays calm) and have my CT scans and PET scans to show him.

I will let the group know what he says, as I'm sure I'll have some questions. :wink:

Take care of yourselves and again..........thank you for your support!


Thank you for any help given. God bless all of you going through health challenges.

 Post subject: Demand the PET scan
PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 6:09 am 
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I opted for one after being told my 6mm nodule found on CAT scan would never be visualaized.well guess what it was not only visualized it lite up!! Had Uptake.Now I am seeing a surgeon this week and it measured 8x9mm larger than CAT said it did.Also wanted to say that reading through this thread someone mentioned that cancer cells are not metabolic.Thats an error they are and that is why PET cans light up. They show hypermetabolic cells ( probable cancer) because cancer cells love sugar!!
So everyone who has cancer is indeed of course very sweet.a little levity here folks... JUst my research if I am wrong I'd love to read about that.But if I were you I'd get he PET scan irregardless of what the doctor says will or wont light up or be visualized.I am proof they are wrong.Not sure what I have and may not know for sure till after surgery.

PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 7:34 am 

Joined: Wed Feb 14, 2007 5:29 am
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Good morning everyone :) I hope you are all doing well and THANK YOU again for all of your information, kindness & support!

I saw the Oncologist and she wants to do a Bronchoscopy next. She thought they didn't appear to be cancer or that cancer was less than likely and that she needed to rule out infection. (They have already ruled out pneumonia & TB and I have not traveled out of the country 30 years, so no exotic disease risk factors.)

Part of me felt great, but the other part of me felt uncomfortable since "what does cancer look like in a report"? I had densities and now have new ones in different lobes and the other lung.

Has anyone had a bronchoscopy? I will admit to being afraid of that particular procedure. If you have had it.....what was it like? Any suggestions?

I hope each of you is doing well and has a good day.


Karyn :D

Thank you for any help given. God bless all of you going through health challenges.

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PostPosted: Wed Feb 28, 2007 9:50 am 
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Location: Texas
I have had 2 of them and never had a problem afterwards. Now the doc said I did not like him much on the second one I had so he could not get a sample. LOL I think I kept on couphing during the procedure. Anyways don't be scard it is an easy proedure. Goos luck and many thought and prayers going you way for good results.


31 yr. old at dx married with 2 daughters ages 2 and 5
NSCLC Stage 3b Squamous cell

10/03/06 - Went to Primary Care Doctor because could not get rid of cough and had constant pain in left shoulder for 2 months. Told me to go get CT scan could not tell on x-ray what was wrong.
10/04/06 - Had CT Scan Doc told me to go to ER. (Had no insurance) Looks like fluid or partial collapse of lung.
10/06/06 - Went to ER and was checked into the hospital. Given antibiotics and breathing treatments could not find out what was wrong.
10/09/06 - Had Brochoscopy could not complete due to constant cough during procedure.
10/11/06 - Still in hospital had PET showed cancer.
10/12/06 - Went under for biopsy .
10/13/06 - Had to go back under to remove blood clot. Had problems with the tube.
10/16/06 - Finally released from hospital!!! YEAH
10/23/06 - 1st visit with ONC
10/27/06 - 1st chemo Taxol/Carbo 1 once a week for 8 weeks with radiation daily for 30 days. Chemo was not bad for me. Radiation kicked my butt since it was over esophagus. Could not eat for a week.
12/14/06 - Last day of Chemo until New Year and Last day of Radiation.
01/04/06 - Start new Chemo Taxol/Carbo every 3 weeks 4x
02/06/07 - Had CT-Scan
02/15/07 - Results are good. Can not see tumor not sure if lymph nodes are clear will add extra chemo and do PET scan at the end of March.
03/29/07 - Last Chemo YEAH!!!
04/20/07 - Scans are good Lymp nodes are clear, have mass by upper left lung. Will rescan in 3 months and talk to Pulm. and Surgeon
05/29/07 - Had left lung removed - reports show no tumor/cancer in lung!!!!YEAH!!!
08/27/07 - 1cm tumor found in brain
08/28/07 - Start 15 WBR
11/14/07 - Had brain surgery to remove the tumor. Radiation did nothing for the tumor.
12/20/07 - I got Shingles. Kinda a pain

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2007 7:38 pm 
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I just found out I am having one with my surgery...LOL So I cannot say what it wa slike till afterwards...I went to have aPET scan after finding a 6mm nodule on a cat scan.The pulmonologist did not believe it would lIGHT up on the PET scan but it did.The surgeon I just met and who is operating on me on the 13th.said he probably never would have sent me for a PET scan with a 6mm nodule however he said it was so fortunate for me I did get it done.Apparently LC grows for like 5 years before it would ever even be visualized ( dense) enough for a PET scan to pick it up..SO my advice is to advocate for yourself and demand a PET scan.You can always follow up with CAT scans if it shows nothing..But if you wait you may lose valuable time.
Good luck.

Deveopled a PE after exploratory Laprotonomy last march '06 at hopkins and almost died.
1/25/07- went to ER for evaluation of upper rt chest pain,possible reoccurrent PE. Found 6mm nodule on CAT scan
Pulmonologist says PET scan would not show nodule,but gets insurance co to OK it
2/10/07-PET scan done-results show a 8mmX9mm nodule upper right lobe plueral based.Atypical for Malignancy - could not be ruled out.Moderate SUV uptake of 4.6
Pulmonolgist refers to a thoracic surgeon.
I investigate Hopkins and get referral- appt for PFT 3/2/07 and preop
Surgeons Appt 3/3/07-Surgeon says its a 95% -98% chance of malignancy!!
Surgery 3 VATS with resection,Nop apparent cancer but lung is adhered to chest wall with fibrosos presneta nd fully developed blood supply.Path wont be back for 6-8weeks -surgery 3/13/07
Also had trouble with breathing tube for intubation.Was told I was very lucky"

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