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 Post subject: She's gone.......
PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:33 pm 
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Joined: Wed May 03, 2006 9:24 pm
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Location: Chicago, IL
I always hoped I would never have to post in this category, but here I am. My beautiful, courageous mother passed this morning at 6:30 AM, she died with me by her side. She was strong and independent until the very end - as she was throughout life. I will post more later, I still can't believe this happened....

(Mom's everlasting memorial)

The following is the obituary:
Jackie L Anderson, age 56, passed away at home January 21, 2008 after a courageous battle with lung cancer. She is the beloved mother of Stephanie (Andy) Blake, devoted grandmother of Sofia. Fond sister of Brenda (Scott) Mueller, Colleen (Doug) Hall, & Leon (Debra) Coberley. Daughter of Leon & Arlene Coberley. In lieu of flowers contributions to the Lungevity Foundation www.lungevity.org or Working to Cure Ataxia www.cureataxia.org would be appreciated.

Stephanie (33 yrs old)
Mom - Jackie (56 yrs old)
9.25.51 - 1.21.08
Never smoker.

Feb 2006 - Diagnosed Stage IV NSCLC adeno. Right upper lobe w/pleural effusion and ribs mets on both lungs. Carbo/Taxol for 3 months. Tarceva daily.
March 2006 - Jan 2007 - Good scans with no progression. Tarceva is working!
Feb 2007 - One Brain tumor found. Treated with whole brain radiation.
June 2007 - CT Scan looks great - but inconclusive results on Brain MRI, "numerous white spots" on brain, doctor can't tell us what it is.
July 2007 - Body/Chest is stable (Tarceva is still working - 18 months in), doc confirmed spots are brain cancer, but they seem to be shrinking and becoming less due to the WBR.
Sept 2007 - Tarceva stops working :( - mom hospitalized - pleurodesis surgery done to stop fluid. Alimta chemo starts.
Oct 2007 - mom hospitalized - surgery unsuccessful, more fluid, blood clot found, and cancer has spread to liver.
Nov 2007 - Doc changes chemo to Gemzar to hopefully stop liver progression, still positive and hopeful that she will beat this monster! Mom's lost a lot of weight and is very tired and having rib pain.
Jan 2008 - liver mets have increased, pain has increased, Doc giving it one more try with vinorelbine chemo.

Mom passes 1.21.08 - it's indescribable how much I miss her voice, her face, her presence.

Mom had done amazing things - initiating a law to make November - Lung Cancer Awareness Month in IL, she was a guest on talk radio about lung cancer, also she threw out the opening pitch at the NY Yankees/Chicago White Sox game for Strike Out Cancer Day! We've raised over $3,000 for lung cancer research. She is my best friend and I'm so proud of her.

Mom and my baby Sofie born Feb 16, 2007.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:37 pm 
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Joined: Fri Nov 12, 2004 11:27 am
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Location: PA
Oh Stephanie, it pains me to read this. I am so genuinely sorry as I have followed you Carepages now and feel so helpless to find any words of comfort for you. As I have stated before........whoever wrote the book of fair....I would love to have a chat with. May the strength of your wonderful mother be present within you to help you through this very difficlult time


Kasey ~ 8 year survivor ~ Stage IIIb 'inoperable' (yea, right!) lung cancer
9/20/04 Dx lc
9/24/04 Bronchoscopy
10/08/04 CT guided needle biopsy
10/14/04 Dx Pancoast tumor - NSCLC 111a(?) - inoperable - incurable
11/02/04 2nd opinion - Sloan-Kettering - concurs with local dx and tx
11/03/04-12/02/04 Radiation x22 chemo x5 taxol/carboplatin
11/04 - 3rd opinion - FoxChase -turned away
11/04 4th opinion NIH - surgery possible
1/04/05 Successful surgery - RU lobectomy - all margins, nodes, and path reports are NEGATIVE
2/05 chemo x2 taxol/carboplatin
3/05 Esophagus stretched twice
4/06/05 bloodwork, chest x-ray, CT scan, PET scan, NED
5/05 2 more esophagus stretches
7/13/05 bloodwork, chest x-ray, CT scan, PET scan, brain MRI, NED
10/05/05 bloodwork, chest x-ray, PET/CT scan, NED
1/11/06 bloodwork, chest x-ray, PET/CT scan, brain MRI, NED
4/05/06 bloodwork, chest x-ray, PET/CT scan, NED
6/10/06 emergency appendectomy
7/12/06 bloodwork, chest x-ray, PET/CT scan, brain MRI, NED
9/26/06 bloodwork, chest x-ray, PET/CT scan, NED
1/10/07 bloodwork, urinalysis, chest x-ray, CT, PET/CT scan, arm CT, brain MRI, NED
7/11/07 bloodwork, urinalysis, chest x-ray, PET/CT scan, brain MRI, NED
1/9/08 bloodwork, urinalysis, chest x-ray, PET/CT scan, brain MRI, CT w/contrast.....mm 'spot' lower right lobe - watch and wait 3 months
4/8/08 bloodwork, urinalysis, chest x-ray, PET/CT scan, NED
10/14/08 bloodwork, urinaysis, chest x-ray, PET/CT scan, brain MRI, NED
4/15/09 bloodwork, urinalysis, chest x-ray, PET/CT scan, brain MRI, NED
10/13/09 bloodwork, urinalysis, chest x-ray, PET/CT scan, brain MRI, CT/contrast, NED
4/13-4/15/10 bloodwork, urinalysis, chest x-ray, PET/CT scan, brain MRI, CT/contrast, PFT, echocardiogram, EKG, stress test, NED
4/11-4/13/2011 bloodwork, urinalysis, chest x-ray, PET scan, CT scan w/contrast, brain MRI, NED
4/16-4/18/2012 bloodwork, urinalysis, chest x-ray, PET scan, CT scan w/contrast, brain MRI, NED

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:48 pm 
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Joined: Thu Jan 27, 2005 7:10 am
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Location: Greensboro North Carolina
THoughts Prayers and Condolences. THere are no words only heartfelt prayers right now for You and the whole family

April/03 My Wife Deborah, age 46, diagnosed adenocarcinoma NSCLC
1/20/2006 Admitted to hospital Respiratory distress
1/23/2006 Ran to the light and is waiting for us to be rejoined in the Kingdom Of Heaven Her journey is Over but mine lingers on for Now!!!
4/23/07 DEb is joined in Peace by her Puppy Dawg Daisy from Cancer
8/30/07 Got new Pup named Mocha!!

"No matter hnow much it hurts, No matter how alone you feel, Your friends will help you get through anything!!"
Scrubs!!!!Yes the comedy show!!!

The Reason I advocate
If you would like to see our family photos Click on this link!

My memory-of Link is good to go now if you want to see it!!

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 7:53 pm 
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Joined: Tue Mar 06, 2007 9:22 pm
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I am so sorry... I have followed your mom's battle on LCSC. Your mother was beautiful and you have been a brave and wonderful caregiver.


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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:30 pm 

Joined: Fri Oct 06, 2006 12:20 pm
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Location: New Jersey
I am so sorry - I can't believe how fast this happened. Keeping you and your family in my prayers.
Please email me if you need to.

My Mom

When you are sorrowful look again in your heart, and you shall see that in truth you are weeping for that which has been your delight

Image Jake

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:35 pm 
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I am so sorry to read this and know of the pain that you are experiencing at this time. I pray that God grants you peace and understanding during the difficult days ahead.


58 y/o dad
10/30/06- DX-Stage IV-Adenocarcinoma in both lungs and mediastinum. Lymph node involvement.Inoperable. Doctors still unsure of primary. Will treat it like lung cancer.
11/16/06-Given port, will start chemo regimen of taxol/carbo/avastin
11/20/06-Combination changed to taxotere/carboplatin/avastin. So far little side effects.
12/27/06-Dad met with onc. Said no to using supplements.
1/16/07-Results from CT scan: Stable with verrrry slight shrinkage in one mass. Doctor wants to discontinue chemo for now and just take Tarceva (150 mg) for a month.
4/16/07-Received CT scan results today. Still stable. Thank God! Doc ordered PET scan to get a closer look. Will continue Tarceva. Hair is growing back nicely : )
4/25/07-Admitted to ICU. Severe SOB. Docs think it is pneumonia.
4/26/07-Put on ventilator with maximum oxygen. Dad pulls through and is stable. Plan is to gradually decrease oxygen and start chemo to get rid of fluid.
5/6/07-Dad put back on ventilator because oxygen still isn't where they would like it to be. Starts new chemo: Gemzar and Navelbine
5/28/07-Dad made a peaceful transition to heaven. He no longer has to suffer but I miss him terribly.

Avatar: Cozumel, 11/07.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:49 pm 
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I am so, so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

***photo is of my dad with my daughter***
Dad - 70 yo - Quit smoking 34 years ago - Dx NSCLC on 8/13/07
6/07 - Bad cough and diagnosed with bronchitis. After round of antibiotics didn't work sent for chest x-ray.
6/13 - Chest xray compared to one 4 years ago showed a change in left lung.
7/5 - CT scan shows mass in left lung and some enlarged lymph nodes.
7/30 - Biopsy positive for NSCLC
8/15 - PET scan shows activity in mass in left lung, lymph nodes in middle of chest and some in right lung
8/22 - Met with oncologist. Suggested surgeon consult and MRI of brain.
8/27 - Met with surgeon. Bronchoscopy and mediastinoscopy to be done
8/29 - MRI of brain all clear!
9/4 - Procedures done and surgeon said not operable at this time. Lymph nodes that were biopsied show no cancer!
9/10 - Met with oncologist and radiation dr
9/19 - Start 6 rounds of weekly carbo/taxol; will start 33 rounds of radiation on 10/1
9/21 - started feeling abdominal discomfort
9/23 - not eating or drinking and horrible pains in stomach - taken to ER to be evaluated - hernia causing blockage to intestine
9/24 - Hernia surgery - dad put on ventilator and in ICU after surgery - fluid in lungs
Dad never came off vent and passed on 10/9.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:54 pm 
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Dear Steph -

I am so truly sorry for your loss. Your mom was a beautiful person and I know that she is so proud of you. May you find peace and strength in the coming days. Please be good to yourself.

Hugs - Patti B.

My personal war against cancer:
Stage IV at diagnosis 9/29/06- told 12 months tops.......yeah, right!!!
5 rounds of radiation R hip
15 Whole brain radiation txs 7/20 - 8/7/09
8 weeks on oral Tarceva
To date, 80 IV chemo sessions and still counting
Chemos have consisted of:
Avastin alone
weekly Navalbine
weekly Gemzar, now on Gemzar every other week due to blood counts
All my veins have become inaccessible - port installed 12/30/09
Put on Alimta/Avastin as a combo
Currently on Taxotere, on 3 weeks off one

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 8:56 pm 

Joined: Sat Jun 03, 2006 4:22 pm
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Stephanie, I'm so sorry about the loss of your mother. Prayers for you all as you face the next few days.

Dx NSCLC 5/03. Surgery UR lobe. Staged as 1B. Chemo (taxol & Carbo)9/15/03 - 11/13/03. Wonderful CTs until Nov 04. Surgery 11/27/04, again staged as 1B. Chemo (Cisplatin and Gemzar) 2/05 to 6/05. Good CTs and PET since chemo.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:01 pm 
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Oh Stephanie, I am so very sorry. ((((STEPH))))

We're here when you need us. I know how great this loss is for you. My prayers are with you at this very difficult time.

Warm and Gentle Hugs,
Connie B
Date Dx.d, 7/21/1995, Age 43, Adenocarcinoma, Stage IIIB, had 3.4cm tumor and three cancerous lymph nodes.
7/25/1995 had Left Lung Removed along with several lymph nodes.
9/9/95 Started Chemo (VP-16/Cisplatin), & Radiation (36 treatments). Cancer Free.
8/11/2003 CT Scan found 4mm Nodule Right Upper Lung. Did PET scan & Nodule Lite up. Also found a Tumor in my Left Atrium (Heart)
8/21/03 Open Heart Sugery for Myxoma Tumor in Left Atrium. During heart surgery (3) surgeons checked 4mm nodule & agreed it did not appear to be cancerous.
11/2004-CT & PET scan, nodule still there 6mm will watch.
4/2005-CT, Nodule still there and has grown to 8mm will do another CT in 9/2005. Waiting & watching nodule.
9/2005 CT Nodule has shrunk to 5mm. Doctor's feel nodule could be scar tissue.
2/2006 Having Shortness of Breath problems.
4/2006 CT, nodule 5mm No Change.
11/2006 CT scan no change in Nodule.
4/26/07 Results of CT scan shows I have another Noudule. Now have two nodules, one is 6-7mm & the new one is about 3mm.
9/2007 CT shows 3 nodules all mm in size. First 2 have no change in them. New one is very small. Repeat CT in 6 months.
12/11/07 Still NED
5/7/08 CT (right lung) (nodules watch) two new nodules I now have 5 nodules. Will watch via CT scans.
10/08 CT Scan showed 1 nodule 6mm has grown to 1.2cm.
5/22/09 CT Scan (awaiting results)
7/4/09 PET Scan (3 nodules in left lung are now 1.4c.m in sizes.
8/13/09 Did Bronhcoscopy
8/18/09 NOT Cancer, no cancer found.
Next PET Scan Oct 2009.

READ MY STORY @ http://www.lungevity.org/l_community/vi ... hp?t=13224

Lost my Father age 56(1970), Mother age 66 (1987), and Sister age 43 (1988) all to Lung Cancer
AVATAR is in Iowa @ the Presidential Cancer Forum

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:18 pm 
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I am so sorry, Stephanie. I know you loved her so much and so well.

"All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of things shall be well... No matter what."
--Julian of Norwich/Madeleine L'Engle

My Mom, Carol, was diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC with several mets to the bones in November of 2004, when she was 57. Treatment included radiation to relieve the bone pain, Zometa to strengthen her bones, Cisplatin/Gemzar as a first line treatment, and Alimta as a second line treatment. Mom was referred to hospice while waiting for a Perifosine trial to begin, and she died July 19, 2005. Not a day goes by that I don't long for my mama.


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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:35 pm 
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Location: virginia
I was looking for an update from you and I am so very sorry to read that you have lost your beautiful Mother. May God be with you and your family now and during the difficult days ahead.


[size=84]husband, Mike, 59 years old
**2-01 dx'd Stage 1 nsclc-9cm tumor to right lung-no lymph node involvement...
**4-30-01 pneumonectomy right lung removed. No followup chemo or radiation , but scans and xrays were done
**1-28-04 dx w/recurrent stage IV nsclc tumor on stump of where right lung had been removed , lymph node involvement, tumor adrenal gland -lft side, **02-04-04- taxol & carboplatin 3 treatments-didn't work
**02-12-04- radiation 10 to lung for bleeding
**04-2--04-taxotere had 4 treatments. shrinkage had occured in all after 3.. continuing taxotere. making him very tired ... upper body swelling ..
** 08-01-04-in hospital
**08-02-04 had stent put in .. superior vena cava.. the vein was being blocked by pressure tumor.
**08-05-04-started 10 radiation treatments,
**08-30-04- started Navelbine on 3 weeks and off 1 Scan after 5 treatments show chemo Navelbine not working -slight decrease to lung mass, but slight increase to adrenal ....
**11-01-04-starting Gemzar ... had 3 treatments... too many side effects... Ct of chest and upper abdomen done on Dec. 2nd -results some shrinkage
**12-06-04-started Alimta Dec. 6th- first treatment went well Had 2nd treatment Dec. 27th ... developed a rash and is tired, but otherwise ok Scan Feb 7th, 2005 STABLE doing good continuing Alimta April 18th scans showed stable disease (after 6 Alimta treatments), but he now has pneumonitis... no more treatments until much better.. on prednisone and oxygen..
**05-31-05 Ct scan of chest showed pneumonitis resolved and stable cancer
**06-06-05-our 35th wedding anniversary... onc confirms everything resolving and stable -reccommends break continued til August
**6-15-05 to 6-18-05 in hospital due to mental confusion ..
had MRI-member empty head club

8-3-2005-Ct scans chest , abdomen and pelvic....Waiting and praying...
**8-8-2005-Ct results were that the chest area looked improved, but the adrenal area had increased and involved some lymph nodes.
Started Tarceva 150mg 8-16-2005-8-20-2005 stopped 2 weeks due to severe rash on 9-8-2005 started back on Tarceva at 100 mg now.. stopped again on 9-19-2005
9-30-2005 scans slight progression to nodes behind adrenal..
10-10-2005-Camptosar- CPT-11 started
10-31-2005- CPT-11
refused more CPT-11 made him extremely fatigued and nauseated
Dec. 6th -CTscans chest, abdomen & pelvic. shows stable but tumor compressing the esophagus..
Dec. 19th- had stent to trachea put in
Dec. 21st- he had stent to esophagus and feeding tube put in
Dec. 22nd.. he will ill put in hospital... vomiting and also coughing and congestion in for 4 days... home for Christmas Dec. 25th... still recouperating with antibiotics etc.
Continuing cough and numerous doctor visits.
*Jan 30th-Feb 4th- hospitalized again with cough ..
Still has cough , but controlled most of the time Hasn't been able to resume chemo

**My "prince charming", best friend, husband and soul mate,, Mike passed away March 2, 2006 after being a 5 year survivor and fighting a very courageous battle**
Mom- 78 yrs old..
nsclc diag May 2nd, 2007-surgery 2sm tumors removed in wedge section... lymph nodes clear
Tarceva as adjuvant started on June 23rd..quit July2nd.. side effects numerous... am waiting now til next appt. July 13th
July 20th... Mom NED.PET clear and normal .. will go back on half 75mg Tarceva... see how that works..
Stop Tarceva 8-25 too many side effects
Oct. 22nd- Mom surgeon visit, chest xray and results .. all clear, no sign of cancer...
Feb. 18th Mom's PET Scan
March 7th Mom's PET Scan results.. NED
Sept. 22, 08 Mom PET Scan
Sept. 29, 08 Mom PET results new nodule 3/4 "...here we go again.... :-(
*Updated*- Mom surgery- Oct. 30th.. surgeon removed top part of upper right lobe. Nothing showed malignant. She had pneumonia after surgery and a 3 week hospital stay, but she is slowly regaining her strength and is currently NED..

March 3, 2009 CT scan.... results showed some little things along suture line that the doctor believed was healing.. will wait til next scan and compare.

June 2, 2009- CT Scan.. results there is an area along suture line that has increased in size and thickening.. doctor thinks could be cancer... a needle biopsy will be done..

A quick update.. the results of the needle biopsy did confirm that it was cancer...

Cyberknife was done the first week in November..

Pet scan .. Dec. 8th...
Dec. 11th -results .. cyberknife worked and the rest of the scan is clean... YAY!!! Happy Birthday (Dec. 19th.. 81st) and Merry Xmas Mom!
Dec. 2010 NED!!!
June 2, 2011.. Pet Scan results .. NED!!!
Nov 3, 2011.. CT scan results.. NED!!!
Sept. 18, 2012 .. our loving mom has passed on ..Heaven received a most precious angel.

graphic by

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:40 pm 
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Location: Melbourne Bch, FL
I am so sorry for your loss. Your mother fought a courageous fight against this beast. Prayers that God will give you comfort and strength in the coming days.


Picture is of Maurice with one of his recent metal sculptures.

If you want to make God laugh, tell Him your plans.

wife and caregiver to husband Maurice, age 69 at dx, heavy smoker, quit at dx.
Previous colon cancer 1992.
Previous melanoma 11/2001
4/13/06 cough, pcp ordered chest xray which showed abnormalities to right lung with right hilar and suprahilar mass.
4/25/06 CT shows stellate mass in right pulmary apex 2.8cm x 1.1cm. Also right suprahilar adenopathy at 3cm as well as right paratracheal, precarinal and subcarinal lymphadenopathy. Small nodular densities at the posterior lung bases in th 2-2mm size.
5/3/06 Bronchoscopy. Dx nsclc with adenopathy adenocarcinoma
5/4/06 Pet Scan reveals prominent areas consistent with known tumor and multiple satellite lesions. Largest tumor in subcarinal area but also in the mediastinum and right hilar area and satellite ltumors in the right lung apex. It's stage 3a nsclc
5/5/06 see local onc (Dr Gloom & Doom) no hope. Possible chemo but no cure, palliative only. Thanks but no thanks. Had already made appt with MD Anderson Cancer Center in Orlando for 2nd opinion
5/15/06 2nd opinion at MD Anderson. Superior level of professionalism. They swung into action. Start induction chemo of weekly carboplatin/paclitaxol immediately and referred to radiation for Tomo Therapy IMRT.
5/25/06 chemo starts
6/5/06 radiation starts. 33 appointments made for IMRT. We drive 180 miles round trip daily for 33 days.
7/20/06 Radiation ends. Onc says next plan is to go to heavier dose chemo - same drugs - but every 3 weeks, 3 cycles.
8/06 thru 9/06 chemo, carboplatin/paclitaxol. WBC went down, got Neulasta. RBC went down got Aranesp.
9/6/06 CT shows some reduction in satellite tumors and in lymph nodes but main mass has increased. Keep going with chemo.
10/13/06 Onc says we get 2mths off. Chemo & Radiation still working.
12/14/06 Pet/CT shows overall reduction of 60% we're happy, she's not satisfied. Gives us 3 choices. 1: Leave it alone and he might live another year. 2: Go on Tarceva (expensive) 3: Go in clinical trial with Tarceva and Avastin. We tell her we are pro-active and choose trial.
12/20/06 CT Brain. no mets to brain
12/21/06 See onc sign papers for trial.
12/28/06 given bottle of Tarceva & first infusion of Avastin.
1/18/07 second infusion of Avastin. See onc. Diarrhea from Tarceva is being handled with Lomotil 2.5mg which he has used since colon cancer. Joint and body pain from Avastin being handled with Vicodin 750mg. 2 tabs every 4 hours. Doesn't kill the pain but takes the edge off it.
2/5/07 CT scan. Pickd up rx for oxycontin and loratab for pain. Doesn't help much
2/7/07 Bone scan
2/8/07 See onc. ct shows everything stable but may be issue with left hip as seen on bone scan. Will follow up with MRI. Pain management switched to oxycontin & ultram. So far, so good.
2/15/07 MRI of hip & femur. No mets seen.
2/25/07 oxycontin & ultram not working. Pain getting worse
2/24/07 Bought curcumin at health food store - used for inflammation
3/1/07 Pain meds upped to 20mg oxycontin twice daily & ultram for breakthrough pain.
03/16 - 3/19/07 increased diarrhea Added pro biotic, the refrigerated kind, started to stabilize bowels after about one week. Also started on the BRAT diet. Bananas, Rice, Applesauce, Toast.
3/19/07 CT scan
3/22/07 Results show stable. Continue on with same program until end of July
3/22/07 combination of pro biotic and increased rice and banana intake have stabilized bowels. Diarrhea no longer a serious issue
3/27/07 oxycontin upped to 20mg every 8 hours, plus 2 oxycodone 5mg every 3 hours for breakthrough pain
4/30 CT scan
5/4 Scan shows stable. Continue in trial until July
5/24 Stable
6/14 Stable
7/5 Stable
7/24 Stable
7/24 Started Lexapro 20mg for depression
7/26 Cortisone shots in each shoulder. Enormous pain relief. Can now go back to 20mg oxycontin every 12 hours with hardly any breakthrough pain.
9/06 Stable
9/06 Added Wellbutrin XL 150 mg to the Lexapro for depression
10/18 CT. Stable
10/19 Onc called. RBC way too high at 18.3. We drive back to Orlando and they take 1 pt blood to bring count down. Rather fitting since Halloween is coming up. Maurice does not see the humor in it.
10/24 Lexapro dropped, Wellbutrin increased to 200mg twice daily
11/14 hemaglobin still way high at 17.4 we're to go back & give up another pint of blood. Onc wants to do this every month for the next 3 months
11/29 CT: minor progression (10%) but onc says it still falls within 'stable' No new plan just stay with trial and rescan in 6 weeks
11/29 Blurred vision and dizzy. Brain MRI scheduled for 12/6
12/10 MRI clear....thank you God
12/10 phlebotomy 500cc
12/20 Chemo today. Blood work shows hemoglobin down to 16.7. Phlebotomy is working. Next scan 1/8
1/7/08 phlebotomy
1/8 ct, stable, but find blood clot in right lung. Admitted to MD Anderson for treatment.
1/11 discharged from hospital. Blood INR is .8 they want it to get up to between 2 & 3. He gets Lovenox 80mg twice daily injected in stomach and 2.5 mg Coumadin at night. Has to go to lab every 3 days for four weeks for blood test.
1/10 taken out of trial no more Avastin. Continue with Tarceva only.
1/14 Blood INR .9 should be between 2 & 3
l/31 PT/INR will not come up past 1.3 in spite of 10mg coumadin daily
2/21 CT 30% progression in 6 weeks since Avastin discontinued due to clot but now that clot is gone Onc says to go back on Avastin along with Tarceva. Will re-scan after 2 cycles. If no improvement we move on to Alimta
2/28 back on Avastin & Tarceva but no longer in trial & Tarceva is $100 a day but we have hope that it will work it's magic as it did before when he was in the trial.
4/1 Scan shows stable. Avastin & Tarceva doing the job.

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 9:54 pm 
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Location: Oklahoma
I just hate that this happened. She was just so young! I know that your being there for her at the end was such a comfort. My prayers are with you and your family. We are here for you...we understand.


-66 yr. old widowed mother (Bev)dx 2/9/2005 w/ adeno., 4 cm tumor on l. lung, existing COPD and emphysema, 30 year Chrohn's survivor, ileostomy, kidney disease. Tumor is in the "good" part of her lung, so rad. and surgery are not options. (After three opinions)
-3/25/2005 tumor on skull--caused severe headaches
-3/28/2005 2 wk radiation on skull only
-4/2005 On oxygen 24/7 now...can't keep pulse ox. above 88 w/o it
-5/2005 tumors on vocal cords (currently debated)
-Tarceva only drug, tumors holding steady
-8/9/05 HA! The tumors on her vocal cords are benign! One less thing to worry about
9/16/05: Dr visit: tumors are progressing, w/ a new one in the lower l lung. Recommends Carboplatin/Gemzar chemo. Mom debating what she wants to do.
9/26/05: Nephrologist is worried about chemo--may put Mom on dialysis permanently. May want to just "go for it" with higher doses of chemo and kill the cancer rather than be careful to avoid further kidney damage.
-11/4/05: Surgery for kidney stones.
-11/14/05: Stable! Love that! Dr. says chemo can wait until after New Years.
-12/05: Still stable...Dr. can't explain it, but we'll take it. He believes in the power of prayer, and so do we.
4/06: primary is stable, but a new bugger has popped up in her lung...waiting for more info
6/06: Nasty bacterial pulmonary infection...strong steroids and antibiotics did the trick.
7/3/06: Primary has grown by 25%, new tumors in both lungs, but brain is clear! Gemzar starting next week.
7/12/06: Started Gemzar
9/2/06: Port installed for ongoing chemo
11/1/06: Tumor in Mom's hip
11/7/06: MRI on brain
11/17/06: It's in the brain now. Looking at gamma knife.
12/7/06: Gamma procedure with flying colors--she amazes me!
12/12/06: 54% progression in primary (7.? cm)--switching to Alitma.
Christmas/06: Hospitalized for over 2 wks after reaction to Alitma.
1/31/07: Begin Taxol
3/7/07: Primary now at 11 cm. Added Carboplatin. MRI on brain is clear, though--empty-headed
3/28/07: Starting radiation on lung--they used to think it was too risky, not it is too risky not to.
3/29/07: radiating hip as well--tumor is eating into the bone.
4/13/07: Back in the hospital again--trying to get her numbers on track
5/1/07: Hospitalized AGAIN...radiation pneumonitis. She is getting weary of the fight.
5/9/07: Five new lesions in the brain--Mom refuses WBR--will begin hospice when she is out of the hospital--her decision, God's timing.
5/11/07: Discharged from hospital
5/17/07: Mom reunited with Dad--she didn't lose her battle with cancer. Cancer had the final word, but Mom kicked its *ss for 2 years. Good work, mom--you still amaze me...
What this listing can NOT show are the many, many good times, birthdays, holidays, and regular days along this journey. I cherish every one.
-Pic below: Mom (Bev) at May Crowning 5/06
-avatar: The "Walk and Roll" satellite walk with Mom and the kids!

"Breathe in, breathe out, move on..." *Jimmy Buffett


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Oh, Stephanie! I am so sorry about your precious mom. She did lots of amazing things in the short time during her diagnosis and treatment. What a warrior she was. I am sad this happened just shy of her two-year mark. I can tell by the way she wrote in her journal, she was just like my mom. God bless her.

loving daughter of Denise and Howie, who both lost their lives to NSCLC.

Denise: age 63
September 29, 1941-February 8, 2006

11/03/04 dx'd Stage IIIB NSCLC, malignant pleural effusion
-a polio survivor since age 12
-a breast cancer survivor since 1999 (Stage IIA, ER/PR+ radiation + Tamoxifen)
-an End Stage Renal Disease survivor since 2/04 (started hemodialysis, still has about 17% kidney function)
-Mom moved in with us in 11/03

-11/04--chemical pleurodesis

-12/03/04--onto Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Zion, started IRESSA

-1/05--discontinued IRESSA from FDA warnings, started Tarceva

-2/05--x-ray shows "stable, no new growth"

-4/11/05--Tarceva not working...it's onto the big guns. Admitted for 3 days to begin Taxol/Carboplatin combo...

-Original tumor disappeared over summer, nodules stable. Mom feels good, rarely needs pain meds. We had a great summer!

-12/12/05--Nodules decided to make their appearance known just in time for Christmas. Will begin Erbitux next chemo.

-12/14/05--Mom took a spill on her way in the door from chemo and broke her arm and her knee. She was hospitalized and went into rehab at a nursing home afterwards temporarily to recover. While there, she had to be taken via ambulance to hospital for SOB. Significant growth is shown just in five weeks. Will begin Taxotere next chemo.

-2/8/06--I can't believe I'm writing this...my mom is gone. I will never, ever be the same without her to guide me. I am lost, broken, empty. I look for her everywhere. My dear, sweet, beautiful Mom, I love you, miss you, need you so much.

3/6/06--I give birth to our miracle baby, Ian...my mom named him. Our precious baby, so sweet and new, you have an angel watching over you. She just missed holding him in her arms but she will forever be in his heart.

I also have twins, Mikkel and Saoirse, after suffering four years of infertility. My mom was so proud of her twins! (her name on this site was twingrammie)

Howie: age 65

12/98- dx/d with stage IIIB NSCLC, mets to lymph nodes. Taxol/Carbo, scans show growth, he is losing weight, feeling terrible.

5/99- mets to right lung, on life support for three weeks, but pulls through and comes home.

8/99-mets to brain. confused, doesn't know any of us. 10 pallative rads scheduled. After 5, I asked my mom to have them stopped, they are obviously doing nothing but burning his skin. Onto hospice.

9/2/99--died in hospice. My mom finally found her soul mate, but had only 8 years to share with him. I take comfort in knowing they are together again.

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I am so very sorry for your loss. I wish you strength to get through the time ahead.

Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.
John Lennon

"Never, never, never give up." Winston Churchill

"I rang for ice, but this is ridiculous." -Madeline Talmadge-Astor, as she was being helped off the Titanic

"Losing love is like a window in your heart, everybody sees you're blown apart, everybody sees the wind blow". Paul Simon

Husband John has NSCLC-Vena Cava Syndrome Stage 3B, Dx 6/02
Iressa started 3/03
10/03 Stable CT scan
1/04 CT Still stable.
3/04 PET Scan, Still stable.
7/04 Still stable
1/05 Still stable
1/30/05 Iressa discontinued Started Tarceva, still stable 7/05
1/06 Slight increase in tumor, stopping Tarceva.
1/27/06 Started Alimta
5/5/06 Avastin added to Alimta
6/14/06 Stable, continue w/ Avastin
1/29/07 Shrinkage! Continue w/ Avasin.
7/07- Something new on the CT scan, doing a bronc 7/25/07 to see what it is. 8/21/07 begins brachytherapy. Next treatment postponed until 9/6/7 due to an infection which is making him too ill for the procedure. 9/13/07 Diagnosed with Aspergillus. Has brachytherapy 9/20/07. Developed a pericardial effusion, 10/30/07 has a pericardial window to drain the fluid. Procedure goes well but he passes away 10/31/07 due to a pulmonary hemorrhage.
Pic is me and daughter Jillian aka The Jillinator.

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I am so very sorry. Michele

My dad was 63 at diagnosis (January 31st, 2006) NSCLC stage IIIB/IV. He passed away on his one year anniversary (January 31st, 2007) I miss him so much. Until we meet again Daddy- I love you!

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Oh Steph,
I'm so sorry to read this. My heart breaks for you.


- Katie Brown, Co-Founder of LCSC- Director of Support & Advocacy

18 yr cancer survivor.
Certified Patient Navigator

In memory of Jessee Dewey, SCLC
December 29, 1938 - September 6, 2003
Lisa Dewey- Jan. 22, 2007

my parents are together in heaven

facebook http://www.facebook.com/lungevity

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I am so sorry to read the news about your beautiful mom passing. My deepest condolences goes out to you and your family.

I know the feeling of losing a mom and my heart goes out to you...

Maryanne :cry:

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take...but by the moments that takes our breath away"
Husband Joel, 58 dx 10/18/04 Smoker since age 15 stopped when diagnosed
Adenocarcinoma- stage 1B
Lobectomy Left upper lobe on 12/15/04
biopsy on lymph nodes - negative NED
1/13/04 Oncologist appt.to see about preventive Chemo.
Cancelled due to chronic fatigue
1/12 fentynal patch for pain
1/14 discontinued Fentynal patch bad reaction
1/15 Blood test showed high T levels
2/1 Endoconrinologist visit diagnosed over-active thyroid
2/8/05 took Radioactive Iodine to kill thyroid
2/16/05 appetite back, fatigue leaving
2/24/05 visit with Pulmonary Doc. Breathing at 96% capacity,
Next visit 3 mos.
3/9/05 Endocrinologist visit -T levels went from 25 down to 5.
3/30 started Synthoid(thyroid med)
3/31 Oncologist. appt. CT results NED...
4/14 starting adjunctive Chemo (carbo/taxol) 4 treatments
3 weeks apart.
6/15/05 Joel finished chemo, chest X-ray clear, Next CT in August
9/01/05 1st CT since Chemo.. NED
11/17/05 CT - small nodule found 4 or 5 mil. in his good lung
1/10/06 CT - nodule Stable
7/2006 CT/ Nodule stable
10/2006 CT Nodule seem to have grown from 4 to 7 mil.
10/2006 Pet- showed some uptake
10/2006- operation- wedge section right upper lobe turned out to be cancerous 2 nodules next to each other. 2 different types of cancer. 1 squamous cell carcinoma (new primary)2- adenocarcinoma-(not sure if new primary or metastasis)
May be restaged to IIIB
11/07/2006 will start 4 rounds of taxotere. 3 weeks apart. Will take Decadron before, day of and day after. Will get a shot of Leunesta the day after. Here we go again.. Joel's attitude.... great as usual
Horrible reaction to the neulasta shots. One night(New Years eve) went to ER. Spent 3 days in hosptal.
Feb 2007 finished chemo.
March 2007 had his CT .. as expected right now all is clear.
June 2007 NED!!!
Sept 07- CT- small nodule 3.5 mm
Going to do another CT in 6 weeks.
October 07- CT done, results STABLE...YEA
Jan. 2008... STABLE!!!
April 2008 little growth but still called stable
July 17 208 nodule doubled in size to 9mm. Needs Pet Scan, tests, hopefully cyberknife...
July 29 met with his surgeon... said Cyberknife is the way to go.
August 1- Cyberknife visit... Joel is a canidate, its a go...Happy B-day Joel...
Sept 22, 2008 finshed up the last of 3 cyberknife procedures
Nov. had CT scan
Nov. 9th results of CT from Cyberknife..... Tumor completely gone... right now NED!!!
Feb. 09- Pet/CT results. . . NEd!!!
May 09 Pet/CT results. . . NED!!!
Sept. 09 Pet/CT results.....NED!!
Jan. 2010--- NED!! Pet now will be every 6 months.
June 8,2010 Pet scan on our Anniversary... hope thats a good sign..
June 17, NED!!!
Dec. 30,2010... NED!!!
June 20,2011... NED!!!
March 2012....NED!!!

pic of Joel and our daughter Nicole at walk NOV. 07



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So sorry about the loss of your
My deepest sympathies and prayers
for strenght for the coming days.


Husband *Mike*
dx'd nsclc Stage IIIA, inoperable, May 21st 2002
On October 13th 2003, he died at home as he
wanted, very peacefully during his sleep.
I miss you so much Mike.

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I'm so sorry Steph. I hate that you or any of us have to lose a parent so soon. It's just not fair! I hope that you only have beautiful memories of your mother forever. Andy

My best friend and father...Pops, the man I loved like no other:
George "Bern" Thomas
Oct 23, 1944 - Jan 18, 2008

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I'm so very sorry. It's just so unfair. My prayers are with you.


Mom & best friend, 63 yrs, former smoker-quit 01/07
4/20/07 X-ray shows large mass rt lung, needle biopsy
4/30/07 Dx NSCLC squamous cell - inoperable/incurable
5/7/07 Brain, lymph nodes clear. Rt. lung & spots on pleura & sternum
5/9/07 3 wks radiation to sternum
5/10/07 Starts 1/2 dose chemo Carbo/Taxol combo 1x for 4 wks + Neulasta
6/12/07 1st Zometa infusion-1x monthly
6/13/07 1st full dose chemo every 3rd wk
7/18/07 CT scan-NO NEW cancer
10/4/07 CT results - tumor growth to 6.3 cm - see rad onc
11/2/07 Last of 20 rad tx
11/15/07 Xray-stable!
11/29/07 1st Alimta tx–every 3 wks + Neulasta
2/6/08 Scan results look good! Some necrosis to mass in upper rt lobe
4/4/08 CT & Bone scan
4/9/08 Inflammation in sternum, haziness in upper rt lung, steroids & antibiotics
4/14/08 Rad onc - dx costochondritis in ribs–rx Aleve, Predisone for 1 mo-rad pneumonitis
5/12/08 Brochoscopy - airway obstruction
5/28/08 1st of 3 brachytherapy tx

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I am so sorry. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.

nsclc stage 1A
lobectomy 6/00

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Please accept my condolences on the loss of your mom.


age 57
surgery 6/20/03, stage 1B, upper left lobectomy
started adjuvant chemo on 08/14/03
3 cycles--cisplatin/gemzar
finished chemo 11/6/03
now 10 years post-lobectomy, annual x-ray and follow-up with surgeon
follow-up with oncologist every year/bloodwork and clinical exam

2001 early stage breast cancer/surgery and radiation only, no chemo needed. Mammograms once a year,

Just passed 12 year mark for the breast cancer and 10 year mark for the lung

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Please accept my condolences. My thoughts and prayers go out to you during this most difficult time . May God grant you peace in the coming days.

You were the first person to P.M. me when I first came to this board. You, as everyone here, has helped me during some difficult times. I followed your posts on your beautiful and courageous mother, and you were both in my prayers daily. Please let our love and understanding be a strength to you now.


May 2007--coughing with streaking of blood present in mornings. Doesn't tell anyone until July.
8/20/07--61 year young dad-smoked 43 years(quit 2 years ago), hauled asbestos (for 5 years) and hazardous materials (for 5 years) in his career as a truck driver was told that the ct scan done on July 31, 2007 showed he had lc.
9-13-07--PET scan done-results showed approx 3cm area and 1 lymph node involvement in right lung only.
10-2-07--biopsy done inconclusive--no sign of cancer
10-11-07--needle biopsy done
10-15-07--Told had NSCLC, squamous cell carcinoma. Waiting referral to John Hopkins.
10-31-07--2nd bronchoscopy done
11-5-07--result of all 7 biopsies taken in lymph nodes were negative for cancer. Want to do further testing of lypmh node. Waiting...
11-6-07--mediastinoscopy scheduled for 11/16/07.
11-16-07--Mediastinoscopy positive for lymph node involvement. Waiting chemo & radiation treatment. Staged at IIIA.
12-14-07--CT scan & brain MRI
12-18-07--Brain MRI clean--PRAISE THE LORD!!! CT scan shows only slight change in tumor in right lung, slight growth in lymph nodes, but now has fluid in right lung. All in all still feels GREAT, just slight clearing of throat and some coughing. No other symptoms.
12-26-07--First chemo (Taxol/Carboplatin), and radiation treatment today.
2-20-08 Dad finished with his chemo and radiation treatments!!
3-27-08 Petscan and CT scan with marked improvement.
5-2-08 Scheduled for surgery---Removed 2 lobes and several lymph nodes.
5-11-08 Returned home from hospital---Happy Mothers Day to me!!!
5-12-08 Surgeon called with results of biopsy from 2 lobes and lymph nodes....No evidence of cancer!! Praise the Lord!!!
5-21-08 My daddy celebrates his 62'nd birthday today!!!
9-6-2008 Admitted to hospital with pnuemonia.
9-16-2008 Release from hospital...still NED!!!

Proverbs 3:5-6
avatar is dad on Christmas day 2005, other picture is me, hubby and son in Niagra Falls June 2007.

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Steph - oh my heart aches for you and your family. I am so very, very sorry for the loss of your beautiful and courageous mother. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this difficult time.


46 years old at diagnosis
Lucky mom of a 18 year old boy and 17 year old girl

Mar-May 2006-3 CXR's performed; eagle eyed radiologist caught something not quite right-F/U done
May 24, 2006-CT scan-suspicious for lung cancer
June 1, 2006-Went to Vancouver for private PET scan-SUV 1.4; ? bronchioalveolar carcinoma or carcinoid
June 5, 2006-Met with surgeon-thinks 1A-surgery soon
June 20, 2006-Left lower lobectomy via VATS
July 5, 2006-Pathology back-stage 1A, pure non-mucinous bronchioalveolar carcinoma, 1.8 cm, well differentiated
Oct 13, 2006-CXR, good
Jan 16, 2007-CXR, good
April 17, 2007-CXR, good
May 4, 2007-CT scan-good
Sept 18, 2007-CXR, good
Dec 18, 2007-CXR, good
March 18, 2008-CXR, good
May 30, 2008-CT scan-good
Oct 21, 2008-CXR, good-graduated to 6 month visits!
June 5th, 2009-CT scan-good!!!
December 3rd, 2009-CXR-good
May 27, 2010-CT scan-good-moved to once/year CT scan & visit!
May/2013-scan after 2 years (yearly x-rays prior)-good

7 + years from surgery-so happy to be here!!!

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Location: Baton Rouge, LA
Stephanie, I am so sorry for your loss. I am glad you were able to be there with your Mom when she passed. I know you brought her comfort. You were such a devout daughter.


Sister, 50 years old, diagnosed with sclc/ext. on 9/16/2006.
09/19/2006 Begins Chemo. MRI clear, Bone Scan come back clean.
11/29/2006 3 Rounds Chemo completed. PET shows 100%Resolution. No cancer showing. Dr. wants to begin Radiation after Christmas along with her Chemo. Taking Neuprogen shots to build her body up to take the Radiation. Side effects have been minimal thus far..just very tired.
1/02/07 Very Depressed. Beginning 5th round of Chemo. Given Lexipro for Depression.
01/08/2007 Beginning Radiation. 28 treatments.
Sixth and final chemo postponed due to low WBC.
Radiation continues. Side effects so far: fatique, heartburn, sore throat.
01/29/2007 6th and last round of Chemo. Radiation postponed until after Chemo.

01/30/2007 In really good spirits. Feeling much better and relieved almost through with Chemo. Anti-depressant meds. are great.

Feb.05-09 Resumed Radiation
Feb. 12..CT scan done. Still waiting on Results. Praying for good news.

Feb. 12 Scan results. Dr. said he thinks only scar tissue remains. She will have 8 more radiations just to be sure.

Feb. 28 Radiation completed. Goes for PET scan on 4/10/2007. Dr. said if all goes as expected she will be in remission. 10 PCI's to start soon after.
4/10 PET scan denied by Ins. Company. Had CT scan. Will get results on 16th.
4/11 Pet scan given for free. Radiologist said all looks good. Dr. will talk to her about it on the 16th.
4/16 Dr. finds tiny spot near lung, wants to treat it just in case. Starts new chemo soon. PCI's to begin soon. He told her the PET she got for free, probably saved her life.
04/18 Begins chemo. 5-FU,Taxol and Carboplatin combination. Minimal side effects so far. Numbness in fingers and fatigue. No nausea. YEA! Will see radiologist Monday to decide on Radiation. Will have Chemo on Wednesdays concurrent with radiation.
4/25 WBC too low. chemo postponed until next wednesday. radiation done today.
5/02/2007 2nd Chemo given today with concurrent radiation. Side effects still minimal. She is feeling pretty good..just tired.
May 10 Last Chemo and Radiation for 6 weeks until scans. She is happy for the rest and attributes everything to a miracle from God. Side effects are minimal if any and is in really good spirits.

June 12 CT scan done
June 18-22 Rented cabin on the Tickfaw River for the whole family to get together. We fished and laughed and had a great time. She didn't want to know results until vacation was over.
June 26th CT scan is clear. Begining PCI's.
July 16 Halfway through with PCI's and doing pretty good. She is having headaches, but so far bearable.Dr. prescribed steroids.
7/17/07 Headaches have not subsided..Doctor sent her to have a MRI and it was all clear. Thank YOU GOD!! She will have a 2 day break on the PCI treatments.
7/25/2007 Finished PCI treatments. Some headaches, dizziness, and a rash on her forehead have been the only side effects so far.
7/26/2007 Came to Baton Rouge to visit and go to see Sister Dulce(nun that is supposed to have some healing abilities..she doesn't claim to be a healer, but someone that God works through.)
8/01/2007 Chest congestion and SOB. Dr. Thinks it is allergies.
08/02/2007 Beverly doesn't think it is just allergies. Returns to Dr. and insists on CT scan.
8/06/2007 Cancer is back. Growth is on Sternum.
08/08/2007 Starts Topotecan. Here we go again.
08/09/2007 Feels somewhat better already. Breathing is better. Continues to hold on to faith.

8/17/2007 2nd Topotecan. Will skip next week due to blood counts.

08/22/2007 Coughing, heaviness in chest, SOB. Dr. says the tumor never actually went away. Now being treated for RP. 20mg Steroids.
8/23/2007 Feeling better. Scans done next week.
8/27/2007 Brachytherapy done.
09/05/2007 Given Avastin along with Topotecan.
09/12/2007 Placed on Oxygen to help with breathing.
09/19/2007 Given partial chemo treatment due to low counts. Voice seems to be stronger and breathing seems to be easier. I Hope this combination is working for her.
She has made it past the 1 year mark!
The angels took my sister to heaven on Oct. 18, 2007. I will miss her very much.

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Posts: 150

I am so sorry to hear this new. You guys were so brave and fought so hard. My thoughts are with you and your family.



Dad age 66 diagnosed with Stage IV Adenocarcinoma with nodules in 3 lobes. Dad quit smoking 34 years ago. Aside from the lung cancer, he is in incredible health.

04/27/07-Dad is diagnosed with lung cancer--they think it's Stage IIIb
05/01/07-PET scan/Brain MRI reveals that nodules are in both lungs, the lymph nodes, and there are two nodules on the brain (cerebellum)--Dad is restaged to Stage IV
05/09/07-Dad goes in for SRS only to find that there are 3 fully formed tumors on the brain and 4 incipient tumors.
05/14/07-Dad starts 15 rounds of whole brain radiation
06/05/07-Dad finishes whole brain radiation. First week experienced minimal side effects. Second week had fatigue, nausea, scalp turned very red (he doesn't have a lot of hair), and slight hair loss.
06/14/07--Scans show that even though we've had to wait for chemo due to the WBR, the tumors have stayed stable. First piece good news we've had so far. Dad begins chemo--Carbo/Gemzar. Avastin will be added during the next chemo session.
07/05/07-Second chemo treatment Carbo/Gemzar/Avastin. Added daily doses of decadron. Eliminated Ativan which was making Dad extremely fatigued. Dad feels much better this round. Appetite is back (somewhat) and fatigue is less (although he still feels tired in the afternoon).
07/20/07--Results of MRI come in. Brain mets are shrinking and some have been eliminated.
07/26/07--Third round of chemo administered. Day after chemo, dad actually went swimming and went to the museum for an hour. Hooray! Fatigue is still there though and his appetite is not great. We have noticed that he is quite tremulous at times and his hearing is not great...but all things considered he is doing well.
07/31/07--Dad gets his first shot of Aranesp to boost his red blood cell count. Says he feels stronger almost immediately.
08/02/07-Dad gets Gemzar infusion. Tomorrow he goes for his first shot of Neupagen to raise the white blood cell count.
08/06/07-Second Neupagen shot
08/08/07-Dad goes to ER after waking up in the night with chest pain. ER says it is not a heart attack and CT scan shows it is not blood clots. Pain persists.
08/15/07-Results of the PET scan in. Mixed results: Primary lung tumor, some lymph nodes, and pleural effusion have shrunk. 2 new bone mets and small met on liver detected. Looks like we are out of the clinical study and the fourth round of gemzar/carboplatin/avastin has been cancelled. 2nd line of treatment looks like it will be Alimta, possibly with Avastin. Zometa has also been added to the mix.
08/24/07--Dad gets first infusion of Alimta and Avastin. (Insurance approved Avastin again, hooray!)
09/04/07--Dad gets first Zometa infusion
09/14/07-Dad visits oncologist and chemo is postponed. He is so fatigued and has had a really hard week. Although his blood work looks okay, he passed out and fell while walking into the onc.'s office.
09/15/07--Results of MRI. Brain tumors are stable.
09/21/07--Second Alimta infusion
10/02/07--Second Zometa infusion. Dad is having a really tough time these days. Little appetite. Using a walker and a cane to get around. Felt so weak that he used a wheelchair to get to his appt. Last week, he passed out when he tried to answer the door.
10/03/07--Results of a blood test show that his CEA markers have gone from 74 to 406.
10/03/07--Dad ends up in the emergency room for a nose bleed that won't stop. Gets to the ER at 8 pm and doesn't get home until 3:30 am.
10/04/07-Dad is exhausted. We have decided to scan next week to see if cancer is progressing. We need some prayers and positive thoughts right now.
10/12/06--Scans came back. The results are not good. Complete progression in all areas (except liver--our only good news). Dad is off Alimta/Avastin. We are moving on to Tarceva and potentially a clinical trial.
10/15/07--Meet with a new oncologist and we really like him. He advises against a clinical trial. Dad will just do Tarceva. We are planning to scan in 2 weeks to see if it's working. Dad is now on MSContin for pain.
11/02/07--My dad passed away. My mom, brother, and I were with him. It was a beautiful passing.

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My deepest sympathies.

5/06 -- Mom diagnosed with Stage IIIB adenocarcinoma after symptoms of discomfort in upper abdomen (we thought it was an ulcer/gall bladder ... what a blessing either of those would've been).
Upper lobe of left lung has most involvement; pleural effusion; lymph node involvement; had fluid removed.
Surgery or radiation not an option; only chemo. Mom considered not even trying that, fearing the side effects and reduction in quality of life.
Decided to start Gemzar/Carbo, six rounds.
6/06-10/06 -- Tolerated chemo well, other than low white/red cells ... had shots, a few transfusions.
No hair-loss, mild nausea.
Mid-point scans show 60-70% shrinkage of main cancerous mass, all other areas showing clear.
11/06; Finish chemo; scans at that point show only small amount left in upper left lobe, referred to surgeon (my mother was never so happy to be told she'd have surgery).
11/06, surgeon does a procedure (not sure of the name) to remove several lymph nodes from chest; if they are all clear, surgery is a go .... YIPEE, they're "all clear".
12/06; lobectomy - upper lobe of left lung removed; a little more cancer there than they thought once they got in there ... a small amount on the top surface of the lower lobe (which the doc tried to take all of) and one suspicious looking lymph node which he removed. Also did a "chemo infusion" or "chemo wash" of cistoplatin while my mom was "open" in surgery. They infuse a high does of liquid chemo for 45 minutes to flush the area, hoping to get stray cells.
Type of cancer tested and determined it would not have been responsive to Tarceva.
1/07, post-surgical CT scan, shows NED.
1/07 goes on Alimta as precaution, 6 rounds.
3/07, PET scan ... area of surgery all clear; however, small SUV value showing on base of lower lobe, hopefully just area still recovering from surgery. Will repeat PET in 6/07 ...
New PET 6/25 revealed significant progression; onc will likely suggest Taxotere on 7/12 appointment
I can't believe this horrid beast is back and SO QUICKLY after everything my mom has been through
7/12/07 - we meet new oncologist ... previous one retired (at age 52)!!! Seems like a nice guy, is going to dismiss the "tarceva won't benefit her" theory and start her on that shortly. If that does not work, he talked of taxotere or a clinical trial. 10/07 Tarceva not working; had lung drained and pleurodesis (talc) procedure done ... not alot of relief, but feeling better. Started Taxotere 11/15/07; still SOB and weak, but chemo side effects not bad; passed away day after Thanksgiving, 11/23/07 from heart attack or blood clot. Fought a valiant fight and her family will miss her terribly.

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I am so sorry to hear this, Stephanie. I have no real comforting words to offer...just hugs. :(


In Loving Memory of my Dad, "Eddie" Jan. 26, 1940 - June 8, 1996. Gone fishin' and holding my pole 'til I get there...
Adenocarcinoma of the lung.

Father in Law dx'd Sept. 04 Stage IIIb Squamous Cell LC...May 31, 2006 - On to Heaven, and the BEST cup of coffee...Love you, Pappy!

I'm a 41 year old married mom of five beautiful kids. Lost my Dad, Grandma, Great-Uncle, FIL, and many others to LC. Quit smoking in 2002 when a 5mm nodule in R lung was seen on Xray.
1/2005: Follow-up xray shows NO nodules, but...
2/2005: CT scan shows new/changed lobulated, non-calcified nodule in L lung (only 7mm x 10mm), three tiny (3-5mm), non-calcified nodules in R lung and nodular pleural thickening in both lungs...still too small for biopsy. We wait & watch w/ CT scans every 3 mos...next one in Aug.
May 05 - Dx'd w/moderate to severe asthma.
CT Scan Aug. 05 - "Essentially stable". L lung nodule grew to 11mm. R lung nodules are unchanged. No new nodules. Scan again in Feb.
8/05: Consult with Mayo Clinic Scottsdale. Mayo wants to rescan in Nov. 05.
11/05: CT shows "some" new noncalcified nodules in the R lower lobe, (now they are in all three lobes of the R lung...what a bummer) all tiny (<5mm) and some mild pericardial thickening (??). Otherwise, all other nodules are unchanged. No new ones in the L lung. Hmmm...now what...?? Still too small for biopsy - Next scans in Feb. 06.
Feb. 06 - CT shows a new subpleural nodule in L upper lobe, <5mm. Dominant nodule is relatively unchanged. The count appears to be 4 in the R, 2 in the L - now "it" is in all lobes.
May 06 - On to Mayo Clinic. New scans, labs, PFT's scheduled for June 2nd. The current nodule count is 7.
June 06 - Insurance denies Mayo claim, "not one of their providers" and "their" pulmonologist refuses to see me anymore because I went to Mayo!!! Sends me a certified letter to that effect.
Aug. 06 - 43 years old!! New doc orders CT. Nodules stable (yeah!!!)
Sept. 06: Pulmonologist wants another PET scan since I've had slight progression over the past year.
October 06 - PET/CT scheduled ~ results show new teeny spiculated nodule in RLL, as well as enlarged axillary nodes, but NO significant uptake except in the throat area (I talk too much...heehee) Scan again 1st week of January '07.
Jan. 07 - Nodules, mediastinal & axillary nodes stable!! Rescan in March.
Mar. 07 - EEEK!! Another new nodule!!! 4mm in LUL... 3 months fever of unknown orgin, and very high CRP levels...all else is stable.
4/07 - US and CT show enlarged liver & biliary duct dilatation. 2 lymph nodes in neck - one in armpit.
6/07 - Oncologist ordering a bone marrow biopsy, another PET/CT, and more liver/abdominal imaging. Maybe lymphoma...???
8/07 - 44 years old!! WOOHOO!!! Bone marrow biopsy shows no metastatic lymphoma, but shows iron depletion, and abnormal red calls... PET/CT shows another new nodule in LUL. Neck/axillary nodes increase. Neck dissection scheduled. Still thinking lymphoma...
10/07 - 3 enlarged nodes removed from neck. Prelim. shows no lymphoma present. Re-scan lungs this month to check on new nodule.
CT shows numerous blebs in left apex, but NO NEW nodules!!
12/07: Breast MRI for armpit/axillary node - negative
2/08: 3 years since this began. Mayo for follow-up CT. Doc is only concerned with 4 of the nodules and has finally graduated me to CT annually with xray at 6 months, barring any new symptoms/complications!!! YAY!! Started on pulmo. rehab. for COPD

A CANDLE FOR A CURE!!! 25% of proceeds will be donated to LUNGevity!!! Visit: http://www.candle4acure.com/

Pictured: Cassidy & Mommy ~ My youngest of five! May, 2008

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This is such sad news.
I am so so sorry, Steph.
You have much of your mother in you and I am sure you will share that w/ Sofia.

Brian 6-4-48 - 1-1-06
Brian dx w/ NSCLC w/ nueroendocrine features/adenopathy, & mets to liver following routine Chest x-ray >>>> CTScan,needle biopsy,PET/CT fusion scan.(2-2005)
Lung tumor inoperable due to location. Radiation not an option due to Liver met. No discussion relative to prognosis......
3/2/05 1st cycle Cisplatin / VP16 - Tolerated fairly well.
3/23/05 2nd cycle - really knocked Brian for a loop. Lots of nausea and weakness.
4/5/05 scan 4/13/05 (onc visit/results/begin 3rd round:mixed news: reduction in tumor sizes TX plan: 2 more rounds of Cisplatin/Vp16 Weekly labs to watch low hmglbn (injections prn)
4/20/05 Brain MRI (Bri joins empty head club!)
4/27/05 Portacath installation
5/4/05 4th round cpltn/VP16 much difficulty w/ side effects.
5/10/05 scans show no further reduction of lung or liver tumors.
5/25/05 5th cycle Cis/VP16 postponed till 5/31/05 (need time to rebound a bit) round 5 was rough: exhaustion, labored breathing, fever, anxiety.
6/23/05 Doc appointment to address above and okay Tarceva start. Lung Xray done to check for pneumonia as possible explanation for fever.
6/24/05 Begin Tarceva 150mg daily.
next scheduled onc appt or PRN for 8/4/05
6/27/05 OOPS PRN came sooner rather than later>call from onc: chest film showed lung tumor growing quickly
6/27/05 CT scheduled for 7PM
6/30/05 Bad news per CT: progression. Brian is too weak for more chemo so praying that Tarceva will halt growth while Brian gathers strength to fight on.
8/4/2005 onc appt:Bad news Rapid progression. Off Tarceva.
8/4 began Carboplatin/CPT-11 Praying!
9/1/2005 Chemo had been postponed due to low white blood cells, but began again today.
9/8/2005 next infusion
Brian is very ill, problems w/ voice. Scans & Visit moved up:
9/16/2005 CT Scan
9/19/2005 Onc says scans show significant reduction in tumor volume. Plan is to continue CPT 11 alone for 3 more weeks then 2 weeks off so Brian can gain strength for family wedding in FL on 10/22/05. Carboplatin has to be stopped due to progressing nueropathy.
10/17-19/05 Bri hospitalized with abdominal pain and fever.
10/20-24/05 FL for wedding (Brian was really too sick to go, but we realized that too late)
10/27/05 Scans taken during hospitalization show remarkable progression of disease. Brian begins Alimta and Sandostatin.
He is very ill and spending more and more time in bed.
11/10/2005 No more Alimta. Liver enzymes out of control. More progression. He is receiving Navelbine and low doses of Carboplatin. Brian continues to trend downward.
12-22-05 Onc says no more tx. Brian is too weak.
12-24-05 Hospice called in.
1/01/06 Brian is called Home.
Brian's love remains a great gift. I miss him like fire.

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I am so very, very sorry for your loss. My sincere condolences to you and your family. I TRULY HATE THIS DISEASE!

64 Year old former smoker
1/4/05 at age 56 DX NSCLC, upper right lobe.
Staged IIA by PET Scan.
Restaged to IIIA by surgeon prior to surgery, after he examined PET and CT Scan results.
4/7/05 Completed 6 weeks of radiation and chemotherapy (taxol/carboplatin).
4/29/05 CT Scan.
5/21/05 PET Scan.
5/31/05 Met with surgeon, PET Scan showed nodule in left lung lit up that never lit up before.
6/9/05 Biopsy=OK nodule is scar tissue.
8/9/05 & 9/1/05 ADJUVANT CHEMO. 10/4/05 1ST CT SCAN="Defined patchy density at the superior segment of the right lower lobe. Findings are most likely related to recent surgery and/or posttreatment change, however, this should be followed on subsequent studies".
1/3/06 Brain CT=Clear;Chest CT=Scar Tissue.
4/1/06 Brain & Chest CT=NED. 6/13/06 XRAY=NERD.
10/25/06 CT=NED.
5/3/07 CT=NED.
11/6/07 CT=NED
PLEASE continue to keep me in your prayers.WHEN PRAISES GO UP, BLESSINGS COME DOWN.[/size]
3/20/08 CT=NED
6/20/08 X-RAY=NED
10/27/08 CT=NED
3/26/09 X-RAY=NED
3/29/10 X-RAY=NED
10/5/10 CT=NED
4/1/11 X-RAY=NED
10/10/11 X-RAY=NED
4/15/12 CT/PET=NED
10/17/13 CT=NED

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I am so sorry.. my prayers and condolences are with you and your family.


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I am so sorry for your loss. I will keep you and your family in my prayers.
God Bless,


Picture is me and my big brother Tommy who also has lung cancer.(June 2006)
Sadly, Tommy was called home 6/29/2008. May he rest in peace.

12/28/05: Admitted to hospital for L pleural effusion.
12/29/05:1400cc's drained from L lung, biopsy revealed adenocarcinoma. CT, MRI, ultrasound, and bone scan revealed multiple small pleural lesions bilateraly, several small liver lesions, and 1 small lesion on lumbar spine. Largest lesion is approximately 2 cm (on spine), all lung lesions are mm's.
1/23/06:Second opinion at Fox Chase Cancer Center - agrees with initial diagnosis Stage lV NSCLC Adenocarcinoma
1/24/06:Pet scan confirms findings on CT & MRI
1/27/06:CT directed needle biopsy of liver confirms original diagnosis of Adenocarcinoma.
2/6/06:Started Carbo/Taxol/Avastin every 21 days for 6 cycles.
2/9/06:Portacath placement for chemotherapy.
3/3/06:Started IV Vitamin C 3times/week.
3/21/06:CT revealed lung nodules are shrinking.
4/28/06:CT revealed improvement in both the lung and liver.
5/23/06:Last round of Carbo/Taxol/Avastin.
6/7/06:CT revealed 2 small spots that do not appear to be cancer in the lungs, and 2 spots left on liver that are too small to be measured.
6/13/06:Started tx with just Avastin every 21 days.
6/14/06:Reduced lV Vitamin C to 2 times/week.
8/7/06:CT still shows small spots in lung, no change in size - may not be cancer. Liver clean!!!
10/10/06:CT and Bone Scan. No change on CT, Bone Scan clean. Doc says looks like remission!!!!! Yay!!!!
1/29/07:CT shows stable pulmonary nodules with new liver mets noted.
2/19/07: Started trial with Alimta and Cetuximab.
3/27/07:CT shows disease progression in lung and liver.
4/30/07: Started Taxotere every 21 days.
6/4/07: CT shows disease is stable - Yes!
7/16/07: CT shows shrinkage in all tumors - Yes, yes, yes! Will continue with Taxotere for as long as tolerated. Am still receiving IV Vitamin C once a week and am taking numerous supplements.
8/28/2007: CT is stable, possibly slight shrinkage! Will continue Taxotere.
12/10/2007: CT still stable!
2/19/2008: CT shows multiple hypodense lesions within the liver are now larger in size; lung nodules stable. Gemzar started (2 weeks on, 1 week off)
4/28/2008: CT shows slight shrinkage in 3 of 4 liver lesions. YAY!!!
7/2/2008: CT shows all lesions stable! Yesssss!!!!!!! Will continue with Gemzar.

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Hello Stephanie,

I am so sorry for your loss. Nothing can prepare you for the loss of a mom. I know your pain is so raw right now, but I am here for you. I live in the suburbs of Chicago and would gladly meet you if you are ever in need of talking to someone your age who understands your pain and loss. My e-mail is deewilkey@comcast.net.

Prayers to you and your family,


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I am so sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. We are here for you when you need us and we understand.


Mom: SCLC 6/7/40-11/28/07
Dad: Renal failure 1/21/35-12/13/06
*Living forever in my heart.*

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Dear Steph,
She is resting in God's arms now... safe and at peace....
I know it is so hard. I want you to rest easy, knowing you did everything a daughter should do for their Mom... she was so lucky to have you.

God Bless you.

Love, Sharon

Sharon R.
Lost my Daddy go NSCLC he fought a vailant battle for 4 years... HE IS MY HERO
Picture is my grandson Gavin

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Stephanie, I am so very sorry to read your sad news. Your mom was a very special person and I can't imagine how difficult this is for you. Sending prayers out to you and your family. Shelley

My very special mom is a 67 year old mother of 5 and grandmother of 12.
She smoked for 40 years and quit about 7 years ago.
Prior history of laryngeal cancer in 2002, treated with radiation. NERD at this site.

Recent persisitent cough for about 3 months. Despite a history of cancer and 40 year's of smoking, no chest xray was ordered. The lung cancer was picked up accidentally with a routine abdominal CT for evaluation of chronic GERD.

12-18-06 Chest CT shows 7cm and 3cm masses in right lung
1-10-07 Seen by Oncology team at regional oncology center. PET scan and Brain MRI ordered.
1-16-07 MRI negative
1-17-07 PET scan shows same masses in right lung and 2 small nodules in left lung. Biopsy scheduled
1-31-07 Biopsy of left lung nodule shows squamous cell carcinoma. Both Radiation Oncologist and Thoracic surgeon determine mom's cancer to be NSCLC stage IV Both feel that Radiation and surgery are not an option and we are referred to an Oncologist.
2-19-07 - 6-11-07 Carbo/Gemzar Occassional low blood counts. Treated with Aranesp and Neulasta.
3-23-07 Happy Birthday Mom! 68 today!
3-27-07 CT Scan shows largest mass with some shrinkage other 2 masses about the same
6-6-07 CT Scan shows stable disease compared with study 2 moths ago
6-11-07 Last week of first line chemo. Based on stable CT, will have a break and F/U with monthly CXR and CT every 3 months. WBC low so 1 last Neulasta injection tomorrow before her summer break!!!
7-11-07 Well, mom's chemo break was short-lived...CT shows slight progression in a couple areas. Onc plans to start chemo again on Monday.
7-16-07 - 11-20-07 Taxotere
Side effects are hair loss and diarrhea for a couple days. Occassional low WBC treated with Neulasta. Mom continues to feel GREAT!
10-5-07 CT shows nodules in left lung gone and masses in right lung have decreased in size by half compared to last CT! Taxotere is working!
12-3-07 CT shows stable disease in most areas with a very slight increase in size of her smallest site (5mm-1cm) Onc asks mom if she wants a break or if she wants to go ahead with the next line. As much as she REALLY wants that break, she decides to go ahead with Chemo
12-17-07 - 6-9-08 Alimta
Will be getting port due to increases difficulty with veins and post Rx bleeding.
1-22-08 Port installed with some difficulty. Pneumothorax occurs so chest tube placed. Admitted to hospital.
1-29-08 Released from hospital. all is well!
3-11-08 CT shows significant shrinkage! Onc feels chemo is working so well, wants to continue for 4 more cycles and repeat CT.
3-23-08 Happy 69th Birthday Mom!
6-4-08 CT and PET scan done. All old masses show shrinkage or are stable. There is one very small nodule in the left lung that wasn't present on last scan. Onc recommends starting 4th line.
6-16-08 4th line Carbo/Taxol
6-29-08 2nd annual "Sue's Cruise" 20 family members including mom....we all had a great time!
1-31-09 2 year survivor since diagnosis of stage IV LC!
3-23-09 Happy 70th Birthday Mom!!!!

Mom with her 2 very good friends and me

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I'm so sorry to hear this news. No words will bring comfort at this time, but know there are many here that care. You were a wonderful daughter to a mother gone too soon. God be with you all.


Carepages.com for Tony's journey, Named: TeflonTony
Beloved Husband - 67 (at diagnosis - made it to 70 1/2) - non-smoker/23 years, night sweats, coughing up blood & very SOB. Oxygen 24/7. Lung capacity 50%, blood/ox levels 88%. TB Test, Broncoscopy, CT, PET Scan
- 3-28-05 Wedge section biopsy Dx'd NSCLC Adenocarcinoma Stage IV. Primary tumor 3 x 5 cm, extensive mets both lungs. Mediastinum, hilar, lymph node & supraclavicular involvement. Histologic grade: Poorly differentiated Emphysema also.
-4-05 PLAN A -Chemo TAXOL/CARBOPLATIN - 8 CYCLES(full strength dose)- 21 day cycle APRIL-AUGUST 2005

- PET & CAT in May & Aug. 2005 show marked reduction.
- Cycle 8 - Second severe carboplatin reaction - no more platinum based drugs
- PLAN B - New chemo - TAXOTERE/GEMZAR - 12 CYCLES (full strength dose)- 21 day cycle. SEPT 2005-MAY 2006
(22 actual chemo sessions in 12 cycles) Both drugs day 1 & Gemzar only day 7. Fatigue, high fevers, fingernail changes, & mouthsores. Procrit & Neulasta started during Cycle 3 (as needed).
-11-7-05 CAT & PET - more improvement. Large mass now 3.6 x 2.7 cm with less uptake. One small tumor in each lung.
-2-2-06 - PET & CAT scans show large mass down to 2.6 x 3.2 cm with lower SUV. R Lung clear. Areas of scarring in both lungs. Tumor in mid-left lung has grown.
-3-7-06 - 15 RADIATION TREATMENTS to nuke the tumor in mid-left lung while continuing chemo. (Chemo 9b skipped)
-5-16-06 - Cycle 12a finished. Trouble breathing, skipped 12b. Allergic reaction to long term use of taxotere. Severe fluid retention everywhere. Oxygen 24/7 continues.
-5-22-06 - CAT & PET Scans. Radiated tumor gone, primary mass unchanged. More scarring, thickening, etc.
***CHEMO HOLIDAY for 3 mos
-6-6-06 - 1-3-07 - PLEURAL EFFUSION ISSUES - 14 Thoracentesis done ranging from 500-1300 cc's on both sides. No cancer cells ever found in any of the taps.
-8-28-06 - PET & CAT scans."Significant progression." Primary tumor larger and seven new tumors found in both lungs. Higher SUV uptake levels then initially.
-9-1-06 - PLAN C - TARCEVA 150 mg daily begins.
-11-16-06 PET/CAT scans. Tarceva didn't do squat. Disease progression. Some lung tumors same size, growth in old tumors, many new tumors in both lungs (about 17). All are over 1+ to 3+ cm. SUV higher on all (high being 12.1). New uptake in R-iliac and L-Scapula. Increased adenopathy in L-hilum with corresponding uptake. First time cancer has left his lungs. Crap.
-11-29-06 - Port installed.
-11-30-06 - 4-2-07- PLAN D - 19 WEEKLY NAVELBINE INFUSIONS Neupogen/Procrit (as needed) Zometa for bones every 4th treatment. Night sweats & some fatigue.
-2-2-07-PET/CAT scans. Overall improvement with decreased number & SUV activity in most of the lung tumors. All but one are smaller. Bone mets are better. Empty head too. Effusion issues cleared up! Praise God for prayers answered.
-3-28-07 - TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY SINCE DX and now 70 years old!
-4-5-07 PET/CAT scans - Mixed results w/progression. R-lung tumors are still shrinking, bone mets are gone, two large areas in L-lung are stable. Progression in a tumor in the L-lung has increased in size & intensity and a larger area of new growth (3.9 x 2.4 cm) w/SUV 11.9 in subcarinal region. Need new chemo plan.
-4-18-07 - 7-9-07 PLAN E - 5 cycles ALIMTA - 21 day cycle (Zometa still every 4 weeks)
Alimta has proved to be more challenging then we hoped. Crud. Fatigue, increased SOB & cough (some blood). Counts are good. Fevers/sweating episodes. Still on Oxygen 24/7.
-6-15-07 - CAT/PET scan results -- mixed bag, but overall stable. Some tumors have grown, none have shrunk, some are somewhat higher uptake values, several are somewhat lower. Bone mets still gone & no liver involvement. Dealing with 7-8 lung & mediastinum tumors, 3+ cms on most. Doc says continue with Alimta as the cancer is not running totally amok.
7-18-07 - Week from hell. Crisis SOB, cough, on antibiotics, fevers/sweats, very bad. Pleural effusion tapped. Partial collapse of upper R-lung.
7-19-07 - X-ray -R-lung almost reinflated, bottom of L-lung is collapsing from pleural effusion. Wait to tap L-side until R-lung fully inflated. Coughing & SOB still bad. Hospital/Doctor visits are now in a wheelchair.
-7-24-07 - Onc. visit. Obvious symptomatic progression.
-7-30-07 - 8-27-07 PLAN F - 2 CYCLES salvage GEMZAR -21 day cycle days 1 & 8
-8-2-07 - CT scan shows L-pleural space loculation & tumor progression. One tumor is now encasing pulmonary artery. SOB worse.
-8-6-07 - Doc appt. Still very SOB, but tolerates Gemzar well. Onc does not want to do radiation. More harm than good. Pray it works.
-8-9-07 - Breathing issues escalate. Reluctantly went to hospital as both docs are out of town. Infection in L-lung. Re-confirmed tumor progression. Main bronchial tubes still open. Home on 8-12. That was a waste of time.
-8-15-07-Onc. visit. Continue Gemzar. Scans after next cycle. Weight & r-side fluid somewhat stable.
-9-4-07 - Wait on scans for another cycle. Hgb up to 11.1 Yay!
-9-10-07 - No chemo. Gemzar stopped, not working. Weight is plummeting.
-9-11-07 - Echo Doppler test on heart. Results normal. Pulmonary artery difficult to detect on this type of test.
7-18-07 - 10-2-07 - PLEURAL EFFUSION ISSUES AGAIN - 9 Thoracentesis done ranging from 600-1600 cc's on both sides. Loculation in upper half of L-pleural cavity. Lasix to try to reduce fluid & help breathing. Toward the end, fluid was bloody on L-side and contained poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma malignant cells.
-9-12-07 - Dr. appt. Discussed options, had "the talk." Tony chooses to continue treatment. On we go.
-9-17-07 PLAN G - IRINOTECAN (aka CAMPTOSAR, CPT-11) AS OF 10-9-07 - 2 CYCLES COMPLETE. - 21 day cycle.
-10-3-07 - (And now for something completely different...) Hgb down to 8.3. Need transfusion. Heart rate went nuts, 180 & into atrial fibrillation 1 1/4 units into transfusion. ER 5 hours - controlling with meds - home.
-10-9-07 - Chemo
-10-10-07 - 10-12-07 - Gasping for breath, falling down, refuses to go to hospital. Finally called ambulance against his wishes to get him morphine to calm breathing, meds to straighten out A-fib, antibiotics for lung infection & 15 liters of oxygen vs. the 4 at home. Walked down the stairs 2 hours before ambulance was called. Fought til the end...
-10-12-07 - 6:14 pm CDT - My beloved Tony is with God in Heaven.

Never cancer free since diagnosis, never missed a treatment -- Tony was a cancer Warrior.
"How do I live without you, I want to know --How do I breathe without you...." - LeAnn Rimes
"And I'll try, oh Lord, I'll try, to carry on..."- Styx

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I looked for an update from you today and I am so sorry to hear of your mom's passing. So sorry. I know what a shock this is. Even though she had been so sick, no one can prepare you for the shock and the feelings that go along with losing someone you love so dearly. It takes your breath away. My heart breaks for you.



Mom diagnosed with stage IV nsclc on 12/5/06 after being treated for pneumonia for two months.
Never smoker, 51.
Labor Day - Mom admitted to the hosptial and never released. She passed on Sept. 8th. The day after my dad's birthday. I think she waited for him. I can't believe how quick this went. Her suffering is now over. Mom is at peace.
Picture is of my Mom and daughter, Brenna on her 2nd birthday in August 07. Just two weeks before she passed away. I am so glad she got to be there.
Second pictures is of my family at my brother's wedding 3 months before mom was diagnosed. Crazy how quickly things can change. From left is my kids, my husband and myself. My sister, sister-in-law, brother, Mom and Dad.

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This is tough one to read today.

I am sorry and so sad for your family.

Mom's timeline

[size=75]1996 - dx w/ Breastcancer
Bi lateral Mastechtomy. 17 lymphnodes removed and clear.
Aug 2006 - weakness and poor coordination in left hand and weak left leg.
Dr runs al types of blood tests.
Gets Nerologist appt for Mid OCTOBER!!
Sept 5 - Mom goes to ER to get tests done today. Multiple Brain lesions discovered
Sept 6 - Appt with GP who suspects breast or lung cancer
Sept 7 - Radio Onco wants to Radiate starting Sept 11, Mom begins taking Decadron
Sept 8 - Mom tells primary onco she is waiting until she knows everything before she treats.
September 9 & 10 a great weekend with mom and wife and mom's boyfriend. Mom makes eggplant parm!
Tues Sept 12 - Full body CAT shows Lung tumor with spots on liver and bones
Sept 14 - Pulminary dr walks through all cat scans with us. Shows the brain tumors...this was worse than I thought. Schedules lung Biopsy.
Sept 15 - Bone scan shows definite signs of lung cancer which had spread to the bones,
September 16 & 17 - Mom goes to Beach with my wife Keri and talks about being a parent. I build a railing for her to get up and down steps in the back yard for when she needs it. A fantastically fun weekend. Mom postpones biopsy. She says if she picks radiation, she'll do the biopsy then, because she'll already be in the hospital
Sept 22 Oncologiist is told mom will make a decision that weekend on treatment.
Sept 23-24 Mom decides to radiate but no chemo. Wants to treat the mind but chose to have her body go first. And then we got on with a great weekend and mom and Keri get there nails done and massages.
Sept 25 - mom gets mask for radiation done
Sept 26 - mom does radiation #1. Her word "piece of cake"
Sept 28 - My birthday, mom has a cake waiting for me, we brought her filet mignon. A great night.
Sept 29 - Oncologist says mom makes him laugh.
Oct 1 King crab legs for moms birthday, she's tired but enjoyed!
October 2 - Moms birthday, she is very weak and sleepy. But we spent it with her
Oct 3 - Mom is officially to tired to function. I tell her no more car. Tough conversation. But she agreed.
Oct 4 9:30 - Called mom, woke her up, told her I'd see her at 12:30 for appt.
Oct 4 12:30 - I arrive mom is confused and having trouble breathing.
Oct 4 5:30 - Mom is in Critical Care
Oct 5 7:00 - Sun shines on moms face during a sunrise one last time and she leaves us. Only 56 years old.

Today - we are not 100% and won't be tomorrow either. But notice, mom wasn't about focusing on the disease only, she was primarily about the good times!

2/25/08 Mom's granddaughter, Sophia Randilyn is born. Mom, I've already told her so much about you.[/size]


2/11/11 Mom's grandson, Nicholas Thomas IV is born. We've already talked about how his Grammy would have just loved her little man.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 23, 2008 3:57 pm 

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Location: Lovely West Michigan
Please accept my deepest sympathies.


Daughter of wonderful lady, age 63, diag. NSCLC stage IV, inoperable (4-04),
began Gemzar-Carboplatin-Velcade clinical trial 4-30-04.
9-04 90% response to chemo, will remain on Velcade for maintenance.
10-04 Velcade not effective, starting Alimta in early Nov
1-05 continuing progression of dz, starting Iressa.
2-05 More dz progression, beginning Taxol.
5-05 Stable, but onc wants to try Avastin.
5-05 Avastin/Carbo/Taxol
7-05 improvment in both lungs, but continual headache. Skipping Avastin for now.
8-05 hospitalized with severe headache and vertigo. Cause unknown.
10-05 Carbo/Taxol 6th cycle done. 20% reduction in nodules in both lungs. On chemo holiday for up to 8 weeks to build up reserves for next chemo regimen.
11-05 Well, it was a short holiday! More progression of disease. Now taking weekly Navelbine infusions.
3/06 Took last Navelbine, now problems with pneumonia. traveling to tX to visit son & family.
3/06 It's not pneumonia, it's more cancer spread. worse than last scan 2 weeks prior. Starting Tarceva
4/06 After 4 days of Tarceva, decided to check with MD Anderson. Awaiting word from them.
4/06 After consult with onc, decided to give Tarceva a shot. Less toxic than other chemo available for her now, even clinical trials.
4/24/06 Mom passed from this earth peacefully. God rest her soul.

1-15-06 Lost my dad to melanoma.
"Twirl me about and turn me around. Let me grow dizzy and fall to the ground. And when I look up at you looking down, tell me it was only a dream." mary chapin carpenter

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 3:12 pm 
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Location: England
I am so sad to read this.
Your beautiful mother fought hard and you were with her throughout her battle until the end. I cant imagine your pain right now. You must be in such shock. Be gentle with yourself.
Wishing you strength & peace
God bless

04/18/2007 - Mum, 70, dxd with lung cancer after CT scan. Symptons : flu like, nausea, severe headaches and persistent cough. Been treated for lung infection for 4 months.
04/19/2007 - Brain scan and bronchioscopy.
04/25/2007 - Bronch. results confirm Ext.SCLC. Tumour high up in right lung, lymph node involvement and one adrenal gland affected. Lung specialist says incurable and only palliative care available.No radiation or surgery. Brian scan clear.
04/27/2007 - Meet with Oncologist who is a bit more optimistic. Although prognosis is poor he offers chemotherapy and possible radiotherapy late on.
05/01/2007 - Mums first chemo - Carboplatin & Etopiside by IV. takes about 2 hours in hospital. Oral Etopiside to take at home for 3 days.
05/08/2007 - Mum extremely fatigued and experiencing severe pain in back which radiates around middle. Doctor called & pain killers prescribed.
05/09/2007 - pain worsens and now numbness in left arm & left leg. Taken to A & E - it is not a stroke ! Mum sent home. Pain has eased but numbness remains - could be chemo side effect..??
05/24/2007 - Mum develops wheezing but also appears to have a cold - we all do at the moment !
05/25/2007 - Mums second round. Blood count ok. Docs not concerned with wheezing.
06/02/2007 - Mum comes away with us for a weeks holiday. Manages well, just very tired so no long walks on this holiday !
06/10/2007 - Mum starts to cough up very small spots of blood in mornings. Never had this before.
06/15/2007 - Mum has 3rd round of chemo. X ray shows 'improvement' and due to tolerating chemo quite well, oncologist says she will probably be able to have 6 rounds in total. Will have CT scan after 4th. Asked oncologist about radiation but he is doubtful she will be candidate due to tumour being in tubes and not lungs- also due to ext.DX.
7/6/07 - Mum has 4th round of chemo - blood count very low but got green light from oncologist due to good tolerance.Mum still has no nausea and is eating well. Very tired but up and about every day. CT scan ordered.
7/9/07 - Mum celebrates 71st birthday with all the family !!
7/27/07 - 5th round of chemo - blood counts very low but doc says ok to proceed due to mum tolerating well. Fatigue increasing a little now. Mum says legs feeling wobbly/weak on occasion.
7/30/07 - Mum having difficulty swallowing. Awaiting results of CT scan. Mum still has occasional spasms of pain in back which radiates around her middle.
8/13/07 - CT Scan results - response is 'excellent'.(More detail when we meet with oncologist for last round on 8/17/07) Mum & family ecstatic !!
8/17/07 - Mum has last round of chemo. Oncologists states that ct scan showed 'major' shrinkage. Adrenal gland spot confirmed as cancer due to shrinkage. No radiation possible at this point. Appointment made for three months.
8/22/07 - Sinus infection, mum put on antibiotics. Hasnt slept for three nights due to not being able to breath properly when lying down. Doctor says chest sounds ok.
9/2/07 - Mum feeling very fatigued and weak. Neuropathy seems to be worsening. Sleep disturbance more regular. Sleeping tablets from nurse.
9/24/07 - Mum sees doctor re worsening neuropathy symptons. Prescribed nerve pain killers.
9/25/07 - Mum wakes in night feeling 'strange' gets up and is violently sick in bathroom. No nausea but blinding headache.
9/26/07 - Take mum to Doctor as headache worsening and now has balance probelms.Feels 'weird' Prescribed Lyrica as a stronger nerve pain killer. Thinks headache may have been from previous painkillers. X- ray of chest ordered in a months time.
10/3/07 - Mum goes to see oncologist about pain and neuropathy symptons. He conducts x ray. No change since last x ray in August. Pain medication increased.
10/10/07 -Mums pain is a lot better as she is now taking Codipar and Lyrica regularly.
10/29/07 - Mums pain worsens.especially in head and neck area. Doctor called. oramorph given.
10/30/07 - Mum vomiting and has severe headache.Seems a little disorientated and voice has gone very hoarse. Doc visits and admits to hospital.
11/3/07 - X ray - ok Chest scan - ok Brain scan - ok Abdominal ultrasound picks up small spot on liver. Doctor says he isnt too concerned at this point as mum is making progress. No vomiting for last two days.
11/4/07 - Mum now eating a little and much more 'with it' - think she was dehydrated earlier in week. Still very weak and needs wheelchair.Spot on liver is fatty lump.
11/7/07 - Mum has biopsy & mammogram due to lump found in breast. Released from hospital to come home. Eating and feeling better.
11/9/07 - Lump is cancerous.Don't know if its from lung or a primary. We are devastated yet again. Still having a lot of pain in arms and head area.
11/12/07 - Full body scan and bone scan.
11/16/07 - All scans clear. Breast lump is primary breast cancer. Mastectomey in 4 days.
11/20/07 - Mastectomey carried out with lymph node removal.Mum done really well and out of hospital next day.
11/26/07 - Surgeon says margins and lymph nodes clear.Good news as tumour was high grade.Radiotherapy not necessary.
11/28/07 - Mums neuropathy bad again. This seems to come and go a lot.Taking Lyrica, Tramadol & Amitryptiline. Legs feel weak at times.
12/3/07 - Mums has a couple of days in bed with'flu type' symptons - this also happens a lot.
12/5/07 - Mum much better and out shopping again. She's a STAR !!
02/06/08 - Mum put on Oxycontin for neuropathic pain. This seems to be working bettter than tramadol.She is sleepy for the first two days but has adjusted to meds now.
02/25/08 - Mum has wheeze and congestion in chest. Put on antibiotics.
03/09/08 - Mum given Oxynorm for breakthrough pain. Pain fluctuating in arms, hands and occasionally legs.
04/6/08 - Mum has sever vomiting and diarrhea.Is confused and disorientated.
04/7/08 - Mum much better and 'with it' again. Eating ok again.Relief !!
03/03/13- 6 years on and still stable!! Pain issues are now well controlled. Never give up hope!!

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 24, 2008 5:23 pm 
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I am so sorry to hear about your Mom's passing. Many prayers being sent your way. What a wonderful and devoted daughter you are.

GOD is good all the time,


"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

" For in the end, it's not the years in your life, but the life in your years" Abraham Lincoln

1/5/07 Had cough for a few months, given antibiotics
1/19/07 abnormal CT
2/07 2nd round antibiotics
3/07 2nd CT shows growth changed, now highly suspicious for malignancy
3/27/07 fine needle biopsy fails to get target tissue
4/6/07 PET-CT negative for malignancy
4/07 2nd opinion at Karmanos Cancer Institute, tumor board recommends surgery to remove nodule.
5/16/07 Lobectomy RLL- NSCLC, adenocarcinoma with BAC features, Stage 1a, no further treatment
8/24/07 CT - NED
9/14/07 Dx with pleural friction rub, need NSAIDS for the inflammation.
12/17/07 CT showed 2 new small nodules, 6 & 8 mm. Enlarged lymph nodes.
2/28/08 CT & PET Scans, more nodules, SUV between 2 & 8. Report says most likely recurrence and metastases.
3/6/08 Needle biopsy; benign, no fungus or TB.
3/19/08 Bronchoscopy; benign, no cancer, tumors, infections, fungus, virus or TB. Most likely inflammation.
5/3/08 PET/CT and CT-most nodules decreased in size by 50%, diagnosis; inflammation possibly from ruptured silicone breast implants which were removed 9/05.
7/18/08 CT nodules stable from May, 2 lymph nodes slightly increased, will rescan mid-Oct
10/10/08 PET/CT and CT show lymph nodes of concern decreased in size. Still have several nodules, but they are either stable, reduced in size. There are now 2 new enlarged lymph nodes. They believe they may be part of my ongoing inflammation, will rescan in 3 months.
1/09 scans show progression of larger nodule. Biopsy 2/5/09 benign, will rescan in 3 months.
4/24/09 "scans show progression of disease". Have had horrible cough and increased SOB. Will treat with 30mg prednisone for 6 weeks, then new PET.
PET/CT 6-5-09 suspicious mass decreased in size indicating no recurrence, probably sarcoidosis or inflammation, will rescan in a few months.
9/09 All inflammtion is back. Put back on prednisone, rescan in Dec
12/09 Most inflammation gone. Start predinsone taper rescan 3/10
1/10 Seek treatment for increased pain from 5/07 thoracotomy.
3/15/10 CT shows slight increase in 2 nodules and lymph node, continue prednisone 4 week more, rescan in June
4/16/10 back on higher dose prednisone due to increased cough during taper. Will taper to inhaled steroid and have CT 6/11/10
6/17/10 CT nodules & lymph nodes stable, stay on inhaled steroid rescan 12/10
12/16/10 CT Stable, recan 6/11
2/11 Start Lyrica for post thoracotmy syndrome pain. Now haivng regular epidurals for ongoing lumbar herniated disc with bilateral leg pain

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 12:56 am 
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Stephanie -

I have not posted for quite sometime. Yet, I saw your posting and my heart broke. Your feelings, your horrible grief, your panic - is all too familiar. When I was where you are now, I thought I would never make it - it hurt to breath. Yet, I have made it - it has been two years for me. I miss my mom every day, but I have made it. Oh Stephanie, you will too. Your mom is so proud of you and she will look over you.

You will be in my prayers tonight as you go through what will be the hardest time of your life. May God ease your pain and offer you moments of peace.


My mom, Nancy diagnosed 08/05 with NSCLC stage IV with mets to spine. Only symptom was excessive pain in lower back. She is a non-smoker.
08/05- 11X Radiation for back
09/05 - 10X Radiation for neck
10/05- New bone scan shows significant progression of mets to hips, femurs, ribs.
10/11/05 - "Mega-blast" of radiation on hip
10/10/05 - Chest scan shows progression of lung tumor - still no obvious lung symptoms
10/11/05 - Started Carbo/Zometa
10/18/05 - Gemzar only
11/1/05 Carbo/Gemzar/Zometa
11/8/05 Gemzar
11/22/05 CT scan of lung shows minor (mm) growth - continuing with chemo plan for now.
11/23/05 - Carbo/gemzar
11/29/05 - port installed. problems with it. praying it doesn't have to be repositioned
11/30/05 - Gemzar/Zometa/Procrit -very low red blood cell count.
12/12/05 - Carbo/gemzar
12/19/05 - Mom loses strength on right side. After a brain and neck scan, we find that the original radiated neck tumor has grown and is compressing spinal cord.
12/20/05 - Decision to stop chemo and unable to re-radiate neck tumor. Hospice called...all
treatment cancelled.
12/20/05 - Her beautiful grandchild Caroline Anne enters the world.
12/26/05 - Morphine pump installed. She is in no pain and is comfortable.
12/30/05 - Mom is very weak, sleeping a lot and eating/drinking very little.
1/7/2006 - Mom embarked on her glorious trip to Heaven. She died peacefully surrounded by her family. I do not know how we will ever recover.

I am my mom's only daughter and just gave birth to her first grandchild, Caroline.


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PostPosted: Sun Feb 03, 2008 10:12 pm 
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I just seen this post.I am so sorry about your loss.You will have so many good memories of your mother that will be with you the rest of your life.I hope you can find some peace and comfort during these times. Im sure your mother would want you to go on and have a happy life and she was very blessed to have a daughter like yourself. Mike

Dxed nslc stage2b,Aug.05 had right lung and 17 nodes removed which 2 had shown to be effected.August 27,05 had surgery redone again to stop bleeding. Started chemo sept.05 as a precaustioary. Have 3 month visit followups and have been ned so far and am hoping and praying to stay that way.Grade3 squamous cell type(T2,N1,Mo)tumor 10.5 cemtimeters,1 peribronchial node and 1 10R node involved

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 04, 2008 12:12 am 
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I am so very sorry.


76 year-old mom diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer January 5, 2007.

15 radiation treatments to the spine and four rounds of chemo, Jan-May, 2007.

Stable disease May, 2007-May, 2008.

Bone scan May, 2008 shows new mets in the spine, pelvis and ribs.

July, 2008--finished radiation and has a Quadramet treatment.

October, 2008--Scans show mild progression. Began chemo (carbo/taxol/avistin). Will have four rounds of threatment (every 21 days) and scan in January.

01/05/2009--TWO YEAR SURVIVOR!

4/2009--STABLE! No treatment. Next scan in July

7/2009--Scan shows pleural effusion. Fluid drained and malignant. Cancer has spread to other lung and a 13 mm lesion is seen on the liver. Mom to begin Alimta on 8/3

11/2009--Alimta was hard on mom and scans showed progression.

12/2009--began Tarceva, noticed almost immediate improvement.

2/25/2010--Celebrated Mom's 80th birthday!

5/15/2010--Mom watched her oldest granddaughter graduate from college and then paritied well into the night! She's still feeling great.

6/15/2010--Mom watched her youngest granddaughter graduate from high school. Still feeling great!

8/2010-10/2010--Mom begins feeling tired and stays in bed more and more. Scans reveal that the cancer is moving rapidly throughout her body.

10/13/2010--Mom wins her battle once and for all, and passes to a place where the cancer can no longer touch her.

For a more detailed timeline see:


 Post subject: prayers
PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 9:59 am 
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I dont have words enough, to say how sorry I am. A great battle she did fight! Love and my condolences to you and your family at this very terrible time.

Almost 1 year to the day after I was first diagnosed, after 2 great scans "grossly stable" my Stage IIIB LC was back. MSKCC told me they were sorry I had exhausted all available TX options.

"Cancer Camp"!! 6/08 Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Philly. In short, after one TX my CEA went from 395 to 252, thats 35% reduction! ONE TX
And MSKCC they offered palliative care, hummmmmmm
8/5 3rd TX at CTCA and my CEA is now down to 157!!!
I feel great. Not sure how they do it, but sure am glad they do :).
Next Tx 8/29 I got a Hall Pass to get to the Jimmy Buffett concert at Jones Beach, we'' be flying pirate kites.
Tx bumped to 9/2 Carbo, taxol, avastin stopped doing its job. CEA back up to 269. Avastin held as port site not healing from 6/08, avastin can inturupt healing. mildly freaking. CT scan 9/23 to confirm elevated CEA, if confirmed to a new cocktail. I feel pretty good, for a scardie pants :)
10/20/08 CT scan, Stage IV lung, with new liver mets. My CEA is now 957. Started Gemzar and Navelbine. Next visit 2 wks.
11/20 CEA 1310 :( yikes. Started "CAMP" protocol.
Cytoxan,adriamycin,methotrexate and procarbazine. I call it the kitchen sink. Arse kicking side effects, but I'll keep you posted.


Breath In ,Breath Out and Move On- Jimmy Buffett '07

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 05, 2008 12:47 pm 
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I am so sorry to read of your mother's passing. My prayers are with you and your family.
God Bless,


Picture is me and my big brother Tommy who also has lung cancer.(June 2006)
Sadly, Tommy was called home 6/29/2008. May he rest in peace.

12/28/05: Admitted to hospital for L pleural effusion.
12/29/05:1400cc's drained from L lung, biopsy revealed adenocarcinoma. CT, MRI, ultrasound, and bone scan revealed multiple small pleural lesions bilateraly, several small liver lesions, and 1 small lesion on lumbar spine. Largest lesion is approximately 2 cm (on spine), all lung lesions are mm's.
1/23/06:Second opinion at Fox Chase Cancer Center - agrees with initial diagnosis Stage lV NSCLC Adenocarcinoma
1/24/06:Pet scan confirms findings on CT & MRI
1/27/06:CT directed needle biopsy of liver confirms original diagnosis of Adenocarcinoma.
2/6/06:Started Carbo/Taxol/Avastin every 21 days for 6 cycles.
2/9/06:Portacath placement for chemotherapy.
3/3/06:Started IV Vitamin C 3times/week.
3/21/06:CT revealed lung nodules are shrinking.
4/28/06:CT revealed improvement in both the lung and liver.
5/23/06:Last round of Carbo/Taxol/Avastin.
6/7/06:CT revealed 2 small spots that do not appear to be cancer in the lungs, and 2 spots left on liver that are too small to be measured.
6/13/06:Started tx with just Avastin every 21 days.
6/14/06:Reduced lV Vitamin C to 2 times/week.
8/7/06:CT still shows small spots in lung, no change in size - may not be cancer. Liver clean!!!
10/10/06:CT and Bone Scan. No change on CT, Bone Scan clean. Doc says looks like remission!!!!! Yay!!!!
1/29/07:CT shows stable pulmonary nodules with new liver mets noted.
2/19/07: Started trial with Alimta and Cetuximab.
3/27/07:CT shows disease progression in lung and liver.
4/30/07: Started Taxotere every 21 days.
6/4/07: CT shows disease is stable - Yes!
7/16/07: CT shows shrinkage in all tumors - Yes, yes, yes! Will continue with Taxotere for as long as tolerated. Am still receiving IV Vitamin C once a week and am taking numerous supplements.
8/28/2007: CT is stable, possibly slight shrinkage! Will continue Taxotere.
12/10/2007: CT still stable!
2/19/2008: CT shows multiple hypodense lesions within the liver are now larger in size; lung nodules stable. Gemzar started (2 weeks on, 1 week off)
4/28/2008: CT shows slight shrinkage in 3 of 4 liver lesions. YAY!!!
7/2/2008: CT shows all lesions stable! Yesssss!!!!!!! Will continue with Gemzar.

 Post subject: Wish I had met your Mom
PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 12:00 pm 
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I am so sorry to hear about the death of your mother. I learned about her, and her mission, just before she died, from the hypnotherapist we shared. That mission, to spread the word about lung cancer, is a mission we share, and I wish I had had the chance to work with her. I was happy to learn that the governor had declared November lung cancer awareness month in Illinois last year, and to learn that the person responsible was someone who lived near me (I'm in Kane County).
I also have stage IV lung cancer, though I quit smoking in 1970. Fortunately, I am one of the lung cancer patients for whom Tarceva works very well, so I hope to have time left to make a difference like she did.

I was diagnosed in October 2005, with Stage IV NSCLC, and mets to spine & liver.
I was given the usual statistics, but encouraged to hope that there were many things they could do for me - and they have! I continue to appreciate the sensitivity and kindness of my doctor, along with his expertise and wisdom. His clinical nurse specialist, too, is the one who has given me so much good advice, talked me through problems, and generally been a great friend and excellent resource throughout my illness.

1. Both my father and brother died of LC.
2. I had smoked, but quit in 1970 - I believed that it wouldn't happen to me.
3. Found out 2001 that childhood home had high radon.
Oct - Dec. 2005 - gemzar & carboplatin - 4 courses
April, 2006 - 2 wks radiation of met in cerebral spine. Nasty sore throat & fatigue.
June, 2006, started Tarceva. A little rash, but bad diarrhea and dehydration later found to be probably C. dif. Flagyl finally cured it. Next CT in August showed dramatic decreases in number and size of tumors. High-five from doctor!
Additional meds Zometa for bones, Femara to counteract estrogen.
Fall, 2007 slight increases in size of tumors. Celebrex added 11/07 to counteract resistance to Tarceva.
March, 2008 Tumor marker CA125 jumped from 33 to 52 high, but dropped back to 42 in April.

Throughout my treatments, I have also had regular sessions with a hypnotherapist who specializes in cancer. The idea is that he can make your sub-conscious work with your body, so you can use your natural ability to help heal yourself. I don't know if it works, though I am approaching my 3 year survival anniversary - but it helps me to relax and think positively, and that in itself is worthwhile. Actually, I have learned that hypnosis is becoming more accepted as a therapy in the medical community - so maybe there's even more to say for it.

May, 2008 - started having headaches. I thought they were migraines, but an MRI on June 2 showed that I now had 3 small brain metastases. I am currently having a series of 14 Whole Brain Radiation treatments, but I am still hopeful that the treatments will take care of the problem.

In spite of this, I am so grateful to be still living a normal life, and to have a wonderful support system in my family, doctors, therapists,friends and neighbors.

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 3:27 pm 
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Location: Memphis

I am so sorry. Please accept my sincerest condolences.

God Bless You!!

We are not dealt a situation we cannot handle. It is how we handle these situations, that defines who we are, and who we'll become.
Age 35 at diagnosis
[size=75]Dx December 2004 Stage IIIB
Started Tarceva June 2005(working)
Stable scans (8/2005)
Stable scans (10/2005)
Stable scans (11/2005)
Celebrating 1 year since diagnosis
1/16/06 NED--just scar tissue and/or fibrosis
4/16/06 NED--just scar tissue and/or fibrosis
7/19/06 Stability again--Thank you Lord Jesus!!
11/19/06 NED
1/19/07 NED Again!!!
4/19/07 NED Again!! God is Good!
7/21/07 NED AGAIN!! Pet was clear!!
10/25/07 NED AGAIN!!! God is Good!
01/2008 Cancer free and thanking God!!
06/2008 NED AGAIN!! Thank you God!!
10/2008 NED AGAIN!! Thank you God!!
2/2009 NED AGAIN!! Thank you God!!
6/2009 NED AGAIN! Thank you God!!
12/2009 NED AGAIN!! Thanks be to GOD!!
6/2010 NED AGAIN!!! Thanks be to GOD!!
5 1/2 Year Survivor-Thanks be to God!!
11/2013----9 year survivor of Stage IIIB Adenocarcinoma- Thanks be to God!!!



 Post subject:
PostPosted: Fri Feb 15, 2008 2:42 am 
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Joined: Fri Jun 15, 2007 12:04 am
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Location: Minneapolis, MN
I am so very sorry about loosing your mom so quickly. There are no words that I can think to describe it... it's just devastating. Please know we are thinking of you. You did such a wonderful job with her, you are amazing.
If you ever need someone to just talk to please feel free to contact me. I too am up most evenings thinking about my mom and her quick illness and almost unexpected death, so can relate.
My heart goes out to you.
Warm wishes x
Kate :cry:

Mom just 62yrs old. Smoked for 20+ yrs.
5/25/07 Mom finally agreed to go to see doctor regarding weightloss and weakness after much proding/concern on my part for many months.
Went to Urgent Care. Doctor took chest x-ray and blood tests (after nurse talked mom into getting blood work done). Blood work came back great - very reassuring. X-ray showed plueral effusion around left lung and possible growth on other. Doctor wanted mom to be admitted to hospital for tests. Mom refused being admitted to hospital due to costs and stress. Doctor referred us to family physician for follow-up.
5/27/07 Mom has some appetite back - thank goodness!
6/7/07 A family physician read notes from Urgent Care visit. Told us mom has a large tumor on lung taking up 50% of lung. Referred us to Hospice Care. 3-6mos to live. No options given.
6/9/07 Mom in wheelchair to get around house. Cannot catch breath, too weak to walk.
6/10 Mom's tooth broke in half cut up mouth. Cannot eat or drink. She is frustrated as just got appetite back.
6/11/07 Hospice visited. Ordered oxygen and morphine. Mom does not want morphine as she is not in pain.
6/13/07 Wonderful dentist made house call to fix mom's tooth. The best day in weeks she said.
6/16/07 Mom finally eating some again. On antibiotics to prevent infection.
6/21/07 New hospice nurse told us mom only has a few weeks to live :( even though vitals all good (blood, heart rate, blood pressure, breathing). This set mom back - was too much of a shock.
6/29/07 Mom on oxygen 24/7 level 3. Sleeping a lot more.
7/15/07 Mom choked own mucus/saliva. After that she is up every hour afraid to go to sleep. But it scared her enough to start taking some of her meds.
7/16/07 3am Choked in middle of night even after taking meds all day/evening. Called hospice. They said they did not know what to do and would leave a message for our nurse.
7/17/07 Mom still struggling. Nurse had told us to call back if not better and she would get special drops for mom to dry out mucus in throat.
11am Called nurse and nurse said if mom won't take morphine there is nothing she can do, mom must do as told. Confused, what about the drops? Nurse aide said mom has bed sores so I asked nurse what to do about them. She said I would need to bandage them. I explained I have never bandaged wounds and am terrified and faint at sight of wounds. She said hospice will not bandage wounds as they are supplemental care and family is responsible for caring for patient. I cried.
1:30pm Mom still choking for air.
7/29/07 Mom taken to the "Little Hospice" by a hired ambulance. Was very traumatic - I thought "What did I do to her!" But they got her oxygen levels up form 73% to 90+% - she never had such low oxygen levels!
7/30/07 I kiss my mom and say am going to run to the bathroom and be right back, I wait for her to give me the thumb's up sign. She instead kisses her fingers and places them on my cheek and smiles. That was the last time she was responsive.
8/2/07 Mom gone. Luckily she passed with no pain, congestion, etc... nurses assured me she knew I was by her side constantly and it allowed her to feel safe and pass peacefully. She's all I had. Miss her.

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