About Lung Cancer

One in 15 Americans will be diagnosed with lung cancer in their lifetimes. It is also the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide, with over 1.8 million new cases each year.1 Lung cancer can affect anyone, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or smoking history.

1 in 15 Americans will be diagnosed with lung cancerWe are making rapid progress in understanding lung cancer, thanks to investments in research. These are leading to better screening, detection, and diagnostic tools, and more effective treatment options for people with lung cancer.

Education is Empowerment

This section provides in-depth information about what is currently known about lung cancer, to help patients and their friends and families navigate a lung cancer diagnosis and make decisions about screening:

  • Lung Cancer 101, your comprehensive guide to understanding how lung cancer develops, how it can be found, and treatment options
  • Experts Blog, reports from doctors and research scientists on the latest developments in lung cancer research
  • Lung Cancer in the News, the latest coverage of new developments in the world of lung cancer
  • Our Lung Cancer Glossary, to help you understand the medical and scientific terms you'll see. Note that many pages will also have "tooltips"; if you hover over a term with a dashed line under it, a short definition will pop up.

In the videos below, medical experts provide information about lung cancer and possible treatment options. These may help give you a quick overview of the current state of lung cancer treatment. They were produced through a partnership between LUNGevity and Patient Power at town meetings at leading cancer centers across the country. You can learn more about lung cancer treatments on the Treatment Options page.


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