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Fundraiser Spotlight: The Jones Family and Living Wide

Sherry Jones and her family are carrying on the torch for Living Wide, an inspirational movement started by Gregory Jones after his lung cancer diagnosis in 2016. According to Living Wide’s website, Gregory dedicated himself to maximizing the width of his life because he had no control over the length. To mentor, educate, and advocate for others, he founded Living Wide, an organization dedicated to helping all people live with joy, hope, meaning, and purpose despite profound uncertainty.

Fundraiser Spotlight: Riki and Meital Wiederhorn


Riki Wiederhorn and her daughter Meital of Westport, Connecticut have taken on a new challenge, participating in their first half-marathon in memory of their belated friend, lung cancer patient and advocate, Nancy Cohen. The duo is running in the Tel Aviv half-marathon later this month and have been fundraising as part of the B.Y.O.B. (Bring Your Own Bib) program with Team LUNGevity.


Fundraiser Spotlight: JC Memorial Golf Outing - Fore the Cure

After their childhood friend Jordan Christie was diagnosed with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer at the age of 25, friends Kyle, Jessica, Colin, Matt, Kellie, Julie, and Mike wanted to help. They saw first-hand how difficult living with lung cancer could be. The friends knew they could have an impact by raising money to help fund the two things that helped Jordan the most: new treatments and support programs.

Fundraiser Spotlight: Chris Crane

Chris Crane and his friends Matthew Manahan and Eyal Yakoby have pledged to complete extreme physical feats to raise money for lung cancer research through Miles for LUNGevity on December 20th, 2020. As part of the event, Matt will bike 100 miles, Chris will row a marathon, and Eyal will run a marathon. Learn more about their efforts to raise funds for research and get involved here.

Fundraiser Spotlight: Jay Bailey

Bio: Jay Bailey ran the length of Sarasota County (about 36 miles) to help raise awareness and funds for lung cancer. Jay is a native of Sarasota, Florida and has lived there all 45 years of his life except for his college years. He is married to Christy and they have 3 children: Ashley, 13, Gracie, 10 and Davis, 8. Jay has worked for over 20 years in the fire service and is currently in charge of his department’s wildfire division. 


Fundraiser Spotlight: Rebecca Holingsworth

Rebecca is a mom of 2 young boys and lives in a quiet suburb outside of Toronto, Canada. When not spending time with her family, Rebecca is busy at work wholesaling and managing various footwear brands across the country. She loves keeping her plate full with other small projects on the side that contribute to various causes within her community. Losing her mom at a young age to Cancer, Rebecca has a passion for raising awareness and money for the cause. 

How did you first get involved with LUNGevity as a fundraiser?

Fundraiser Spotlight: Chelsea Bell

Chelsea Bell is running 10 half marathons in 10 months in 2020 to raise $10,000 as part of Team LUNGevity. She is running in memory of her father and to honor her brother, both of who were affected by lung cancer. She was born and raised in South Carolina, but currently lives in Washington, DC, where she works with the federal government and raises three young children. 


Why did you choose to fundraise for LUNGevity in particular?

Fundraiser Spotlight: Mike Ilitch III

Mike Ilitch III, of metro Detroit, MI, is currently fundraising on behalf of LUNGevity.  He  competed in the 2019 Detroit Marathon in the hand cycle division at the end of October. Mike was introduced to LUNGevity through good friends. He continues to fundraise and compete to support those friends and all affected by lung cancer.

Outside of training for the marathon, Mike works in commercial real estate in downtown Detroit and loves all the state of Michigan sports - especially college football (go Green!), Lions, Red Wings, Pistons and Tigers. 


Fundraiser Spotlight: Abbie Lynn Abbott

Abbie Lynn Abbott completed her first marathon—the 2018 Chicago Marathon – in honor of her mother, who was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2018. Shortly after the race, her mother passed away. This year, Abbie is running the Marine Corps Marathon with Team LUNGevity in memory of her mom and to honor those who are living with the disease. Originally from southern Indiana, she now lives in central Florida with her husband and three children.


How did you choose running in an endurance event as your fundraising mechanism?