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Find Your Tribe

I used to think support groups were for weak people. Then, I found LUNGevity and Lung Cancer Support Community – boy, did that change my mind.

I discovered LUNGevity’s message board, Lung Cancer Support Community (LCSC), right after they found a rapidly growing nodule in my right lung. At the time, I had just retired early to be a full-time caregiver for my wife, who was in advanced stages of dementia, and I already felt mentally strained.

Fundraiser Spotlight: JC Memorial Golf Outing - Fore the Cure

After their childhood friend Jordan Christie was diagnosed with stage IV non-small cell lung cancer at the age of 25, friends Kyle, Jessica, Colin, Matt, Kellie, Julie, and Mike wanted to help. They saw first-hand how difficult living with lung cancer could be. The friends knew they could have an impact by raising money to help fund the two things that helped Jordan the most: new treatments and support programs.

Running a Half-Ironman as a Lung Cancer Survivor

The day before my lung biopsy, May 18, 2020, I ran 7 miles. As I was running, I couldn’t help but think there is no way I have lung cancer. Yet, when the results of my biopsy came back, that’s exactly what I was diagnosed with: stage I adenocarcinoma non-small cell lung cancer. 

It’s rare to be diagnosed as stage I; in fact, only about 18% of people are. That’s why I call it my “incidentally-noma,” a little joke as a retired nurse about my lung cancer being found completely by accident. 

May is Lung Cancer Hope Month

LUNGevity established May as Lung Cancer Hope Month to celebrate the incredible strides in research and survivorship for the lung cancer community. Each year, we have more reasons to be hopeful—more treatments are being approved, more people are being diagnosed earlier, the community of advocates is growing stronger, and many people are living longer and better with the disease.

Finding Your LifeLine

A lung cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Support from family and friends becomes a crucial part of navigating the disease. Equally as important to many is support and understanding from someone who has already walked the lung cancer path.

Finding someone who understands what you’re going through isn’t always easy, however. That’s why LUNGevity created the LifeLine Support Program.

We sat down with Sarah (mentor) and Pat (mentee) to learn more about their experience with LifeLine and how it has improved their lung cancer journey.  


Introducing eRACE Lung Cancer

2020 was likely a bit anticlimactic for anyone training for an endurance race. When the public health crisis hit, many endurance races were postponed and eventually canceled. While it’s disappointing to spend months training and fundraising for a race that never comes, we are excited to announce we have a new way for those interested in running for lung cancer to get involved!

Creative Ideas to Fundraise from Home

We have heard from our community that people are in need of creative ways to fundraise from home. We love your passion and are excited to bring you creative ways that you can still spread awareness about lung cancer and fundraise, even from home!

We sat down with our fundraising team to talk about some of their favorite ways to fundraise, even while social distancing (emphasis on social). Check out some of their ideas!


Seven Years: House Money

It’s been seven years since my initial lung cancer diagnosis.  Seven years of ups and downs and lots of life.  

In the lung cancer world, seven years is basically uncharted waters. All of the bleak survival statistics are centered around the magic 5-year survival rate.  That’s the number you look at when you’re first diagnosed and think, “Man...  If I can only beat that number." Five years came and went, and then six, and now...here we are. Seven years is definitely a winning streak, and I started playing on house money several years ago.