Living well with lung cancer

An interview with one of the creators of Ina®, your personal, “Intelligent Nutrition Assistant"

Why is nutrition important to cancer patients?

Nutrition is important for lung cancer patients because it can help patients stay strong before, during, and after cancer treatment.  Research has shown that proper nutrition can help prevent complications from treatment and treatment breaks, reduce treatment-related side effects, and improve outcomes.

What is Ina®?

Ina® offers personalized, evidence-based nutrition support to help patients eat healthy and stay well-nourished throughout cancer treatment and beyond.

Tips to Prepare for Traveling with Lung Cancer

Traveling can be stressful under the best of circumstances, but particularly anxiety-inducing after a cancer diagnosis. Being diagnosed with cancer does not have to put an end to travel, whether for business or leisure. Sometimes you might even have to travel for treatment itself. Proper planning and preparation can help alleviate this stress and ensure an enjoyable trip.

If you are planning a trip and have lung cancer, be sure to check out these tips before your travels!