Reasons for Hope in Lung Cancer

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May is Lung Cancer Hope Month, a celebration of the progress for people living with lung cancer—new treatment options, more clinical trials, and people living longer and better with their disease.

While you might think there isn’t much to celebrate about lung cancer, those affected by the disease have a lot that makes them feel positive about the future of lung cancer. We asked our community to share the reasons they feel hopeful this Lung Cancer Hope Month. Check out their responses below!


“I’m so hopeful about the future of lung cancer because there is so much new research resulting in many new treatments available, and it keeps coming. We are living longer because of it and because of the many people who enter clinical trials. With all the advocacy and education and awareness…look how far we have come!”

-Rose D.

“Research and my awesome and encouraging oncologist who doesn’t ‘textbook’ treat me and makes sure to include me in the discussion.”

-Cheryl C.

“The dedicated, brilliant researchers studying lung cancer and working on new treatments give me so much hope! So many people have invested their careers in improving lung cancer outcomes, and they’ve already made a huge difference.”

-Emily V.


“The knowledge that many new and promising treatments are either in or about to enter clinical trials for EGFR patients gives me great hope.”

-Roger R.

“The increase in the number of possible treatments gives me hope. My first diagnosis was in 2015 and the treatment options for EGFR were very, very limited. This time, I actually had several options to choose from.”

-Lora P.

“The AMAZING rate of development of new treatment options and the availability of immunotherapy for various mutations…hoping there are even more for various KRAS mutations soon! I feel that treatments are outpacing my disease. Praise God and the people working on the treatments!”

-Mary M.


“The silver lining of lung cancer is the friends I’ve made in the lung cancer community. When I was diagnosed in 2012, I didn’t know anyone else with lung cancer. When I had a recurrence and started a new treatment in 2019, I found a community on Facebook, and we’ve gotten closer, Zooming weekly, since. Lung cancer changed everything for me, but it also gave me some of the greatest friendships of my life. My survivor Zoom family gives me so much hope, hearing their stories and feeling their support.”

-Valerie B.

“Finding my [lung cancer Facebook] group has made me feel hopeful. I feel a little less alone. Also, having support friends makes me hopeful. I also hope for treatments with better-managed side effects. The longer I can tolerate treatment, the longer I have better quality of life.”

-Ruby B.


“My 5 kids give me hope! My youngest is almost 2 and doesn’t understand cancer. He is always so happy and it always puts a smile on my face! My 4-year-old is beginning to understand, which is difficult, but I’m fighting for all of them. My 13, 11, and 9 year olds are full of questions, and I always answer to the best of my ability. They all keep me going, and keep me busy. My husband is my rock and also gives me hope!”

-Erin M.

“My six grandchildren give me hope. I look to them when the sadness of my diagnosis becomes too hard to bare. With them, my heart smiles! My husband, who always seems to be able to pick me up when I fall down and makes sense I know I am not in this alone. My daughter, who fills my world with (good) chaos and giggles. What gives me the most hope is knowing I am truly blessed!”

-Trish N.


“I am hopeful because our society is moving beyond the idea that smoking cessation is the only necessary treatment method for my disease: lung cancer. My hope grows when I learn that practitioners are willing to expand beyond the standard of care to treat those who suffer from lung cancer. I find hope belonging to LUNGevity Foundation, who equally weights the importance of treatment research and sustaining and supporting lung cancer survivors.”
-Tom G.

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