Texas Hates Lung Cancer Too

I’ll have to admit almost every vanity plate I've ever seen has been just that- vain.  Recently I joined the ranks of Texas drivers with vanity plates but there’s a catch… I’m raising awareness with my plates everywhere I go.  Every one is doing a double take when they see my license plate.  People are wondering "Who does she hate?", "Who is L.C. ?" And every time someone asks me about it I get to tell them.   My license plate “IH8 LC” draws a lot of attention.  After it was ordered online, the state of Texas contacted me to let me know my order had been denied because of the derogatory term “hate”. It wasn't a derogatory remark against any person or belief!  But they didn't know that then.  The state of Texas let me know that I could either change the wording on my plate request or appeal their decision.  Never one to do things the easy way, I decided I would write an essay, complete with photos, and appeal their decision. You see, “IH8 LC” stands for “I hate lung cancer”.  And I do.  Can you name one person who loves lung cancer, or even likes it, just a little bit?  Heck no.  Lung cancer is the deadliest cancer killer, with an incredibly high mortality rate and the least funding of any major cancer.  Not many people know that 60% of those diagnosed with lung cancer are non smokers or never smokers.  Not many people know that anyone with lungs can get lung cancer regardless of smoking history.  Because a lot of people believe that lung cancer is simply a preventable disease- there is little compassion, little support and virtually no federal funding for the disease. I find that unacceptable.  My dad was diagnosed with lung cancer, and because of little funding for research and virtually no treatment options for his type of lung cancer, he only lived 11 months and 21 days after his diagnosis.  He didn’t have a fighting chance and I find that unacceptable.  I miss him every day. I’ve dedicated my life to being a patient advocate and as the Director of Support and Advocacy for LUNGevity Foundation, the largest private funder of lung cancer research, I am trying to raise awareness and make a difference. I facilitate a lung cancer support group at ACC Trophy Club and I also am a volunteer coordinator for Breathe Deep DFW, a 5K at River Legacy Park that raises awareness and funding for lung cancer research.  This will be our 4th year.  So I detailed my journey with lung cancer as a co-survivor, volunteer and advocate to the state of Texas.  I let them know exactly why I hated lung cancer and why they should hate lung cancer too.  And you know what?  They reversed the denial and approved my vanity plate!  I won the appeal.  And you  know what else that means?  Texas indirectly supports my efforts by allowing me to drive with this license plate!  By granting me a lung cancer awareness month proclamation every year, they join me in supporting people affected by this disease. In short, it simply means that Texas H8s LC too!

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