This May, we’re challenging you to hit the pavement, pool, or trails and tackle 62 miles while supporting LUNGevity!

This challenge encourages you to pledge to log 62 miles while fundraising in support of LUNGevity. Best of all, through our Facebook group, you’ll be able to meet and share the experience with people with across the country completing the same challenge! The 62 miles is a suggested goal (2 miles per day), but there are no requirements to stick to that number. You can aim for however many miles you want to strive for.

After you receive your first donation, you’ll earn an awesome LUNGevity cooling towel to keep you comfortable as you power through your miles.

Ready to take on the challenge? Here’s how to get started:

Number 1Register for the challenge and activate your fundraiser.

Number 2Join the “62 Miles in May” Facebook group to get announcements and updates, as well as post about your journey and connect with others who are taking on the challenge across the country.


How does the challenge work?

When you register to join the challenge, you’ll be encouraged to activate a Facebook fundraiser for the “62 Miles Challenge.” You’re encouraged to share updates about your mileage progress with your friends and family and encourage them to contribute to your fundraising goal as you work to hit your mileage goal.


How do I log my miles?

Miles are not required to be officially “logged” anywhere. How you want to track your progress and share that progress with your friends, family, and supporters is totally up to you. To measure your miles, you can use whatever tracker you’d like - Apple Health, Strava, Garmin, phone apps, or even a pedometer. If you want, you can download and print a daily tracker to record your miles every day. Be sure to note them on your fundraising page, so your friends and family can monitor your progress and donate to support you.


Can my friends and family participate, too?

Of course! The challenge is open to anyone. Feel free to share this challenge with anyone who might be interested. The more people who sign up to participate in the challenge, the greater the impact we can have for those living with lung cancer.


For questions or more information, please email Bailey Boulter at