Light a Candle in Honor or Memory

You may use the form on this page to light a candle in honor or memory of a loved one with lung cancer. Please be aware that submissions are reviewed before being posted. Your candle will usually appear within a few hours.

candle This candle is for ... Anna Callaway
From Daughter

To honor your strength and courage, and praying for my own. I love you so much! In support of Lung Cancer advocacy

candle This candle is for ... to st jude
From james antony


candle This candle is for ... Heather Saler
From mamala and daddy

9 years have come and gone since you left us. Hate it. Tyler put a beautiful post and pictures on FB. He could really use some of your loving wisdom at this point in his life. But he is really working hard at trying to make good choices! He is so tall, it would astonish you. Haha. Hoping you love your flowers. aunt Rose brought you. Altho you are older, you will always be the amazing beauty, you always were, in our hearts. ( not sure how that happened. LOL) We love you baby girl and miss you so much. hugs and kisses!!!

candle This candle is for ... Anne Belfert
From Gail Belfert

I love you stay calm

candle This candle is for ... Barb Miller
From MaryAnn Bradley

You are truly missed my friend.

candle This candle is for ... jacob sharp
From barbara & ed murphy

all our prayers are with you during this hard time. we know there is a bright light coming your way!

candle This candle is for ... James Ledger
From Marion ledger

This candle is the light for guidance from above to help us heal Jimmy with Jesus ,Our Blessed Mother,St. Padre Pio and St. Jude and all the angels and saints. AMEN

candle This candle is for ... Greg Moffatt
From Your kids

We light a candle for our dad and remember his strength, courage and unbelievably positive attitude through everything that he faced with his cancer. His laughter we miss, his support we miss and most of all his love we miss. Always in our hearts! Always watching over us! We love you dad each and everyday and would trade anything to have you with us even for just one day!

candle This candle is for ... Mum
From Daughters grandchildren

This candle is for you. To light you when it gets dark. You are the heart of us. We love you to the moon and the stars and all the way back always and forever. together as a family we will get though it xxx

candle This candle is for ... Heather Saler
From Marmalade and daddy

Hey baby, another Christmas has come and gone without you. it's a new year and we miss you so much! Your boy will be 20 on Friday, unbelievable. He has had a very tough year but is doing well now. We wish you were here with all of us. Love you always and more

candle This candle is for ... CAROL VLASATY


candle This candle is for ... JOSEPH DORAZIO


candle This candle is for ... Don Marski
From Erin

For you, Dad...may your light shine down on us and strengthen us. Forever entwined. XO

candle This candle is for ... Sarah Nakalema
From Karen

In memory of a beloved friend. Thank you for fighting my battle you will forever be missed and be remembered in my heart. May your soul rest in peace Sarah.

candle This candle is for ... Jimmy Self
From Niki V

PaPaw you are missed greatly, but you fought so hard. Your courage and strength has taught us so much and we live on because of you.......I love you.......

candle This candle is for ... Heike Schroer
From Karin Kilmer

my beloved sister you fought so hard, i miss you every single day