Frequently Asked Questions About HOPE Summit

Q: When and where are HOPE Summits being held?

A: The National HOPE Summit occurs annually in the spring in the Washington, DC, area (Arlington, VA). This event kicks off Lung Cancer HOPE Month—May—each year.

We have multiple one-day regional HOPE Summit events throughout the year. Find out more.


Q: How much does it cost to attend the HOPE Summit?

A: The National HOPE Summit is a 2-3 day conference with educational sessions, inspirational speakers, media opportunities, and once-in-a-lifetime connections with people from across the country who have had a lung cancer diagnosis. Meals and materials provided during the sessions, as well as any LUNGevity-sponsored offsite activities during the Summit, are free, but registration is required and space is limited. People who do not live nearby in the DC area will need to arrange for travel and accommodations to attend this meeting.

All meals, drinks, transportation, and incidentals outside of conference hours are your responsibility.

There is a small $50 registration fee for the National Summit, which helps us cover any last-minute cancellations; however, if you cancel at least one month before the event, you will be refunded 100% of the $50 registration fee. Regional HOPE Summits are FREE to attend; however, registration is required.


Q: Is the HOPE Summit just for lung cancer survivors?

A: While lung cancer survivors are encouraged and invited to attend, caregivers, advocates, and medical professionals wanting to learn more about lung cancer survivorship are also welcome to register to attend. All conference sessions during the advocates meeting will be geared toward advocacy, during the HOPE Summit will be geared toward those who have been diagnosed with lung cancer, and during COPE Summit will be geared toward caregiving.


Q: Do you offer travel grants to the HOPE Summits?

A: Yes and no. LUNGevity offers a limited number of travel grants to patients/survivors who need help getting to Washington, DC, for the National HOPE Summit. Those wishing to attend the summit must register first, and then apply for the travel grant. You may receive a partial or full travel grant. By accepting the travel grant, you agree to write a summary of your experience at HOPE Summit that LUNGevity may use on their website or in promotional items. If you are not selected to receive a grant, your $50 registration fee will be refunded.

There are no travel grants available for regional summits; however, some events offer hotel grants for survivors who are able to drive to a summit from a nearby state.


Q: Do you offer travel grants for caregivers, medical professionals, or industry?

A: No. Travel grants are very limited and are available only to lung cancer survivors at this time, although survivors and their partners/caregivers may share a room that was obtained through a travel grant. Caregivers can also participate in the Survivor Challenge with their loved one.


Q: Can I raise funds or ask people to sponsor me?

A: Yes! We have a fundraising opportunity called the "Survivor Challenge." Raise $1,500 or more for LUNGevity Foundation and you will be eligible for round-trip US transportation and hotel for the next National HOPE Summit! Raise $2,000 and you AND your caregiver will receive round-trip US travel and one hotel room. You can ask your church, company, hospital, and community to donate to your Survivor Challenge page. Any funds you seek for your travel expenses outside of the Survivor Challenge are not considered tax-deductible donations to LUNGevity. Sign up for the Survivor Challenge here, or email [email protected] with any questions.


Q: What is the "Advocacy Meeting" offered at the HOPE Summit?

A: The Advocacy Meeting is a pre-summit meeting dedicated to lung cancer advocacy. There are a limited number of seats for this meeting. If you are a travel grant recipient, this pre-summit meeting is not included. Those who wish to attend this meeting who received a travel grant will have to cover the cost of an additional hotel night stay. This is not an Advocacy 101, and we are not training you to learn how to be an advocate. This will be a meeting for empowered advocates to learn about new opportunities; connect with advocacy, media, and PR experts; and learn about ways to advance lung cancer research and awareness. There WILL be Advocacy 101 sessions during the weekend for those who are interested in learning about advocacy.


Q: Can I just come to the Advocacy Meeting and not attend the HOPE Summit weekend?

A: Yes. There are a limited number of seats available for this meeting. Travel grants do not cover this pre-summit meeting so you will be responsible for getting there and your accommodations.


Q: What is the "COPE Summit"?

A: The COPE Summit is a full-day meeting that takes place on Saturday. While the patient/survivor attends HOPE Summit sessions for survivors, their caregiver should attend the COPE Summit. Former caregivers, advocates, and family members may also attend this meeting. The reception, meals, and breaks are shared so you will reunite with the patient/survivor several times during the day.


Q: Can I just come to the COPE Summit and not attend the HOPE Summit weekend?

A: Yes. There are a limited number of seats available for this Saturday-only meeting. Unless you are part of a complete Survivor Challenge, you will be responsible for getting to this meeting and for your accommodations.