Strategic Collaborations

LUNGevity is proud to collaborate with patient groups, including on critical research projects that address the most pressing unmet needs of their communities to improve patient outcomes.

ALK Positive

ALK Positive Provides Worldwide Information, Support and Empathy to all ALK Lung Cancer Patients and their Caregivers

EGFR Resisters

EGFR Resisters is a grassroots, patient-driven community of patients and caregivers living with and/or personally affected by EGFR-positive lung cancer. 

RET Positive

RETpositive is a patient-driven group that aims to improve the quality of life and life expectancy of RET-positive cancer patients through increased awareness, emotional support, advocacy and medical research funding for RET driven cancer.


We believe it is important to work in partnership with other organizations to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients.

We are proud to collaborate with these organizations:


Memberships & Coalitions

We are a member of these organizations:


State Cancer Coalitions:

Community Partners

Elevation Oncology        Genentech        Novartis

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