In addition to funding impactful research, offering comprehensive educational resources and survivorship services, and providing an active community for patients and survivors, LUNGevity works tirelessly on behalf of the lung cancer community behind the scenes.

Through a variety of programs, LUNGevity promotes lifesaving policy initiatives, amplifies the patient voice through research and engagement, and advocates for essential access to care. These combined efforts seek to improve outcomes and quality of life for people living with lung cancer.

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Clinical Trial Work

LUNGevity strives to ensure that all people diagnosed with lung cancer are aware of clinical trials and, if possible and appropriate, have access to and the ability to participate in them.

Precision Medicine Initiatives

LUNGevity is working along the entire spectrum of care to drive access to precision medicine.

Patient-focused Research Center (Patient FoRCe)

LUNGevity’s research center is designed to connect the patients’ voice with healthcare professionals, policymakers, and developers of drugs to help inform their decisions.

Public Policy

LUNGevity works to improve how people are diagnosed with, navigate, and live with lung cancer by working in a strategic manner with regulators, legislators, policymakers, and other advocates in the lung cancer community.

Early Lung Cancer Center

LUNGevity's Early Lung Cancer Center takes a comprehensive approach to transforming the way lung cancer is diagnosed and treated, with a goal of shifting diagnosis to early stages when it is most treatable.