LUNGevity's local events are informative, interactive community meetings held in partnership with major medical centers and other community partner sites across the country. These sessions provide the opportunity for attendees to hear from lung cancer experts and learn about support programs and resources in an informal setting.

Each meeting includes several sessions intended to highlight lung cancer treatment options, discuss advances in lung cancer research, provide tips on how to live well with cancer, and share support resources for those living with lung cancer.

The Lunch & Learn was very informative. It was a great event to hear other survivors' points of view, in order to help my father continue to thrive with lung cancer.

—Christen G.

Potential sessions at each event include:

  • Lung Cancer 101
  • The Role of Radiation in Lung Cancer
  • Targeted Therapies in Lung Cancer
  • Ask the Lung Cancer Experts Q&A
  • The Importance of Biomarker Testing
  • Are Clinical Trials Right for You?

People affected by lung cancer, including patients, caregivers, and their families, along with medical professionals and others interested in lung cancer are encouraged to attend LUNGevity's local events.

When a new event has been scheduled, it will be listed on our Events page.