Release date Title
November 16, 2023 Responding to National Gap in Screening and Early Detection, Leading Lung Cancer Orgs Unite to Advance Comprehensive, Lifesaving Action on Lung Cancer
November 2, 2023 LUNGevity Foundation Unveils New Awareness Video Campaign
November 1, 2023 LUNGevity Foundation Announces $1.2M in Lung Cancer Workforce Development Research Awards
November 1, 2023 Drs. Susumu Kobayashi and Alexandre Reuben Announced as Recipients of EGFR Resisters/LUNGevity Research Award
November 1, 2023 LUNGevity Foundation’s No One Missed Campaign Commemorates Third Year of #KnowYourBiomarker Storytelling Initiative
November 1, 2023 Dr. Maximilian Diehn Receives LUNGevity’s 2023 Lung Cancer Early Detection Award
August 1, 2023 LUNGevity Launches Early Lung Cancer Center to Accelerate the Early Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer
May 10, 2023 LUNGevity Foundation Welcomes Leah Fine, MBA, to the Organization
March 23, 2023 LUNGevity Announces Pierre Massion Young Investigator Awards for Early Detection Research
January 25, 2023 EGFR Resisters Partners with LUNGevity to Issue RFA for Research into EGFR-Positive Lung Cancer
January 25, 2023 LUNGevity Issues Five RFAs Totaling $2.3M for Translational Research Awards in Lung Cancer
January 25, 2023 In Partnership with Rising Tide Foundation, LUNGevity Issues RFA for $1.5M Lung Cancer Research Grant
January 25, 2023 LUNGevity Partners with ASTRO to Issue RFA for Lung Cancer Research Grant
January 23, 2023 LUNGevity Foundation Welcomes Michelle Futrell, RN, as Director of Lung Cancer Screening Programs and Initiatives
December 1, 2022 ALK Positive and LUNGevity Foundation Announce Recipients of the 2022 ALK-Positive Research Awards
November 4, 2022 LUNGevity Foundation Launches “Find Your Lung Cancer Community” Public Service and Social Media Campaign During Lung Cancer Awareness Month
November 1, 2022 LUNGevity Foundation’s No One Missed Campaign Celebrates Second Year of #KnowYourBiomarker Storytelling Initiative to Drive Awareness of Comprehensive Biomarker Testing in Lung Cancer
October 27, 2022 LUNGevity Foundation Launches Minority Mentorship and Training Program to Help Increase Diversity in Lung Cancer Workforce
October 7, 2022 LUNGevity Foundation Welcomes Ann Fish-Steagall, BSN, RN, as Senior Vice President of Patient Services
October 4, 2022 LUNGevity Foundation Grants Two Research Awards for Lung Cancer Studies Within the VA System