LUNGevity research is 100% patient-focused. We conduct and fund research that has potential to revolutionize outcomes for those diagnosed with lung cancer.

With our strategic approach to translational research in two priority areas—finding lung cancer early and treating it more effectively—our research speeds breakthroughs to patients so people can live longer and better lives.

LUNGevity builds on the success of these research programs by partnering and collaborating with other organizations to make the greatest progress in advancing science for patients.  LUNGevity collaborates with organizations like Stand Up To Cancer and  American Lung Association to fund large, multi-institution early detection projects.

LUNGevity ensures research is impactful by partnering with patient groups like ALK Positive, a group of 1,000+ ALK-positive patients and their caregivers in 41 countries who are raising significant funds for research into their specific biomarker.

LUNGevity’s Patient-Focused Research Center (Patient FoRCe) is changing the paradigm in lung cancer from assumptions being made about patient preferences to evidence-based conclusions about what patients value.

LUNGevity is researching new ways to reduce health disparities in lung cancer through our Community-Based Participatory Research program, which brings together researchers and community stakeholders as equal partners in the research process.

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Translational Science Research Grant Programs

LUNGevity’s strategic approach to research falls into two priority areas: finding lung cancer early and treating it more effectively. See how our programs and awards support this thinking.

Patient-Focused Research Center (Patient FoRCe)

LUNGevity’s research center is designed to connect the patients’ voice with healthcare professionals, policymakers, and developers of drugs to help inform their 

Community-Based Participatory Research

A commitment to research built on a partnership between the researcher and the researched to contribute expertise and share in decision making.

How You Can Help Fund Research

Whether it is a direct donation or hosting an event, see the many ways you can contribute to innovative and impactful lung cancer research.