LUNGevity’s Precision Medicine Initiative is based on the belief that every patient deserves access to the right test and the right treatment at the right time.

Precision medicine is driving improved outcomes for people diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer. LUNGevity defines precision medicine as biomarker-driven care from pre-diagnosis to diagnosis, treatment, and potential progression.

Precision medicine affects patients with lung cancer at all stages of the disease.

Precision medicine

LUNGevity is working along the entire spectrum of care to drive access to precision medicine. Our work is comprehensive and includes:

  • Funding translational research into early detection and therapeutics
  • Developing and promoting the role of precision medicine through awareness campaigns
  •  Working to harmonize language used in conveying precision medicine concepts for treatment decision making
  •  Conducting research to uncover gaps and barriers to develop interventions and programs
  •  Educating patients and healthcare providers about the importance of precision medicine
  •  Advocating for public policy reform to promote innovation and remove barriers to accessing precision medicine
  •  Collaborating with other organizations to promote pan-cancer precision medicine

A key component to precision medicine is comprehensive biomarker testing. Our flagship Take Aim Initiative is targeted at ensuring all people diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer have access to high-quality, comprehensive biomarker testing at diagnosis, prognosis, or recurrence.

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