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A Survivor’s Experience with Biomarker Testing and TKI Treatments

Back in 2013, when Dan Cadigan was first diagnosed with stage III lung cancer, his treatment options were limited to surgery followed by chemotherapy. However, at his one-year follow-up scan, they found nodules in both lungs and he was diagnosed with stage IV recurrent cancer.

Normally, it would have meant a return to chemo for treatment.

Survivor Spotlight: Marty Henley

Marty Henley is a nurse anesthetist and serves as Chief nurse Anesthetist at CAMC, managing the department of anesthesia at the medical center. In 2011, she was awarded the WV Nurse Excellence Award for Advanced Practice. Marty is very active in medical missions, serving in Haiti as an anesthetist for the last 15 years. Marty is married and has 3 children.

Survivor Spotlight: Claudia Regan

Claudia Regan is a certified yoga teacher living in Florida with her husband.  Two days after her 67th birthday, she underwent a chest x-ray as part of pre-ops for shoulder replacement surgery. Her PCP called her into the office the day to tell her that she had lung cancer. While she had to stop teaching yoga for about a year due to chemo and side effects, she is back to teaching again, this time virtually. Her students take her classes from all over the world. Through those classes, she raises money for LUNGevity to help people who have helped her so much throughout her journey.

Survivor Spotlight: Jill Atcheson

Jill was born and raised in Maryland, where she currently resides with her Canadian husband, Jay, their 4-year old daughter Emilee, and two Boston Terriers, Rex and Chloe.  As part of her health restoration journey, Jill has uncovered a new passion for holistic healthy living, and recently launched her own lifestyle blog, www.luvyourlungs.com. She believes that through mind, body and soul, we each have the power to manifest our best and healthy life.


Volunteer Spotlight: Dan Cadigan

Dan Cadigan, MD, is a primary care physician and 6-year stage IV lung cancer survivor in Ohio.  He was diagnosed with lung cancer at age 46.  He has been a speaker at LUNGevity conferences and is a patient support mentor through LifeLine and an advocate for lung cancer screening.  He also serves as a county coroner and is the proud father of two teenage boys.


How did you first get involved with LUNGevity as a volunteer?

Survivor Spotlight: Frances Beard

Frances Beard is the mother of a young adult daughter. She, her husband, Bill, and daughter live in Maryland. Frances was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2013. She and Bill credit Lungevity Foundation with their ongoing education about the disease and treatment options. They are stepping up their advocacy activities to help advance public awareness, research and funding related to lung cancer. Frances is involved in several social justice initiatives and enjoys road trips.


Survivor Spotlight: James Hiter

James Hiter is the father of two adult children and a foster daughter. He and his wife Emily and their family live in Virginia. He was diagnosed with lung cancer in 2016. James is the founder of Streak for a Cure, an organization with a mission to increase funding for lung cancer research by changing attitudes and beliefs about the disease. James is a streak runner. Streak running is running every day without missing a day. James has run every day since July 15, 2017, through more than 20 rounds of chemotherapy.