Embracing Joy: Kat’s Shift in Perspective After Being Diagnosed With Lung Cancer

Jessica Christensen, Development Communication Specialist
Quote from Kat about the inspiration of seeing others thrive with lung cancer

Katherine Adelufosi had always been a private person. Through her experiences, she now understands the value of openness and vulnerability. "There were times I have hesitated to share," she admitted. "But then, I remember how others' stories have empowered me. I felt compelled to do the same."   

Kat's story underscores strength, resilience, and the incredible value of community support. Her narrative reminds us of life's unexpected turns, the importance of positivity, and embracing the present.  

A Cough That Changed Everything  

What she initially brushed off as a lingering illness soon unveiled its more severe nature. As days turned to weeks, it became clear that something more serious lay beneath. Following a series of tests and scans, she heard four words that would forever mark October 24th as a day she would never forget: stage IV lung cancer. The news was even more startling for Kat, who had never smoked a cigarette.  

But in the face of adversity, she confronted the diagnosis positively, which was a new mindset for her. "You have to find grit. You have to find something you want to live for," Kat recalls. Amidst the challenges, moments of brightness emerged. With the renewed strength she found in her faith, she sought treatment, continuously advocated for her health, and, after spending her 37th birthday meeting with her new oncologist, finally found a targeted medication and chemotherapy treatments that began working.  

Finding HOPE with LUNGevity  

During this challenging period, Kat learned about LUNGevity's HOPE Summit. Even though she was still navigating her lung cancer symptoms and treatment during the Summit, the event presented an opportunity to connect and network she couldn’t pass up. It was a chance to meet those who had been facing the challenges of lung cancer for years. At the Summit, she was able to connect in person with two remarkable women she had met online, gifting her with strength and direction when it was needed most.  

HOPE Summit also offered Kat moments of revelation. "Everyone was just like me and understood my emotions," she noted, appreciating her solidarity with people experiencing similar challenges. "Seeing others, five, six, seven plus years into diagnosis and living vibrantly shattered my preconceptions about living with cancer," she recalled. The event painted a picture of life —full of adventures, celebrations, and shared moments—irrespective of the challenges posed by lung cancer.   

She realized life does not pause; it continues, and she could too.   

Breathe Deep TOGETHER: A New Chapter  

With newfound confidence and an urge to make a difference, Kat embarked on her next chapter with Breathe Deep TOGETHER, LUNGevity's annual community event and walk. Her team, aptly named "Team Joy," mirrors the consistent theme of positivity that has enveloped her throughout her diagnosis.   

Kat is now channeling her energy towards a larger mission: heightening lung cancer awareness. "It is often called the silent killer," she advocates, underscoring the need for robust research, proactive education, and a unified front. Through sharing her story and participating in this nationwide event, she hopes she can help amplify the need for early detection and foster greater community collaboration. 


For Kat, "TOGETHER" is more than just a word. It symbolizes the collective heartbeat of the entire lung cancer community—from patients and caregivers to healthcare warriors and families. "We all have different and important perspectives," she says, "but we all come together for awareness, empowerment, and hope."  

Kat's story is a heartfelt reminder that, even in adversity, there is joy to be found. Whether it is discovering new passions, fostering deeper connections, or embracing happiness wherever you can, one can find a silver lining. At LUNGevity, we are continually inspired by stories like Kat's, and we are committed to standing TOGETHER with every member of our community, today and always.  

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