We are dedicated to funding scientific research because the link between research spending and improved survival is clear. Our strategic investment in both early detection and therapeutics will help people live better with lung cancer and dramatically improve on the current 19% five-year survival rate.

LUNGevity initiatives position us as thought leaders in the lung cancer advocacy community, providing programs and driving change for those with lung cancer today and in the future. While we fund primary research, we also conduct patient-focused research to better understand their unmet needs and convene multi-stakeholder meetings to streamline the research process and accelerate progress to patients.

LUNGevity seeks to empower patients to be active decision makers in their treatment process through our extensive educational resources, online peer-to-peer support, and in-person survivorship programs.

We provide a community of empowerment, support, and hope.

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Our Impact

LUNGevity is proud of its impact on improving outcomes and quality of life for lung cancer patients through education, research, and policy reform.

Working for You

Our ongoing work to amplify the patient voice and improve outcomes for people with lung cancer.

Our People

Our Board of Directors, the Scientific Advisory Board, dedicated staff, countless volunteers — at LUNGevity, our people are one of our strongest assets.


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LUNGevity Publications

We believe in evidence. These peer-reviewed publications and white papers support the science behind our initiatives.

Mission, Vision, & History

Since 2010, the LUNGevity Foundation has been firmly committed to making an immediate impact on increasing quality of life and survivorship of all people diagnosed with lung cancer.

Media Resources

Raising awareness about lung cancer is critical to addressing the funding disparity for lung cancer research. Our many media resources do just that.

Collaborations & Partnerships

We believe it is important to collaborate and partner with other organizations to ensure the best possible outcomes for patients.

Financial & Legal Disclosures

LUNGevity Foundation understands the importance of being fiscally responsible and fully transparent to our supporters.

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To change outcomes for people with lung cancer, we need you. Your thoughts and questions can make the difference.