Biomarker Discussion Guide

Simplified Guide for Patients and Their Healthcare Team

Patients and providers joined forces to make a discussion tool that helps patients understand how their biomarker test results influence choosing the right treatment for their solid-tumor cancer.

This discussion guide can support people with solid-tumor cancer to ask their doctor or nurse the right questions about biomarker testing, ensure they received the optimal level of biomarker testing, and understand how biomarker testing can expand their optimal treatment options, including clinical trials.

The guide can also be used by healthcare providers to teach their patients about how biomarker test results are used to make decisions about optimal treatment and clinical trial options.

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The discussion guide is available for use by all hospitals, advocacy groups, professional societies and other partners who want to download it and place it on their site.

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LUNGevity is grateful to the cancer patients and cancer experts who helped develop the discussion guide.

The guide was created in partnership and endorsed by Dr. Ben Levy, Sibley Cancer Center, Dr. Eric Singhi, MD Anderson, Dr. Estelamari Rodriguez, University of Miami, Dr. Jerry Mitchell, Mercy Health, Beth Sandy, NP, University of Pennsylvania, Rasheda Persinger, NP, formerly with Sibley Cancer Center, Terri Earles, NP, MD Anderson, Amy Jo Pixley, RN, Penn Medicine, and Lindsey Kelley, CGC, The Jackson Laboratory.

Thank you to Patient Advocate Foundation for identifying patients for focus groups and interviews, and to Fight CRC and Cholangiocarcinoma Foundation for engaging their patient communities to review the discussion guide.