Advocacy and Policy: What to Expect in Washington in 2024

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What to expect from washington: government funding, election year, healthcare package

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The LUNGevity Action Network was joined by Monica Popp for a conversation about what’s happening in Washington, DC, this election year. Monica is a political strategist specializing in health policy, and she talked with us about these timely topics: 

  • Government funding bills and why she expects to see another extension of current funding rather than the passage of a new bill or package 
  • The healthcare package that needs to be finalized this year 
  • Why this year is setting the stage for 2025 to be a huge year for healthcare policy with many programs expiring 
  • How this election year gives advocates unique opportunities to talk with their legislators 

You can watch the entire conversation or use the timestamps below to skip to specific topics. To be notified when events like this are happening, make sure to join the LUNGevity Action Network

LUNGevity Policy Priorities & the LUNGevity Action Network – Starts at 2:10 

In this section, LUNGevity staff cover the specific pieces of federal legislation that address our policy priorities and how they help people with lung cancer. We also share how the LUNGevity Action Network offers educational webinars, holds advocacy events, and uses our advocate network to influence lung cancer policy. 

LUNGevity policy priorities include: 

  • Increasing federal funding for lung cancer research 
  • Increasing access across the continuum of lung cancer care 
  • Improving clinical trial access and processes 

Appropriations for Fiscal Year 2024: Government Funding – Starts at 12:15 

Monica gives her insights into the current status of the government funding bills that are set to expire on March 8 and why she thinks a further continuation of last year’s funding levels is the most likely outcome. She then goes deeper into how this could play out over the rest of the year and why the upcoming election makes this a unique situation. 

Must-Pass Bill: Healthcare Package – Starts at 22:30 

A priority item for both Democrats and Republicans is the must-pass healthcare package that includes funding levels for community health centers, among other key provisions. This year specifically it’s an item that legislators are looking to add their own provisions to before elections in the fall so they can campaign on them. 

Election-Year Considerations – Starts at 27:15 

Monica goes into more detail about the unique situations and opportunities that an election year presents, including how retiring members of Congress push extra hard for their bills and provisions to build on their legacy. 

From an advocate standpoint, Monica emphasizes the benefits of legislators needing to return home to campaign and the opportunity it gives advocates to talk with them in person and in their offices.   

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