How Can Patients and Researchers Design Clinical Trials Together?

Juhi Kunde, Director of Science and Research Marketing
Overview of topics covered

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Traditionally, people associate getting involved in lung cancer research with enrolling in a clinical trial. But most don’t realize they can also partner with researchers behind the scenes and get involved in designing clinical trials.  

In the first of a three-part series, Rising Tide Foundation for Clinical Cancer Research has partnered with LUNGevity to understand the role people with lung cancer can play in developing clinical trials. Through panelist presentations and discussions, this video focuses on patient-centric endpoints, showcases this collaboration from the patient point of view, and shares the researcher perspective.  

You can watch the entire conversation or use the timestamps below to find specific topics of interest. 

Panelist Introductions: 0:00 – 3:59 

  • Dr. Shabbir Alibhai, professor of medicine at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre and University of Toronto 
  • Janet Freeman-Daily, co-founder and president of the ROS1ders 
  • Winston Klaas, past chairman and associate director of Prostate Cancer Support Toronto.  

Researcher Insights: 4:00 – 19:50 

Dr. Alibhai speaks about how his team has conducted three studies that included patients in clinical trial design. He shares his experiences and learnings from working closely with patients to understand their perspectives. 

Patient Insights: 19:43 – 31:30 

Winston Klaas talks about being a patient and taking part in the clinical trial design process. He shares his tips and key considerations for how researchers can engage with patients successfully.  

Discussion: 31:30 – 55:49 

In a discussion led by Janet Freeman-Daily, the panelists unearth important details about effective collaboration. Their conversation highlights key skills for researchers and patients to use when successfully collaborating on research studies.  

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