Repotrectinib Approvals Expand to Include Patients with NTRK+ Solid Tumors

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On June 13, 2024, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) announced the accelerated approval of repotrectinib (Augtyro™) to treat patients with advanced NTRK-positive solid tumors who have either had their disease recur or who don’t have alternative treatment options. 

This treatment is part of a growing trend of tissue-agnostic drugs—treatments that are prescribed based on the biomarkers found in the tumor rather than the organ where the cancer originated.   

It is available to patients through the FDA’s accelerated approval process, which hurries exciting treatments to patients who need them. 

In 2023, repotrectinib received FDA approval to treat patients with locally-advanced or metastatic ROS1-positive non-small cell lung cancer.     

For more details, including common side effects when treating NTRK-positive cancer with repotrectinib, please see the FDA press release

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