Top 5 Most Popular Blogs from 2023

Nick Baker, Website Content Manager
Title text: Top 5 most popular LUNGevity blogs of 2023

LUNGevity blogs share personal stories, research updates, scientific meeting takeaways, policy news, and much more. Joining our Email List will help you stay updated on these topics going forward, but listed below are the most popular blogs from 2023 to help you catch up on the ones you may have missed. 

2023 ASCO: Highlights of Lung Cancer Research 

Doctor in white coat and text "Partnering with patients: the cornerstone of cancer care and research"

The 2023 American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) meeting from June 2-6 focused on the theme, “Partnering with Patients: The Cornerstone of Cancer Care and Research.”  

Key Quote: “Now, more than ever before, we need to reach out to our own patients, to the patient community at large, and to the general public to understand what we need to prioritize to make their lives better, and we need to listen to their guidance. We must embrace patients as our partners in research,” said Eric P. Winer, MD, 2022-2023 president of ASCO. 

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Beloved Reporter Goes Public with His Lung Cancer Diagnosis 

Neal augenstein smiling

This special blog includes a video conversation with Washington, DC, reporter Neal Augenstein, who was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer in late-2022. Neal shares that disclosing his diagnosis has been healing for him—and that not only is he raising awareness about the disease, but sharing his experience has opened the door to hearing from others who have similar journeys. 

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Exercise and Lung Cancer: Low-Impact Workouts 

Icons of people being active and exercising

If you’re looking to improve your overall health while going through treatment, or to aid in recovering post-treatment, low-impact workouts could have a place in your life. The exercises in this blog range from minimal or no-impact, such as swimming, walking, or biking, to mild impact with the use of dumbbells and weights. Each exercise links to a video showing proper form. 

Low-Impact Workouts 

Highlights of the 2023 Small Cell Lung Cancer IASLC Hot Topics Meeting 

Title of the event: 2023 hot topic meeting Small cell lung cancer

The 2023 Small Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) Hot Topics meeting addressed the challenges of treating SCLC, which typically responds to initial chemotherapy treatment, however, it inevitably becomes resistant to chemotherapy and comes back.  

This blog goes into the topics of: 

  • New Technologies to Detect SCLC Early and Follow the Disease to Monitor Treatment Response 
  • SCLC Is a Highly Heterogenous Disease Consisting of Highly Plastic Cells 
  • New Drugs on the Horizon 
  • Where Are We and Where Do We Go from Here 

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The Latest Lung Cancer Science: Highlights of WCLC 2023 

Key quote from Dr. Upal Basu Roy

The World Conference on Lung Cancer is the largest meeting dedicated to lung cancer and other thoracic malignancies, and is an excellent forum for learning about the latest research into the early detection and treatment of lung cancer. 

Key Quote: “Apart from the science, it was inspiring to see fellow advocates and network with brilliant researchers, all razor-focused on improving the outcomes and lives of people diagnosed with lung cancer,” said Upal Basu Roy, PhD, MPH, Executive Director of LUNGevity Research 

This blog goes into the topics of: 

  • Small Cell Lung Cancer 
  • Early Detection and Screening 
  • Early-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 
  • Advanced-Stage Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer 
  • Participating in the STARS Program 

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