Don’t let the financial costs of lung cancer control you. The Financial Treatment Program helps you manage your finances to give you peace of mind.

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to lung cancer, and we want to make the financial side as easy to manage as possible. LUNGevity has partnered with Family Reach, a national organization dedicated to removing the financial barriers standing between a cancer patient and their treatment, such as loss of income, out-of-pocket expenses, and socioeconomic factors. Together, we provide the resources and tools you need to manage the cost of your cancer care.

The Financial Treatment Program offers support services to help you manage your finances while living with a lung cancer diagnosis. Through this unique program, you’ll be matched with valuable resources, such as:

  • Financial Education, including the Financial Guidebook for Cancer, which will guide you through your cancer journey and provide advice from patients and caregivers, checklists for estimating your personal costs, cost and saving options to consider, and more
  • Financial Navigation, including personalized recommendations by Family Reach’s in-house Navigators for resources that can reduce costs associated with your treatment, such as referrals to debt consolidation programs, housing counseling, and support
  • Financial Planning, including a free telephone consultation with a Certified Financial Planner™ professional, who can help you manage spending, negotiate reductions in debt, and maintain a healthy financial situation

While you may have never expected cancer or its financial burden to affect you, this Program will provide you with a realistic plan to manage the potential high cost of care and living with lung cancer.

Don’t face the financial burden alone. We are here to help. Apply for the Family Reach Financial Treatment Program today.

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About Family Reach

Family Reach is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicating the financial barriers that accompany a cancer diagnosis. Working with more than 400 top-tier hospitals and cancer centers nationwide, Family Reach provides immediate financial assistance, education, and navigation to families before they hit critical breaking points. By working through hospital social workers, their efficient, solutions-driven model bridges the gap between hospital and home and quickly provides the vital support families need to stay afloat. Family Reach's innovative and collaborative multi-pronged solution is designed to improve the patient's financial experience during cancer treatment, manage debt and household material hardship, and maintain access to treatment.