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Comprehensive biomarker testing provides important information about your specific type of lung cancer.

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LUNGevity offers educational materials and support services to make a lung cancer diagnosis easier to understand for patients, caregivers, and advocates.

The resources below cover all parts of the lung cancer journey. Find out more about lung cancer screening, available treatment options, and the impact biomarker testing and clinical trials can have on a lung cancer diagnosis.

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For Healthcare Professionals

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For Patients, Caregivers, and Advocates

Every lung cancer journey is different, but these materials are designed to give you more control over your diagnosis and treatment plan. If you need help managing emotions or navigating financial challenges, the free Lung Cancer HELPLine offers additional support for your specific needs.  

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Lung Cancer Basics

Resources Overview:

Questions about your lung cancer diagnosis?  | English | 

Lung Cancer Journey sheet:

My lung cancer journey: what's next?  | English | Spanish

SCREENING fact sheets:

1. Know your risk of getting lung cancer | English | Spanish

2. Learn about lung cancer screening and how it can save your life | English | Spanish

3. Talk with your doctor to decide if you should get a lung cancer screening | English | Spanish

4. Understanding your lung cancer screening results | English | Spanish

SCREENING booklets:

1. Learn about lung cancer and your risk of getting it | English | Spanish

2. Lung cancer screening can find cancer early and save your life | English | Spanish

3. Should you get screened for lung cancer? Talk with your doctor to decide | English | Spanish

4. Lung cancer screening and health insurance | English | Spanish

5. Prepare for your lung cancer screening | English | Spanish

6. After your lung cancer screening | English | Spanish


1. Biomarker testing can help you get the best treatment for your specific lung cancer | English | Spanish

2.  How your biomarker test result impact your lung cancer treatment options | English | Spanish

3. Questions to ask your doctor about biomarker testing for lung cancer | English | Spanish


1. Learn about biomarker testing | English | Spanish

2.  Talk with your doctor about biomarker testing | English | Spanish

3. How doctors test lung cancer for biomarkers | English | Spanish

4. Understand your test results | English | Spanish