LUNGevity is well-established as a thought leader in lung cancer policy, particularly around issues that pertain to advancement of innovation and access to care. The Foundation has hosted both federal and state briefings. In February 2020, LUNGevity released the Lung Cancer Scorecard, which graded individual states on policies that support access to optimal care, to help identify areas of unmet needs and guide our work. LUNGevity activates advocates in the community through the LUNGevity Action Network, which empowers people looking to make a difference with the information and tools they need to take action.

As thought leaders, we are asked to participate on a variety of committees and advisory boards to represent the interest and perspective of patients with lung cancer. We present at Capitol Hill briefings; submit letters to legislators, regulators, and independent organizations seeking patient input; and convene multi-stakeholder meetings to resolve complex issues that hinder patients’ access to diagnostics and the most advanced therapeutics. LUNGevity has also been actively engaged in the dialog regarding the pricing of drugs and patient values, most specifically with respect to ICER.

Through our policy work, LUNGevity is making positive strides in breaking down barriers to patient access to high-quality care and treatment innovation. This work includes:

  • Advocating for funding for research into lung cancer
  • Conducting research to uncover gaps and barriers that can be addressed through policy reforms
  • Collaborating with other coalitions to remove barriers to quality care
  • Developing and implementing changes to ensure accessibility of telemedicine
  • Working to ensure precision medicine is accessible to patients with lung cancer
  • Promoting policies that ensure fair and equitable access to lung cancer care
  • Participating on a variety of advisory boards to represent the interest and perspectives of patients with lung cancer
  • Ensuring access to COVID-19 care including vaccines and treatments; advocating for adoption of best practices from the pandemic as novel paradigms of healthcare delivery (routine clinical care and clinical trial implementation)

You can have a part in our policy and outreach efforts by joining the LUNGevity Action Network!

If you are interested in learning more about or partnering with LUNGevity on our policy work, please reach out to Kristen Santiago, Senior Director of Public Policy Initiatives, at