Diving Deeper: Targeted Therapy, Radiation, and Immunotherapy

Nick Baker, Website Content Manager
Experts from Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center with photos of all four people in the video

Lung cancer experts from Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center dive into the how and why behind targeted therapy, immunotherapy, and radiation therapy. Touching on improvements to treatment options, side effects, fertility, and much more, they answer audience questions along the way in this recorded webinar. 

Watch the full video or use the timestamps below to jump to a specific topic. 

Section 1: Targeted Therapies and Precision Lung Cancer Care - Starts at 4:10 

Opening with advances in cancer treatments, the precision medicine section touches on treatment options for stage IV lung cancer, liquid biopsies, research, clinical trials, and the differences between targeted therapy and immunotherapy. 

Targeted therapy: Focusing on a specific mutation or gene associated with the lung cancer and focusing treatment on that mutation/gene. 

Immunotherapy: Using treatments that help the body's immune system fight the lung cancer. 

Section 2: Long-term Side Effects of Immunotherapy and Defining Survivorship Terminology – Starts at 20:00 

This section focuses on immunotherapy, specifically the long-term side effects, as well as fertility concerns for men and women. It closes with a discussion on the advantages of using an immunotherapy wallet card and defining common terms used by medical staff. 

Section 3: Precision Radiation Therapy – Starts at 40:30 

The final section covers these important questions: 

  • How does radiation therapy work? 
  • What are the different types of radiation therapy? 
  • Does cancer stage affect radiation therapy? 
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