LUNGevity Clinical Trial Ambassadors are volunteers available to offer information about their personal experiences with clinical trials to fellow lung cancer patients who are considering these as a treatment option.

Clinical trials are research studies in people that take place in a medical (clinical) setting. These studies test new medical approaches, including drugs and other treatments, for their safety and efficacy. These treatments may already be FDA-approved for use in other diseases or stages of lung cancer, or they may not be on the market at all. Find out more about clinical trials in the Lung Cancer 101 section.

Clinical Trial Ambassadors are lung cancer survivors who have participated in a lung cancer clinical trial. They volunteer to offer encouragement and their experience to patients considering enrolling in a study. The one-on-one personal connection can be made by email or telephone.

If you or a loved one has been affected by lung cancer and would like to be matched with a Clinical Trial Ambassador, or if you are a survivor who would like to volunteer as a Clinical Trial Ambassador, please fill out the form below. All information provided is kept confidential and is never shared with anyone except your support partner.

Thanks to our generous donors, LUNGevity is able to offer this service free to lung cancer patients.

Clinical Trial Ambassador Interest Form