MET and EGFR as biomarkers for amivantamab in overcoming RET TKI resistance

Grant title (if any)
Hamoui Foundation / LUNGevity Lung Cancer Research Award
Tejas Patil, MD
University of Colorado Denver, AMC and DC

Two possible pathways that seem to be important for resistance to RET inhibitors are the EGFR and MET signaling pathways. Conventional methods of detecting EGFR or MET resistance may not identify many cases where both pathways are involved. In this study, Dr. Patil will use several different laboratory techniques to better detect and define EGFR and MET resistance. He anticipates that the EGFR and MET pathways can be blocked by a newer drug called amivantamab, which is a bi-specific antibody that specifically targets both EGFR and MET.