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LUNGevity Foundation, Pickles Group, and Kesem
Mother and daughter with information about HOPE Summit 2024

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HOPE Summit is LUNGevity’s annual in-person conference that combines education and connection for people affected by lung cancer. Hundreds of people from across the country come together to create their own community of support and hear from expert speakers on topics ranging from living well with lung cancer to the latest research news. 

For this year’s HOPE Summit, taking place in Atlanta, GA, from May 3-5, we’ve made sure school-aged kids who have a parent with lung cancer can benefit too. We know more young adults are being diagnosed with lung cancer, meaning families with young kids are starting to face unique challenges. 

With help from Pickles Group and Kesem, two organizations that specialize in helping kids who have a parent with cancer, we have a full Saturday of fun planned for your child. 

While you’re meeting others who have lung cancer, are survivors, or are caregivers, your child can benefit from being around others their age who understand what they’re feeling and experiencing. The activities are designed with the unique experiences of a family’s lung cancer experience in mind. 

Having a parent with lung cancer can make many kids feel isolated and confused. And as more parents are living longer with lung cancer, they’re facing new challenges as they parent through diagnosis, treatment, and ongoing care. 

Some of the challenges your child may face include: 

  • Their friends may not be able to relate to their feelings and experiences. 
  • The stigma related to lung cancer and smoking can be difficult for them to talk about. 
  • As they age, they will re-process their parents' diagnosis and need different types of support. 
  • Roles and routines may change in the household. 

Benefits of talking with other kids who have a parent with lung cancer include: 

  • Reducing anxiety levels 
  • Decreasing feelings of isolation 
  • Developing coping strategies 
  • Expanding communication skills 
  • Having their own support community 

As always, HOPE Summit is free to attend for you and your family. 

Learn more about HOPE Summit and register here.

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