There are many ways to get involved in research studies as a patient or caregiver and make a difference. Use the links below to find the right study for you and help advance lung cancer research. 

Join a Lung Cancer Research Study A person smiling

The science behind lung cancer research moves forward because of patients and caregivers like you. Only a person living with lung cancer, or someone who has cared for a loved one, can describe the experience. Your input has the power to advance research that saves lives.  

You can change how people live with lung cancer by participating in research surveys designed to learn about lived experiences outside of the clinic. Or you can join a clinical trial testing a new treatment option. 

LUNGevity conducts its own research, partners with others, and shares information on new trial enrollment by trial sponsors. Everyone can get involved and make a difference. Use the links below to find the right survey, research study, or clinical trial for you. 

Participate in LUNGevity Research

Focused on the lived experience of patients on topics like medication side effects, quality of life, treatment changes, and more. 

Participate in a Clinical Trial 

Treatment and drug-specific studies for different types of lung cancer.