Perspectives in Lung Cancer: Innovation & Optimism

LUNGevity Foundation

In this video brought to you in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson, Andrea Ferris, CEO and President of LUNGevity, and Avrum Spira, MD, MSc, Global Head of the Lung Cancer Initiative at Johnson & Johnson, discuss exciting developments in lung cancer research, prevention, interception, and treatment, as well as the possibility of a cure for lung cancer. It is an inspiring conversation that includes what the future may hold for people living with lung cancer.

As Dr. Spira mentions in the conversation, advances in the science of lung cancer in the last decade are unprecedented, in terms of both early detection and treatments for all stages of lung cancer. Dr. Spira says, “I think, in this case, optimism is really warranted … I think we could, in the not-too-distant future, see a significant change in the five-year survival rates for this disease.”

The video is a perfect reminder of all we celebrate during Lung Cancer Awareness Month. Be sure to watch the video to learn more.



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