Doctor Office Visit Checklist

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Before the visit

  • Gather your questions
  • Identify symptoms
  • Check your loved one’s file
  • Call to confirm appointment
  • Take a list of any medicines the patient is currently taking
  • If the patient has seen a doctor before for a similar problem, take the record from the visit with you

During the visit

  • Help the patient describe symptoms accurately
  • Ask questions
  • Record the doctor's instructions
  • Discuss recommendations
  • Verify follow-up
  • State the main problem first
  • Describe the symptoms
  • Describe the patient's past experiences with the same problem.

At the end of the visit, ask:

  • Does the patient need to return for another visit?
  • Can I phone in for test results?
  • What danger signs should we look for?
  • When does the patient need to report back about the condition?
  • What else do we need to know?

After the visit

  • Review your notes
  • Check prescription
  • Discuss the visit
  • Update your calendar
  • Call for test results
  • What's wrong?
  • What might happen next?
  • Ask what you can do at home

Being prepared

  • Post emergency information in a prominent place
  • Have updated information on your loved one ready to go
  • Enlist a friend to be your ER buddy before a crisis occurs
  • Pack a bag ahead of time