General Treatment Questions

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  1. If I need surgery, what type is it and how is the recovery?
  2. If I need radiation therapy, what type is it and how long will it take?
  3. If I need chemotherapy, what medications will be used and for how long? When will I need it to begin?
  4. What type of side effects should I expect from radiation and/or chemotherapy?
  5. How are these side effects managed? Can they be prevented?
  6. Are any side effects permanent, such as not being able to have children?
  7. Will I be able to work during chemotherapy?
  8. Should I go out on disability?
  9. Will my health insurance cover the treatments?
  10. If I feel sad or overwhelmed by everything that is happening, who can I go to?
  11. Will I need blood or medications to raise my white cells or red cells?
  12. Do I need advice on diet and vitamins or supplements?
  13. Am I allowed to drink alcohol during my treatment?
  14. Should I and my family take any special precautions against infection while I am being treated?
  15. Can you help with quitting smoking?
  16. Should I get a flu shot or pneumonia shot?
  17. What tests are done to check on my cancer during and after treatment?
  18. What are the office numbers to call for routine and after-hours calls?
  19. What signs or symptoms do you want to be called for? For what signs or symptoms should I go right to the emergency room?