Social Media

Social media can be a wonderful resource for support — whether you use a popular website like Facebook or Twitter, or a dedicated lung cancer support network like the LUNGevity Lung Cancer Support Community. Social communities can connect you to an emotional base that can provide true support, information, and friendship with experts and peers impacted by lung cancer.

Remember that much of social media is public, so be careful when setting your privacy controls. Websites often have that information readily available; for example, review Facebook’s basic privacy controls.

Facebook Pages

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LUNGevity's Lung Cancer Support Community Message Board (LCSC)

LCSC is a free, dedicated social network all about lung cancer, offering support to anyone touched by the disease. LCSC provides users with an extensive message board that includes the latest lung cancer information, announcements of lung cancer events, and advocacy opportunities that fund LUNGevity’s lung cancer research. Visit


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