Project Transform

The long-term goal of Project Transform is to integrate the patient experience into lung cancer treatment, research, and policy.

LUNGevity launched Project Transform in partnership with The Ohio State University School of Medicine to focus on developing and applying novel methods (eg, discrete-choice experiments) to scientifically quantify patient preferences for the benefits and risks of treatments for lung cancer. The results obtained from this initiative will be used to inform regulators, industry, and clinicians of the preferences of people living with lung cancer.

The objectives of Project Transform are:

  1. To develop novel stated-preference methods to measure treatment preferences of patients
  2. To document NSCLC patients’ perspectives as to what constitutes meaningful benefits, what acceptable benefit-risk tradeoffs are, and patient preference heterogeneity (eg, differences in treatment preferences based on histology and age)
  3. To disseminate the results of the preference study to lung cancer patients and other stakeholders in lung cancer research, treatment, and policy

Project Transform

Results to Date

  1. Attribute level effect on measurement of preferences for lung cancer treatment: results from a discrete choice experiment (Janssen et al, poster, 2018)
  2. Line of therapy and patient preferences treating lung cancer: A discrete-choice experiment (Ferris et al, 2019)
  3. Does age affect what patients value when considering lung cancer treatments? Evidence from a national survey (Presley et al, poster, 2019)
  4. Factors impacting patients’ worries about accessing treatment, treatment toxicity, and the emotional burden associated with lung cancer treatments (Ferris et al, 2019)
  5. What factors impact lung cancer patients’ role in making treatment decisions: Results from a national survey (Janse et al, poster, 2019)
  6. Project Transform: engaging patient advocates to share their perspectives on improving research, treatment and policy (Bridges et al, 2018)
  7. Live, Learn, Pass It on: A Patient Advocacy Engagement Project on the Lived Experience of Lung Cancer Survivors (Dy et al, 2017)
  8. Analysis of Patient Preferences in Lung Cancer: Estimating Acceptable Tradeoffs Between Treatment Benefit and Side Effects (Janssen et al, 2020)
  9. Estimating time equivalents for cancer side effects among lung cancer survivors and caregivers: a discrete-choice experiment (Ferris et al, poster, 2016)